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This is not your average run-of-the-mill flatware pattern! Inspired by contemporary art and design, this bold pattern recognizes a new age of flatware buyers whose lifestyle and taste has evolved from the traditional styles of the past 150 years. Calavera, meaning “skull” in Spanish, is 100% Made in the USA by an enthusiastic workforce committed to providing you with the best flatware in the market place. Guaranteed!

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  • 18-10 stainless steel
  • Euro Sized
  • Heavy weight forged knife with a serrated blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% Made In USA
  • Dinner Knife        9"        3.9 oz
  • Dinner Fork         8 1/4"  1.8 oz
  • Salad Fork            7"        1.4 oz
  • Place Spoon         7 1/8"  1.4 oz
  • Teaspoon                 6"        1.3 oz
  • Serving Spoon      8 1/2"   2.6 oz
  • Pierced Spoon      8 1/2"   2.5 oz
  • Sugar Spoon         5 7/8"    1.3 oz
  • Butter Knife          6 3/8"    0.9 oz
  • Cold Meat Fork    8 1/2"    2.1 oz
  • Iced Tea Spoon   7 1/2"
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Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
$290.15 $175.95
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Dinner Forks (8), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (8), Place Spoons (8), Teaspoons (8), Dinner Knives (8), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
$202.35 $129.95
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Dinner Forks (4), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (4), Place Spoons (4), Teaspoons (4), Dinner Knives (4),
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Dinner Forks (8), Place Spoons (8), Dinner Knives (8),
$119.76 $89.95
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Dinner Forks (4), Place Spoons (4), Dinner Knives (4),
$59.88 $49.95
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Dinner Forks (1), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (1), Place Spoons (1), Teaspoons (1), Dinner Knives (1),
$21.95 $19.95
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Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
$26.75 $24.95
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Iced Tea Spoons (4)
$45.94 $39.95
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Round Bowl Soup Spoons (4)
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142 reviews for Calavera (Skull)

  1. Carrie Burton (verified owner)

    I have loved skulls before they became popular. I told my husband I never thought I would have a set of flatware that was so nice with them on it. I LOVE this set, so well made too. This has made me so happy. I can’t wait to add to it in the future.

  2. Elizabeth Pittaluga (verified owner)

    My boyfriend loves it..
    Very well made.
    Shipped out fast.
    I love it.

  3. Teresa Hudson

    Love this pattern so much! I’ve been eyeing it for a while now and decided to treat myself when I moved into my new place. I’m so happy I did. It’s cool, funky, unique, and makes me smile.

  4. Cathy Kopera (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my Calveras Skull flatware! Will order more next week!

  5. BAG (verified owner)

    Beautiful pattern and great quality. They were purchased to add to prior purchase. It’s very nice to be able to buy individual pieces after you know what you need.

  6. Roben Reynolds (verified owner)

    We bought the Calavera service for eight several months ago and recently bought several additional teaspoons. I am 68 years old and this flatware is by far the finest I have ever had in my hand. Well made, easy on the eye and when they say it won’t bend you can believe it. Wish I would have purchased these years ago!

  7. Minnie (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the design and shape of this spoon. We use this spoon for everything.

  8. Paul Koerschgen

    The wife wanted a new set of flatware, with dinner fork, knife, table spoon, for 8. She left it up to me to research Stainless Steel Flatware and to run some examples by her. So when I Googled Flatware, I typed in American Made, and Liberty popped up. I went thru their site & was impressed. I showed some examples to the Boss & because she has this thing with skulls, funny, etc. , she was drawn to the pattern and shape of the Calavera (skull) set, I purchased it for her. Very fast delivery! Quality material & workmanship! 18/10 SS, and biggest reason we purchased, it’s MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I recommend anyone looking for flatware SS, buy American and buy Liberty, you won’t be disappointed. Great stuff!!

  9. Tamara Martin Griffith (verified owner)

    I bought this pattern for a couple who are getting married because it is such a unique pattern and they love it.

  10. BAG (verified owner)

    These were a gift for my daughter. She already had a set of 8, which was fine for all but the forks, so I ordered 4 more. She loves their look and hand feel. Since my original order a couple years ago, I have purchase a set for myself and granddaughter. What a great product you make!

  11. Pamela

    Really cute and different! Bought a service for four for my daughter and son in law. I think they will love it! And I have to say really fast shipping. I ordered it on a Tuesday and received it on Thursday.

  12. williamjohnperry

    Love, love love. I bought three sets of the Betsy Ross and one set of this for everyday for fun and they are my favorite. It sounds crazy to be in love with flatware, but these are so cool. High quality, super cool design, just perfect size, weight, and design. Totally recommend.

  13. Nancy (verified owner)

    Gave this as a gift to our granddaughter and her husband to celebrate their new kitchen remodel. They LOVE it !!! It made our day for them to be “over the moon” for this special design flatware (one that they had never seen before). Definitely a keeper !!!

  14. Lisa Edmundson

    I’ve had a set of the skull silverware for two years. With heavy everyday use, these still look brand new.

  15. Brittany Pilcher (verified owner)

    I bought the skull set of forks an spoons an ilove them, they are durable an so cute thank u tabletop, don’t stop making these.

  16. William Wake

    The quality of these are amazing. I purchased the 45 piece set + soup spoons probably two years ago and they still look great. I will probably buy another set in the future and highly recommend this company to anyone looking for quality American made cutlery

  17. Alex K. (verified owner)

    Love them! These are very high quality, the weight and shape is perfect. The etching is very detailed. Made in USA flatware, using recycled steel and eco-friendly production.

  18. Jesus Lopez (verified owner)

    Was highly satisfied with this flatware set. Superb quality, great craftsmanship. I highly recommend liberty table top products.

  19. bailatroll (verified owner)

    Great quality, nice size and shape spoon. The staff is amazing!

  20. bailatroll (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these spoons, high quality and the pattern is really cool!

  21. Joe (verified owner)

    High quality, durable, couldn’t be happier.

  22. David (verified owner)

    Absolutely GREAT!! Couldn’t be happier!!

  23. Marianne (verified owner)

    I love my skull silverware! They are kind of quirky, but they also look nice. I use them for everyday and they are a conversation piece!

  24. Gabi

    Great design will purchase more Love the fact that I can get a product that my uncle had a pat in!

  25. Jeff

    I love them. But my family thinks I’m crazy. Glad to see I’m not alone. The quality is excellent as with all the other Liberty flatware I have but the skulls are awesome..

  26. jenny (verified owner)

    These are well-made and so fun. I am so happy with this purchase.

  27. william munro (verified owner)

    excellent quality, excellent pattern, good size, excellent finish….all around very satisfied

  28. Kacey

    I love this flatware! I’m obsessed with skulls and my brother bought me the full set for Christmas ’17. They are a perfect shape and weight and well-balanced (I’m very weird about flatware feel). High quality and beautiful. I like that they don’t immediately scream “skull” so they are both classy and edgy at the same time. You won’t regret the purchase.

  29. Danielle (verified owner)

    Great flatware! Very sturdy and well made. How can you not love the skulls!

  30. Vince

    The other day I was washing my Liberty Calavera spoons and forks and said to my Fiance’: “This is probably the single best purchase I’ve ever made for myself….” And meant it. What a fantastic design, perfect weight and size, nice tine angle and on and on…and they are made here in the US! Perfect! Thanks so much for all of this LTT! I’ll be back for more…..

  31. LOUISE (verified owner)

    I purchased this pattern for my daughter and son in law, and they it! Good starter set for them.

  32. Jake (verified owner)

    Top quality American made silverware, at an affordable price. Beautifully polished heavyweight flatware that I feel will last more than a lifetime.

  33. laurel warddrip (verified owner)

    Beautifully finished and balanced. Excellent quality and a unique item. Proud to have these on my table year-round!

  34. Latch Delgado (verified owner)

    Great quality flatware! Don’t hesitate to purchase and the price is right!!!

  35. Kelly (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my new flatware! Wonderful quality and I have no doubt that this will be the last time I have to purchase new silverware

  36. Camden McCullough-Duysen (verified owner)

    Great feel and quality. I agree more of a patina on the handles would be nice as the design would then be more noticeable.

  37. Andrea George (verified owner)

    Love these! I specifically purchased from Liberty because they are made in USA! I love the skulls! They are a definite conversation starter and they match my family’s attitude. Lol. They are a great quality and feel great in your hand. I’m planning on purchasing more!

  38. Wendy Gadus (verified owner)

    Love this silverware! Then my girlfriend surprise me with the serving pieces!

  39. Debra E Miller (verified owner)

    This flatware is US made which is important to our family. The pattern is so unique….excellent
    quality and weight. The cardboard box was broken during shipping regardless that is was well packed. Since it’s a gift, I emailed customer service and they shipped a new box immediately. Excellent customer service!

  40. Robert E. Gott (verified owner)

    Love it!

  41. VStarr (verified owner)

    I bought these for my daughter who loves skulls and anything else Halloween. She loves them! She says the weight is good!

  42. Susan (verified owner)

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my grandson and his girlfriend. I thought the pattern was really cool, and I just know they are going to love it! I believe I just might make their day! Made in the USA was a large factor in buying flatware as a gift!

  43. Blair Frodelius

    Amazing and evocative. Perfect for goth enthusiasts, horror film buffs or a Halloween dinner.

  44. jen.szucs (verified owner)

    I love these! They feel much heavier than I expected. Great quality and fast shipping!

  45. n.p. (verified owner)

    Love these! Beautiful and great quality.

  46. Jerri (verified owner)

    I was excited to find this pattern. The weight and quality are excellant. I love that it’s made in USA.

  47. Paula (verified owner)

    I got these for the cottage and I love this pattern. It is full of whimsy and joy. I gave it 4 stars because I thought they would be a little heavier.

  48. Dr M C Kennedy (verified owner)

    Most awesome stuff. From Holland Patent. Kid moved out…..good stuff for me! Thanks for being fantastic! MikeK

  49. Carla (verified owner)

    Fun and unusual pattern, well made flatware that washes up nicely.

  50. Cathy (verified owner)

    They are beautiful, for my son’s birthday, next week, he loves anything with skulls,
    showed them to him several months ago, he thought they were awesome, will
    be a big surprise for him. Thank you!

  51. Armando Medina (verified owner)

    Great item perfect size

  52. HBS (verified owner)

    Really nice little butter knives (I got two, mostly just to feel fancy when using butter everyday). I have the Lexington collection for forks/spoons/knives and these skull butter knives are a great accent. They honestly make me want the whole set. Very nice design, texture doesn’t seem to collect food or have trouble washing, sturdy as always, nice weight, and super functional. Do you like skulls? These are great and not over the top; you’ll enjoy them.

  53. Karl Karlosky (verified owner)

    This flatware set is awesome! Well made, they have the weight and feel of high quality utensils. I purchased the 65 piece set (and will pick up sugar and ice tea spoons soon) as I plan on using these the rest of my days. And the bonus – MADE IN AMERICA!

  54. Laurie (verified owner)

    I needed more forks and spoons, and a friend pointed these out to me (I love skulls), and I mulled it over for a year before finally buying. SUPER excited that they’re made in the USA, and they’re well-made at that. Nice, heavy weight, hammered backs, great design. If my children keep somehow losing my other forks and spoons, I’ll just order an entire set of these. 🙂

  55. Laurie (verified owner)

    I needed more forks and spoons, and a friend pointed these out to me (I love skulls), and I mulled it over for a year before finally buying. SUPER excited that they’re made in the USA, and they’re well-made at that. Nice, heavy weight, hammered backs, great design. If my children keep somehow losing my other forks and spoons, I’ll just order an entire set of these. 🙂

  56. Buffi (verified owner)

    I was excited when this pattern popped up on line.I knew it was the one I wanted. It exceeded my expectations as soon as I opened the box. So excited to have this unique pattern and superior quality item that is made in the USA. Thank you so much.

  57. C.W. Alexander (verified owner)

    This is my second set and would never buy anything else. Thanks for all you do at Liberty Tabletop you guys and girls are appreciated. I’ve told countless people about you there’s still some of us in Nevada who truly appreciate American made products by American skilled workers once again thanks for doing what you do I’m extremely happy with all your products.

  58. C.W. Alexander (verified owner)

    Second set I’ve owned won’t ever buy anything else but yours. I’ve let countless people know about you we still try to buy American made here in Nevada. Thanks for doing what you do guys and girls at Liberty Tabletop you are truly appreciated for creating such a magnificent product.

  59. Wendy (verified owner)

    It’s a great, different set. The handles feel nice in the hand. I love that they’re made in the U.S. The only thing that would make the set even better is if there was a way to add some 2-tone or darkening around the skulls so they’re not so shiny and hidden. The flatware is really shiny! Contrast would be great.

  60. Rach

    Love this set! Skull pattern is easily visible and the pieces have a nice weight. Would purchase again!

  61. Jodie (verified owner)… these! I got this set as a birthday present and love them. They have good weight, the knives cut well, and I like the design.
    My friends actually have this set and passed the contact info on to us.
    These were worth shipping to Canada!! Anyone who asks I will happily pass on your contact information.

  62. Rosa Quezada (verified owner)

    Beautiful pieces. Excellent quality, easy to hold/comfortable size, good weight. Very pleased with this purchase!

  63. Rochelle Williams (verified owner)

    I love this set!! Matches my skull plates so nicely! Easy on the hands, perfect balance. So far, they wash up well in the dishwasher.

  64. Fred and Barbie Harmon (verified owner)

    We ordered a set of Calavera flatware before the Ice Tea Spoons had been produced. We were impressed with the quality and the uniqueness of the design. The Ice Tea Spoons were the perfect addition to our set and we have been using them daily.

  65. Vince ‘the Chef’ C.

    WOW! So I found this silverware quite by accident. I saw an ‘ad’ on instagram and thought to look at it. I love skulls! I mulled over it…then something caught my eye: MADE in the USA! Well…this makes things a bit different. If this silverware was made in China or the like? I would never have tried it. However I was a bit worried about the affordable cost of the pieces. I just really need forks and spoons….so thought “what the heck” and ordered 8 of each. The showed up in NO TIME! And I quickly opened the box…pulled one out of the row of neatly wrapped forks…slipped it out of the ‘bag’ it came….and….WOW! What an amazing piece of silverware! Size was perfect, looks amazing, heavy feel….really really nice!

    So here I am, about to order the utensil set and a few more of each as I truly love this stuff! Thanks for MADE in the USA and thanks for something very unique!

  66. Vince ‘the Chef’ C. (verified owner)

    WOW! So I found this silverware quite by accident. I saw an ‘ad’ on instagram and thought to look at it. I love skulls! 🙂 I mulled over it…then something caught my eye: MADE in the USA! Well…this makes things a bit different. If this silverware was made in China or the like? I would never have tried it. However I was a bit worried about the affordable cost of the pieces. I just really need forks and spoons….so thought “what the heck” and ordered 8 of each. The showed up in NO TIME! And I quickly opened the box…pulled one out of the row of neatly wrapped forks…slipped it out of the ‘bag’ it came….and….WOW! What an amazing piece of silverware! Size was perfect, looks amazing, heavy feel….really really nice!

    So here I am, about to order the utensil set and a few more of each as I truly love this stuff! Thanks for MADE in the USA and thanks for something very unique!

  67. Stephanie (verified owner)

    We purchased this set as our anniversary preset to ourselves this year, and love it. The weight feels nice in your hand, and it’s a well-finished product. I’ve recommended this manufacturer to three people now, and plan to keep having excited conversations about silverware, of all things, for the time to come.

  68. Brittany p (verified owner)

    Ilove my set. I would buy more. But a lil bit pricey. I need a replacement fork, how will that be??

    • Kim Raynsford

      Hi Brittany – thank you for your purchase! One of the nice perks of our company is that we do sell each place setting and serving set pieces individually as well. This way you can add to your set as needed. All our visible on the product page of our website – Thank you for taking your time to write a review and for supporting made in America!

  69. Shannon Hilmer (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, nice weight. I love this so much I bought a second set!

  70. Mrs Russell (verified owner)

    We love the feel and quality of this set, as well as the unique design. And best of all, it’s made in the USA!!!
    We only wish the handles were a bit more two- toned rather than being polished, but they’re still top notch.
    I grew up with Oneida, and when I found it’s made in China now, I had to find a company still manufacturing in the US.
    We bought the 20 piece set for our family of 4 to compliment our flatware set I inherited from my grandmother from the 50’s. Since it’s so shiny, and grandma’s set has definite black in the background of her handle design, it’s not quite complimentary, but that’s ok.
    Shipping was prompt. We live in Ca, and received our order in less than a week.

  71. Travis (verified owner)

    I love this design and I’m pleased with the quality. The only thing I wish was different is I’d like the shaft of the spoons and forks to be more similar to the knife and have some more thickness to them. I’ve had my last set of flatware for 21 years before buying these so was hesitant to make a chAnge. My kids really like them.

  72. Nichole (verified owner)

    Love the uniqueness of this set! Nice heavy weight to them and much better than our last set! We will love this for years to come.

  73. Nichole (verified owner)

    Love the unique styling and they have a nice weight to them. Very nice set! Big upgrade from our last set and a great price!

  74. Jay Moreno (verified owner)


  75. Jay Moreno (verified owner)

    Love them as well as my Mother in law, she tried to take them but was not having it so she’ll be placing an order soon

  76. Mrs Russell

    Beautiful Flatware! Amazing quality! And made in America!!!
    I only wish they had more patina in the background of the handle, rather than being polished.
    And I would love the children’s set with this design option.

  77. Anna Humphrey (verified owner)

    beautifully executed – items feel good in the hands and have a nice, strong appearance. Look forward to giving them to their designated recipient.

  78. Joe (verified owner)

    Giving as a gift. Very pleased first impression!!!

  79. Cheryl Craig (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this flatware! Well made and comfortable to use. This was the perfect wedding gift that will be used daily and for years to come. American made and priced perfectly! I highly recommend Liberty flatware and a great company to do business with!

  80. Andrew Heicher (verified owner)

    Top quality well made has many uses other than iced tea wish it was in a larger set will be buying more.

  81. Andrew Heicher (verified owner)

    Best set I have ever owned. I feel proud to have my family use American made silverware and support American business.

  82. David Maxwell (verified owner)

    My daughter loves this set. They are of excellent quality and have a good weight to them. I only purchased one place setting but am considering

  83. Russ

    Most metal flatware EVER (pardon the pun). Even more awesome in person. The delivery time and customer service was outstanding. I recommend this set and this company more highly.

  84. Sara Irons-Trimbo (verified owner)

    Purchased this set as our first ‘real matching adult’ silverware set right before we got married. We absolutely love it! I hope that Liberty will consider making a hostess set in the same design!

  85. Nicole

    So gorgeous – Did not disappoint! Ive been looking at these since Halloween and finally purchased. Now, I’m trying to figure out why I waited. Good weight and feel.

  86. rpc355 (verified owner)

    Very nice flatware. Moderately heavy stainless steel with comfortable feel and smooth finish. Finally getting rid of the department store junk that cuts my mouth and gets rusty in the dishwasher. I am absolutely satisfied with the quality of this product and the fact that it is locally made sealed the deal.

  87. Melissa Hagberg

    LOVE THIS SET! My father-in-law noticed I “liked” it on Facebook a few months ago, and he surprised me with the 45-piece set for Christmas. The pattern is awesome, and I love the hammered back of the handles. The set is heavy and does not feel or look cheap, it’s quite sturdy. I am planning on buying another set so I have plenty of silverware at all times! Thank you for a terrific product.

  88. Dae Rowe

    I love love love this set so much.. I received it as a Christmas present and it is absolutely gorgeous in person.. thank you!

  89. Tom Self (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great quality and interesting design!

  90. giurlani1

    Very cool and unique set. I bought both the Calvera and Champlain sets. Your customer service is beyond amazing, orders are timely and spot on. Yes, I paid more than the Chinese made Walmart sets but it was worth every extra penny knowing it was made here and your customer service person was awesome, Kim I believe was her name. It felt more personal than any customer service encounter I’ve had in years. I will definitely promote your product to friends and family.

  91. Kim

    We received this set as a wedding gift. The quality of this silverware is outstanding! We love the design. Everyone who comes to our house compliments them. My mother-in-law wants them so bad! I am planning on ordering her a set soon!

  92. Karen Guerrieri

    I bought Calavera Skull for my Daughter for her birthday in October. She loves them, she said the weight is really great. She is very happy.

  93. Dawn (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely thrilled with this set! My husband and I both LOVE the pattern. The hammered texture on the back side is a nice touch and a testament to the quality of this flatware. Nice weight and balance to each piece. I’m so happy I found these!

    As a side note, the sugar spoon is really nice for soup and cereal so I plan to order 7 more to complete my service for eight.

  94. Harry Wood (verified owner)

    A gift for my 34 year old daughter. She absolutely loved the set

  95. Maureen James (verified owner)

    It is a very nice everyday set. Based on the reviews I read, I expected it to be heavier, more substantial.

  96. Shane K (verified owner)

    I am so happy with this set! I love skulls and was surprised to find something like this that manages to showcase the skulls and still be elegant. I am from the area and have always loved local silverware products. I was glad to see these made in the USA, awesome products. Now if you guys could make iced teaspoons to match I’d be ecstatic. 🙂

    • Kim Raynsford

      We are so very pleased to hear all your great comments Shane. We are also happy to announce we now have iced tea spoons available in the Calavera pattern as well as many of the others! There are not pictures yet because we just finished production but you can purchase them from the product page. Pictures will be coming soon. Thank you for supporting our company and buying made in America!

  97. Susy (verified owner)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! they are perfect. Good Solid weight, comfy to hold while eating, and the detail is perfect. So Happy I found this company and this print. A++++++++

  98. Doriesmom (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with this detailed set. We love Halloween and the only accessory we didn’t have was silverware for our table. The quality and design are just what we needed. Love it❣️

  99. David Lahman (verified owner)

    This is a great choice of silverware!

  100. Eric Pestana (verified owner)

    Our set arrived quickly. While using the individual knives, forks, and spoons, the balance, and weight are very comfortable. The pattern is fantastic. Overall the set is very well made, and I’m very satisfied with them.

  101. Sherie Miller (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful!

  102. Dave Landino (verified owner)

    Beautifully crafted. Love it!

  103. Countess

    Wow the Calavera set is so beautiful and so detailed I absolutely love the design and quality of this flatware! My Cousin wants me to leave them to her in my Will! And she is serious!

  104. Christine Kelley (verified owner)

    I am completely in love with this product! It is absolute perfection. The weight and balance are spot-on. The size of the tines and width of the spoons are perfect. I know that may seem odd but it is very important to me to have a good mouth feel when I use utensils. The shipping was really fast, we live here in WA state and it shipped to us within a few days. The fact that it is made here in the USA is a huge bonus. The product’s design is absolutely awesome!!! We had originally ordered one set to try out and quickly ordered another after we received them. They are my favorite utensils I have ever had and I plan on using them forever. I will never replace these! Perfection! I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

  105. Paul Lott (verified owner)

    Top of the line quality. Very heavy,detailed,clean and crisp markings. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship of this item.

  106. Christine Dunchak (verified owner)

    These are just as beautiful in person as they are in the picture, and of good quality. LOVE them!

  107. Susan Felton (verified owner)

    I bought this set for my daughter and she loves it. The quality and weight are perfect. Very much a quality product.

  108. J&J Aloisio (verified owner)

    We are extremely happy with our purchase. The awesome design, quality and domestic manufacture of this flatware is exactly what we wanted. Great job! We had looked for years for the right everyday flatware and knew this was right-on as soon as we saw it. We would also be interested in the matching steak knives, if they ever become available! 😉

  109. Michael Short (verified owner)

    Fantastic design. I think all of the Harley riders should check out the cool skull design that fits right in with all of the Harley dessigns. The grip is improved on the flarware as all the skull lend a great surface. Heavy weight design. Sold wont bend on you. Better than my old Oneida. Highly recommend as quality USA product.

  110. Cliff king (verified owner)

    Great American made flatware

  111. C. Tucker Guidry (verified owner)

    High quality. Made in America. Unique design.
    Absolutely satisfied.
    Perfect weight and balance.

  112. skcleaveland (verified owner)

    I purchased the serving set a few days ago and I have to say I am very impressed. The quality of these utensils are astounding. I will be purchasing the whole set in the near future.

  113. Barb Conley (verified owner)

    I was a little worried when I received my first order of this pattern (I have ordered 3 sets!) the price is on the low end for Liberty. But, as I said I have 3 sets, it is great, solid and a perfect weight! Everyone who sees the pattern comments on how great it looks. We live at the beach and have hard water and the silverware is holding up great!

    I would recommend this product to everyone, IT IS MADE IN THE USA and IS QUALITY! This company is making a quality product with a great price and it is made right here in the USA.

  114. Shelly Butterfield (verified owner)

    Love love love them got them as a wedding gift and my whole family likes them. The kids said they are a little heavy, I told them that means they are good quality.
    I will be buying more pieces.

  115. Jose Aragon

    I believe there is an unmet need for Calavera steak knives!

  116. Susan Geisler

    Loved the spoon! I bought it as a sample for my favorite niece, who is marrying next year. I wanted to get her a set of this but sent her the single spoon to make sure it was okay with her (I knew it fitted their decor, but in such an individual choice as daily flatware, had to make absolutely sure).

    She LOVED it and said YESYESYES they wanted a full set. So, will be buying her one.

    My question for you: can this pattern be made available in one of the huge special sets? That is the only thing that could make this better.

    Thank you,

    Susan, aka Cody’s favorite auntie

  117. Alexandra (verified owner)

    We really love this flatware. I ordered three sample pieces to see how it looked & felt in person. We are moving at the end of summer, and will replace our current set with Calavera once we are in our new place.

  118. Rachel (verified owner)

    We bought a small 20 piece Calavera set to see the quality and we love the flatware! It’s a good weight, great quality, we will definitely be back when we have more needs for flatware. I highly recommend Liberty’s product!

  119. Fred Harmon (verified owner)

    I saw these online and ordered the large set to suprise my wife. We love them. We took some samples to our Harley Owners Group meeting, and they were a big hit. We were impressed with the feel and the quality. I also bought the 12 piece set so I have them for my lunch box as well. Perfect gift for someone who likes skulls.

  120. Michael (verified owner)

    These are amazing! I know what you’re thinking. A set of forks and knives with skulls on them. WRONG! Well Right! But There is so much more!

    These are a hallmark of craftsmanship. Each utensil feels perfectly balanced in your hand, it’s hard to explain it, but it’s like a guitar. The top heavy ones hurt your back. You don’t even realize what you were missing until you play a perfectly balanced one. They are usually upper end.

    These are not only perfectly balanced and conform to the hand, but the skull pattern makes the knife less slippery and more tactile to your hand. The whole thing is just magnificent. I ordered the cheapest set, to test them out. After months of continuous use they stand up and look great. I am ordering more right after I type this!

  121. Kitty Struxness (verified owner)

    The person I gifted this to loved it. great buy.

  122. Dan (verified owner)

    At our advanced ages of 51 and 42, we finally decided that we should have adult silverware. Enough of the cutlery with plastic handles poorly riveted to the metal, enough of the stolen restaurant ware, enough of the “where did we get that from” and worst of all, enough of the silverware that weighed the same as paper.

    We wanted something with some character as well as some heft to it. We found these online and they looked awesome on the web. That doesn’t always translate when you get them. In this case, they were exactly like the pictures and the description was perfect. They all have a great hand feel to them (not flimsy or cheap feeling). They aren’t blaring to the world “look!!! SKULLS!. They are subtle and yet obvious if you look.

    Happy that we took the risk and bought these! Most importantly, thank you for taking the risk and making this pattern!

  123. Jessica

    Beautiful craftsmanship, easy to clean, heavy weight, not flimsy like the rest

  124. Michelli Simpson (verified owner)

    Love the material and the shine of the product doesn’t go way after washing on the dishwasher. I love the design and it impress everybody who come to visit. Very unique. And I am happy that is not another made in China with a price of made in gold! I am very satisfied!

  125. Mykel Foxx (verified owner)

    The Skull Silverware is Awesome!, I am very picky on silverware. Certain forks & spoons. Drives my wife crazy. I ordered the Skull Pattern full set because I loved the design. Once they got here, which was very quickly, I opened them up and was very pleased with the size and weight of each piece. Perfect for me. I really liked the sugar spoon for cereal, but the set came with 1. So I ordered 11 more. AWESOME!!!

  126. Michelle Du Bois (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality and superb customer service. Had a small issue with the finish on a couple of knives quickly and easily resolved!
    Would definitely purchase from you again!

  127. jim e crowell (verified owner)

    Well made. Good weight. Made in the usa! Stainless steel.

  128. John.schenk (verified owner)

    Awesome I use them to make spoon rings. Very heavy duty

  129. Mary (verified owner)

    I am thrilled with this product!! & the service from Liberty table top! The flat ware is well made & perfectly balanced! The design is placed perfectly and I can’t wait for people to realize that I have skulls on my silverware!!
    The service fr ordering was so easy to use (I am not the best on line) & I received it way faster than I expected!!! All together I fantastic experience and product that is all American made!

  130. Adam (verified owner)

    They are awesome. They have skulls on them.

  131. Regina Jilton (verified owner)

    I cannot express how thrilled I am with this flatware. It feels good in my hand, great weight, beautifully done and the pattern…AMAZING! I will purchase from Liberty Tabletop for weddings and other occasions.

  132. Chris (verified owner)

    I’m happy..good weight and size..great for big eaters. Got the 3pc 24set..fork knife and spoon. If it ran a little cheaper I’d get more of the set. Maybe one day

  133. Jill (verified owner)

    I love skulls, so when I saw this pattern, I was in love! I ordered regular service for 8 with dinner forks, spoons and knives. I also ordered the serving set.
    Everything was perfect, it shipped very quickly, and was packaged with care. It also comes with a 25 year (!) warranty!
    I LOVE everything about this and will recommend it to anyone who likes skulls!

  134. Regina

    We love the design can not wait for your first dinner party to show it off

  135. Mary Tice

    A friend sent me a link to this set and I knew immediately I WANTED it – then I read about Liberty Tabletop and what they stand for and knew I HAD TO HAVE IT. We just received our 65-piece set and it is even more spectacular in person. Not macabre at all but not those “happy” skulls you see everywhere. The knives are stamped on both sides and the other flatware has a wavy pattern on the back. “Nice touch!” my husband said. A+.

  136. Matt C. (verified owner)

    This is great stuff, beautifully finished, fun pattern and comfortable design/shape, size and balance. I prefer a solid one-piece construction knife and am glad that this is available from Liberty. We purchased the 8 place set and an 8 place set of the Providence pattern which is identical in size/shape. I’d rate this tableware a great bargain for the price and expect that these will end up with the kids someday.

  137. Hoss (verified owner)

    Perfect for our biker family. The kids are entertained by the design. I personally think it’s bad ass. The quality of the silverware is impressive as well. Very sturdy and cleans up nice after each use. Each piece has some weight to it so you know you’re using high quality pieces. I’d definitely recommend this set for both function and design.

  138. Shirley Dyer (verified owner)

    Love my new dinner ware Cavalera it’s excellent quality. I ordered two sets one for myself and one as a Christmas gift for my son and daughter inlaw. The speed in which it was delivered was great,too. Overalll I am very pleased with my purchase.

  139. John Moran (verified owner)

    As a fan of the Oakland Raiders, this is a perfect set to eat a steak with.

  140. Jonathan Evans (verified owner)

    Awesome design, and perfect execution.

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