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The Betsy Ross pattern features an elegant teardrop shape with a mirror finished handle and bowl. Euro sizing which is larger than traditional American sizing; its sleek design along with exceptional balance and weight make it one of our most popular patterns!


  • Heavy weight and Euro Sized
  • 18-10 stainless steel
  • Best in industry finishing standards
  • Hollow handle knife construction with a serrated blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% Made In USA
  • Dinner Knife         9 1/2"    2.8 oz
  • Dinner Fork          8 1/4"    2.3 oz
  • Salad Fork           7 1/4"    1.7 oz
  • Place Spoon         7 1/4"    2.0 oz
  • Teaspoon             6"          1.3 oz
  • Steak Knife          9 1/2"    2.6 oz
  • Dessert Knife       8 1/2"    2.5 oz
  • Iced Tea Spoon    7 1/4"    1.3 oz
  • Serving Spoon      8 1/4"    2.8 oz
  • Pierced Spoon      8 1/4"    2.8 oz
  • Sugar Spoon        5 7/8"    1.3 oz
  • Butter Knife         6 1/2"    0.8 oz
  • Cold Meat Fork     8 5/8"    2.3 oz
  •  Ladle                   7 1/4"   2.9 oz
  • Servall                  9 1/2"   3.0 oz
  • Casserole  Spoon   8 3/4"   3.5 oz
  • Demitasse Spoon  4 3/8"
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Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
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Dinner Forks (8), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (8), Place Spoons (8), Teaspoons (8), Dinner Knives (8), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
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Dinner Forks (4), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (4), Place Spoons (4), Teaspoons (4), Dinner Knives (4),
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Dinner Forks (1), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (1), Place Spoons (1), Teaspoons (1), Dinner Knives (1),
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Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
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Ladle (1), Casserole Spoons (1), Servall (1),
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Round Bowl Soup Spoons (4)
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Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks (12), Dessert Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Dessert Knives (12), Butter Knives (12), Round Bowl Soup Spoons (12), Steak Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1),
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Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Dessert Knives (12), Butter Knives (12), Dessert Forks (12), Round Bowl Soup Spoons (12), Steak Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1), Flatware Chest (1)
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96 reviews for Betsy Ross

  1. Karin Morin (verified owner)

    My family couldn’t believe these steak knives would work… because they don’t “look” like steak knives, they “look” like table knives. They do work, despite their elegant appearance. We are totally satisfied with them.

  2. Francess McMahon (verified owner)

    The BEST flatware, period! I’ve now purchased most of the Liberty Tabletop flatware pieces in the Betsy Ross pattern. I chose the pattern for it’s timeless simple design and the feel and weight of it in my hand and in my mouth. The fork tines are sharp enough to stab things without being too sharp. The butterknife is SUPERB….just what I had been looking for, for decades. I had a set of flatware made by Oneida, back when Oneida flatware was made here in the USA, at the same facility that Liberty now operates. My Aunt gave me that flatware for a wedding gift in 1973. I never liked the ornate pattern, but used it for more than 20 years before giving it to my son. It’s still going strong, blemish free, in his home.
    Happy to rid myself of the old style super ornate pattern, in the early 90s, I then purchased something more to my taste, from a high end, highly regarded company (but sadly, NOT made in the USA). The set of flatware that I had purchased through Bed Bath & Beyond, and paid a handsome sum for, starting getting pit marks, little rust spots, and the finish started flaking off on several pieces. This started happening less than 10 years after purchasing that flatware. It got so bad I didn’t feel safe putting in my mouth any more. So, upon discovering that the Oneida flatware factory here in my home state, had re-opened under a new name, and that flatware was again being produced there, I drove to the factory and was welcomed by one of the staff members to see and handle the various flatware that they carried. (They do send samples for those who can’t drive there)
    I purchased a starter set of the Betsy Ross pattern. I’ve continued adding to my collection over time. The original starter set is now 3 years old, and it still looks like the day I bought it. No stains, no scratches, no surface blemishes whatsoever. I just toss it in the dishwasher and never give it any special attention, and it still looks and feels brand new. In addition to the SUPERB quality of this flatware, the customer service at Liberty Tabletop is also SUPERB. I HIGHLY recommend doing business with this wonderful company who only sells USA made products. THANK YOU Liberty Tabletop for being there. I’m so pleased to have found you.

    • amy.hart

      Thank you for your wonderful review, Frances! We are so pleased that you are so happy with your Betsy Ross flatware!

  3. Ann W (verified owner)

    Betsy Ross is a classic beauty, simple and elegant. All pieces have a nice weight and I really like that the forks are just a tad longer than my previous flatware. I was looking for a quality made in America flatware set and Liberty is perfect!

  4. alfonso pale (verified owner)

    After going through many sets in my lifetime that ended up in the trash after a few years, I decided to try something nice. I’ve had this set for a few years and I’m completely happy with it. If your thinking of buying it, just do it. You wont be disappointed. It’s the good set you’ve been looking for.

  5. Cindy (verified owner)

    We had been looking for a flatware set that offered soup spoons and we are so happy with these They wash beautifully and the weight is perfect Also big plus for us is that they are made in the USA!

  6. Cindy (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this flatware! I washed it by hand the first time as suggested but have been using my dishwasher ever since and they wash beautifully The weight and size are perfect I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they were delivered Wish we had made this purchase a long tie ago

  7. Carol D. (verified owner)

    I have ordered two 4 piece sets from Liberty and they are beautiful. Nice weight, great balance in your hand. They arrive in immaculate condition, and in a timely manner. I will continue to build the set I have, which replaced an old flimsy stainless I am glad to be rid of. Wish I had known about this U.S. maker sooner!

  8. J Leonard

    I’ve had my eye on this simple, beautiful, high-quality set since November 2015. That Sherrill Manufacturing/Liberty Tabletop is a US company—was actually created to preserve American jobs—and makes hollow-handled knives were the biggest draws for me. When I saw on March 23 that Sherrill had, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, suspended its non-military operations and volunteered to direct its capabilities toward the nation’s other essential services, I decided it was the right time to place a sizeable order. I wanted to support Sherrill’s actions and values and help the company and its people weather this storm. Sherrill’s generous 15-percent discount made my purchase more affordable too. Our Betsy Ross super set and additional pieces arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with their feel and appearance. The flatware is gorgeous and will no doubt perform well for generations. Thank you so much, Sherrill/Liberty. Stay strong!

  9. R. C.

    We really like this flatware set. It is the first set we have purchased in over 20 years and we love the size and weight of the knives and forks! The customer service was also excellent. It was important to us to buy something that we out in our mouth from a US manufacturer and not something from China! This was the only company that fit the bill and we are extremely happy with our purchase.

  10. williamjohnperry

    I had never heard of Liberty until I read a top recommended review on wirecutter that prompted my purchase. I totally and completely recommend the Betsy Ross. They are basically perfect. Perfectly designed, sized, and weighted. Yes, perfect. I bought three sets and then one set of the Calavera Skulls for fun (also awesome). There is really nothing more to say other than I cannot believe I didn’t pull the trigger on this purchase years ago to replace my mismatched six forks, seven spoons, and twelve knives. You will not regret this purchase. Stop shopping. Buy this and worry about something else.

  11. Jason Michalik (verified owner)

    I was looking for USA made flatware to replace our old USA made. I was drawn to Liberty and once I read they used US materials along with making them in the USA I had to have them. I really like the feel of flatware and you can tell the level of quality and craftsmanship. No reason to hesitate to purchase, you wont be disappointed.

  12. William (verified owner)

    This is our second set of Betsey Ross. The first set held up extremely well in household of 4 kids. Now we are putting that first set to backup duty for holidays and such. I like buying US made flatware. It is what they say, very high quality.
    One thing to note is that you will see black streaks on the flatware when you receive it. This is polishing compound that the craftsmen use to hand polish the flatware. The Eco friendly washer that Liberty uses is not the best for getting all this residue off. Just a quick trip through your dishwasher and a wipe with a hand towel and its gone. Its a small price top pay for being an environmentally conscious manufacturer.

  13. J.R. (verified owner)

    I don’t know much about utensils, but these seem like excellent tableware.
    Nice and solid.

  14. MW (verified owner)

    I recently added another 4 place settings of the Betsy Ross design to my service, bringing the total to 16 place settings, which I need for family gatherings. No more dragging out an old set to fill in extra pieces.

    I’ve been using this Liberty flatware on a daily basis for the last three years, and couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s maintained its luster through so many trips through the dishwasher, without staining or spotting. I chose this pattern for its graceful simplicity and heft. It feels good, substantial, and the knives actually cut everything well; no need to reach for a steak knife, as these do the job nicely.

    I always inspect each piece upon arrival, and every single one was finished exactly as it should be, perfectly smooth, no rough edges, no scratches. I did have to soak them in sudsy water to remove the “jeweler’s rouge” type residue, not unexpected, easily done.

    I order directly from the Liberty website; payment, tracking and shipment have been simple and quick. I hope to add the serving pieces eventually, as my budget allows. I wouldn’t be surprised if this flatware outlives us and is one day used by our kids or grandkids. I did intentionally choose this “made in the USA” manufacturer, even though more expensive, because it is an investment on many levels. Something used many times daily, should be well made and a pleasure to use, which it is.

  15. Jeff (verified owner)

    Lovely spoon pieces, true heirlooms!

  16. Jeff (verified owner)

    We waited 15 years after getting married to buy flatware, and now that we have the Betsy Ross collection it is fantastic. Looked at many big label stores and wasn’t satisfied either the build quality, ordered samples from Liberty and after 3weeks of use couldn’t be happier.

  17. Scott M

    We ordered the 65-piece Betsy Ross set a few days ago. It arrived in three days in perfect condition. This has to be the most elegant flat wear we’ve ever seen. Every piece fits your hand perfectly. An excellent American made product. We liked it so much we just ordered 4 more place settings. Great work!!

  18. Brice (verified owner)

    If you have a use for tiny spoons these are a great addition to the Betsy Ross pattern. I bought 12 and none had issues and the quality is what you would expect from this pattern. They are perfectly at-home in my small glasses and would be great in an espresso cup. Currently these are listed as limited edition and are priced low enough you can’t go wrong in my opinion.

  19. C. Smith

    Nice accessory to the 65 piece set. I’m pleased.

  20. C. Smith

    Ordered the 65 piece set. Very pleased with quality and appearance. Delivered quickly within 3 days.

  21. CWB (verified owner)

    It’s great!

  22. JB

    I requested several samples and chose my favorite pattern (Betsy Ross). My order was packaged and sent out that same day, and I received it exactly two business days later. The samples they sent were nice, but I was still blown away by the quality and gorgeousness of the full set. I don’t think I’ll look elsewhere for flatware ever again. In fact, I’m off to look at their cookware, drawer organizer, steak knives, and maybe another set of flatware for a friend’s upcoming wedding!

  23. Tim Stevens (verified owner)

    I purchased two services for twelve of the Betsy Ross pattern manufactured by Liberty. That pattern is manufactured from 18/10 Stainless Steel – the best quality stainless available anywhere in the world. One set I bought for my daughter. She and her husband are both medical doctors and they will use it for everyday and whenever they entertain. They received it Christmas morning and have used it everyday since. The other set was picked out by a close friend. He is a retired and recently newly married and they love this pattern. As a final comment, Liberty finishes each piece of flatware to a smooth, high polish. The company does a great job – I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  24. Robin (verified owner)

    Really lovely flatware. Nice weight, elegant. Love that they’re made in the U.S. Just bought another set of 4 placesettings. Looking forward to enjoying this set for years to come. So happy to have found this company and great product.

  25. J (verified owner)

    Extremely high quality and durable flatware. I couldn’t be happier. If you’re debating buying, DO IT.

  26. Karen Snedeker (verified owner)

    I added extra teaspoons to my Betsey Ross service for twelve. This is a simple and elegant pattern. The quality of Liberty Tabletop is superb!

  27. Anne (verified owner)

    I was initially drawn to this company because of their business model: made in America from responsibly sourced materials. I can now say that their products feel like heirlooms and I will enjoy using them in my home for many years.

  28. Julia Ventimiglia (verified owner)

    Just like every other piece of flatware that I have purchased from this wonderful company, the quality of workmanship and materials is excellent. Liberty Tabletop is a company that I have recommended over and over because of the quality of their products and because of the exemplary customer service. All orders are on time and just as promised!

  29. Ellen Mitchell (verified owner)

    Wonderful flatware! It is beautiful!!! It is very dishwasher safe. Customer service is outstanding!! AND Made in America!!!

  30. Brenda Asterino (verified owner)

    I love this product. I love the weight, the lines, the shine. Am planning on buying more pieces this year.

  31. Gerald (verified owner)

    I ordered the Betsy Ross 45 piece set. The silverware is quality. My family likes the way it looks and feels and I’m glad that we have this now in our home. Don’t think twice and you will be glad you have this American made product in your home too.

  32. John Moran (verified owner)

    Of all the pieces that go with the Betsy Ross set, this has to be my favorite. The Salad Fork and Place Spoon are tied for second.

  33. JD (verified owner)

    The Betsy Ross pattern exceeded my expectations. Superior craftsmanship! We will be purchasing all the pieces in this pattern.
    Thank you for manufacturing this outstanding flatware in the USA! No more made in China flatware for our family… Again I thank
    you for high quality flatware.

  34. Patrick (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Matches the flatware set which is beautiful and superbly manufactured. These knives (and the other pieces in the Betsy Ross flatware set) look great and are perfectly balanced. We’ll only order Liberty from now on.

  35. Connie (verified owner)

    Love this stainless! It is heavy, well-balanced and a classic pattern. Made in the USA was a huge determining factor in my purchase.

  36. Linda Sutter (verified owner)

    I appreciate the quality I received with the Betsy Ross flatware set I purchased from Liberty Tabletop. The 12 place settings arrived in beautiful condition within three days! Because of the quality of Liberty’s flatware, I know this set will last for many years. I purchased additional teaspoons to add to the set. Thank you!

  37. dsticker (verified owner)

    I was tired of my old flatware. It was handed down to me after my grandpa died in ’06 and I’m not sure how long he had it. It served its purpose but after 12 years I wanted something different. I wanted something more substantial. I was tired of forks and spoons that didn’t fit together nicely when stacked (admittedly I was to blame for bending the spoons when scooping hard ice cream, but I’m not sure how my grandpa bent the forks). First world problems.

    After a lot of research I decided on the Betsy Ross 65 piece set. I’ve had it for about 2 months and can say with confidence that it easily meets all my expectations. It feels very solid (no chance of bending in hard ice cream!). The spoons were my biggest concern because I really don’t like super-deep spoons (I want my upper lip to be able to touch the entire bowl of the spoon), but these are perfect. This flatware is big and in my opinion that’s a very good thing. I bought a large utensil tray made by OXO and it took some creative stacking to arrange all 65 pieces, but I managed to make it fit perfectly. I plan to purchase the 3-piece hostess set in the near future.

    Now here’s the kicker. It was only after being prompted to review my set that I took a closer look at my grandpa’s flatware. It’s Oneida! Ironically, I was seriously considering Oneida flatware until I decided on Liberty. As I mentioned, I’m not sure when the Oneida set was purchased but I’m pretty sure it was in the early 90’s at the absolute latest. I can’t even tell if it was made during the era when Oneida made their flatware in the USA. But it must have been one of Oneida’s lowest quality sets at the time because it’s thin and doesn’t compare to this Betsy Ross set. The fact that Liberty flatware is made in the USA was a contributing factor in my decision to purchase from them.

    In case anyone is comparing the 65 and 125 piece sets and is wondering about the “round bowl soup spoons” that are described in the 125-piece super set but nowhere else, I sent an email to customer service and here is the lightning-fast response I received from Kim:

    “The round bowl soup spoon is actually the same item as the sugar spoon. You can purchase them individually as such from our website by scrolling down on the product page or clicking here for Betsy Ross. The sugar spoons, in all of our patterns, are cut from a bouillon spoon outline. It is a bit smaller than a standard round bowl soup spoon, but works well as one.”

    Now that I have one of those spoons, I wholeheartedly agree that it works great as a soup spoon!

    So there’s my review. Absolutely no complaints. I am one happy customer. And yes, I have an ice cream scoop. But sometimes there’s just no time for that.

  38. Mia

    Love this set! Classic, easy to care for – a great every day collection that will last for a long time! Love that it is made in the USA and their customer support is so friendly. Would highly recommend!

  39. Mike Rose (verified owner)

    I love my Liberty Tabletop flatware! Real stainless steal unlike competitor which stained in the dishwasher.

  40. James (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Beautiful finish and nice weight. This line is the higher end line for Liberty Tabletop and looks great for more formal occasions – especially because of the way the knifes are constructed – but sturdy enough for everyday use!

  41. Beth Rogers (verified owner)

    Buying American-made products is something I’ve been trying to do for years, even as it gets more difficult to find American-made items, and more expensive. I had a set of Korean-made cutlery with plastic, riveted handles someone gave me as a wedding present 30 years ago and in the last few years the handles started falling apart. I did a little research and this is the only company I could find that is still making flatware in the US. Companies like Reed and Barton, Wallace, Towle, et. al., known for their sterling, also had flatware lines but all of it, without exception, is made in Vietnam or China. I had to think long and hard about making this purchase because I can get flatware elsewhere at half to a third the price. Having samples sent to me was key. I liked the feel and balance of the Betsy Ross. If I had my druthers I might choose something more avant garde, but this design is simple enough to not become tedious. My only complaint with the set is that I find the teaspoon a bit undersized. I would prefer it to be about 3/4″ longer. It almost feels like a demitasse spoon to me. It was a hard sell on my husband who kept pointing out less expensive sets to me, but it was either American made or European made for me. It’s important, if I can afford it, to support workers who are paid a fair wage and companies that exercise some environmental responsibility — something I don’t have faith in with most of the products emanating from Asia.

  42. Jill C (verified owner)

    Love our Betsy Ross flatware. I purchased a 20 piece to try it out and bought a second one we loved it so much. It’s great quality and awesome to know it’s made in the USA and we love knowing we are supporting USA made! Stay in business! We are telling everyone about your products! I will buy more.

  43. Amber (verified owner)

    This flatware set is incredibly well made. It’s made eating that much more enjoyable! We previously owned a flatware set from West Elm, which we purchased following our wedding in hopes that it would last for years to come — but it corroded and pitted within a year of use. We were so happy to discover Liberty. The sample program was great too. We ordered 6 styles and ended up getting the Betsy Ross. The Betsy Ross wasn’t our first choice initially due to cost, but after comparing the samples, we went ahead w/it.

  44. Leslie Kendall (verified owner)

    My Betsy Ross flatware looks gorgeous and feels substantial in my hand. I wish it were of a heavier weight but love the size of each piece. I’m so pleased with it and how it looks. Will purchase more pieces!

  45. Donald Crabtree (verified owner)

    I had not heard of Liberty Tabletop before – I discovered them through a web search. We ordered samples of three patterns that we were interested in and they arrived within a few days. We purchased the Betsy Ross 45 piece set and could not be happier. The quality of this stainless flatware is amazing and was shipped to us very quickly. We replaced our 40+ year old Oneida Venetia flatware (still in excellent shape) and fully expect this to be the last set of flatware we will purchase except for gifts. Thank you for the great product and service.

  46. Roxane (verified owner)

    Beautifully crafted, very comfortable flatware that is made in USA! Sherrill makes wonderful furniture so I was happy to learn they owned this company as well. Highly polished and looks gorgeous on my table. Works well in my contemporary home.

  47. Paul

    I purchased the 125 pc Betsy Ross set. I work as an Electrician and know just how much easier the work can be if I am using an American made quality tool. The same can be said about flatware too. I like how these pieces feel in my hand and appreciate the way they look on my table. If I can offer some advice: If you choose to get the 125 piece set. Get the chest offered on here too. I purchased another chest and it just doesn’t have space for all of the knives you get here. Who knew I needed a dessert Knife? (smile) Don’t be afraid to purchase the Betsy Ross set.

  48. Cindy Nave (verified owner)

    We couldn’t be happier with this product. Our dinner table looks beautiful and the quality is wonderful. Every evening my husband comments on how much he loves our new flatware…. Great product.

  49. mike (verified owner)

    I bought this set plus a few extra serving pieces for my new kitchen remodel
    this is very good quality flatware is it expensive yes but it will LAST way longer than the CRAP from CHINA

  50. Richard Bushnell (verified owner)

    I have been disappointed with the flatware sets that we bought in the past and were distressed to discover that most stores only had imported sets. Determined to find “Made in the USA” I finally tracked down Liberty Tabletop and was happy to find a couple of small stores that had it on display. Once we saw it we knew we had to have it. The service and delivery time was excellent!
    We selected the Betsy Ross flatware. We not only liked the look of it but the name is our daughters name. Of course, it will be hers in the future.
    It is well balanced and simple while still elegant. We recently purchased some more teaspoons and a set of steak knives to help fill out our set. Thank you for being a fantastic company that is still in the USA.

  51. Ed and Deb Prostak (verified owner)

    While visiting family in Barneveld, NY this summer we saw the Utica Cutlery building from Rts 8 and 12. It was disappointing to find that the product was made in China. But the good news is that a TV news story got us to visit Liberty Tabletop in Sherrill, NY. We met several friendly, knowledgeable and curteous people. The showroom displayed the various patterns where we could handle each piece and find which best fit our hands. Since returning home we have enjoyed using them. They come out of the dishwasher just as shiny as they came out of the box. Thank you Liberty Tabletop for a fine product.

  52. Gail Hannas (verified owner)

    I have had the Betsy Ross set for over two years now. They look as great as when I first ordered! I recently added 6 additional teaspoons and another serving set and I truly cannot tell which ones are the newest. I use this set daily! I previously owned Oneida flatware that was made in Sherrill, NY, but gave the set to my daughter because I wanted a different pattern. BIG MISTAKE! The “made in China” set I purchased, pitted and rusted over time. I looked for and found Liberty! It is great that the former Oneida workers opened their own brand, in the same place, as the former Oneida! I went to see the sets in Sherrill, NY before I purchased. I chose my favorite, and upon returning to Floridda, I placed my order online! Love my flatware and so proud to share with everyone who comments on it that it is the only stainless flatware made in America! Thanks for the “Made in America” choice! It is definitely QUALITY!

  53. Lucy Russo (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Liberty flatware. The quality is excellent, they have a nice variety of patterns, and I absolutely love that it is made in USA.

  54. lee (verified owner)

    have had the set of betsy ross flatware for about a month. So far i find that it has a good feel and weight and the quality of each piece is excellent

  55. Nancy Futral (verified owner)

    Our old good quality flatware was looking a little too frilly and a little undersized after 36 years, so we decided to treat ourselves and replace it with a new set. The Betsy Ross flatware set is beautiful. It feels smooth, solid and well balanced. The price is competitive–even though it is made in the USA. We love that it came in an attractive divided organizer box that fit neatly into a drawer in our kitchen. I highly recommend this beautiful tableware.

  56. Valerie Liles (verified owner)

    Love this flatware! The style is elegant and it is retaining its beautiful shine. I’m looking forward to many years with Liberty Tabletop – and plan on purchasing several more adjunct pieces to round out my place settings. The real kicker: MADE IN USA!

  57. A Morgan Hickenlooper (verified owner)

    The set of Betsy ross flatware is fantastic. The classic design merges simplicity with elegance, and the weight and balance of each piece makes them pleasing to use. The price for this excellent quality product is also very reasonable.

  58. Linda (verified owner)

    I have searched for over a year to find silverware/flatware that does not rust out after some use. Found Liberty Tabletop and the silverware is made in the USA! Wow what a concept! I bought four sample sets because I didn’t know which ones I liked. I settled on the Betsy Ross set. Bought the 12 piece, 4 piece, and some ice tea spoons. I really like these. They are simple but elegant at the same time. I really like the tear drop design and the way the pieces are weighted. Love the finish. They are holding up to dishwasher use so far. Have had just over a month. Would highly recommend Betsy Ross but Liberty Tabletop has been great to work with as well. Would recommend this company to anyone!

  59. Lauren Pelland (verified owner)

    My husband and family love our new flatware. Made in the USA

  60. Don Cole (verified owner)

    My husband and I love this flatware. The quality and feel of it is amazing. We are delighted with our purchase!

  61. Dorothy (verified owner)

    I bought this set as a gift for my daughter. It is beautiful and very high quality. She loves it as do I! Even her new husband is impressed!

  62. Karen Ellett Vavra (verified owner)

    Love this flatware. Bought this for my daughter’s wedding and bought a few extra pieces for our home also. Love that it is made in the USA.

  63. Chris Cox (verified owner)

    I really love the Betsy Ross flatware I just purchased from Liberty. The knives were lighter than I expected but I’ve gotten used to them and now they feel just right. The set is smooth, pretty and cleans nicely in our dishwasher.

  64. John Moran (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding. The set could not be any more perfect.

  65. Maria and Arthur Morgan (verified owner)

    We love our Betsy Ross flatware and I am so proud to be able to tell everyone that they are made in America. Keep up the great work!

  66. Kerry (verified owner)

    Enjoying style, weight and finish…however, concerned when I read insert stating contained recyclable materials…

  67. John (verified owner)

    Just got my Betsy Ross 45 pc set with the 3pc Hostess set .. I’m speechless !! Outstanding job Liberty Employees !!. I’m so glad to see an American Company with such high standards !!
    John Clay.. Mesa Az

  68. Anna Masterson (verified owner)

    Love, love, love my flatware!! And it’s made right here in the USA. It’s simply gorgeous!

  69. B. (verified owner)

    After having two different “samples” mailed to us and being able to see and feel the different patterns we decided to purchase the Betsy Ross set. We received them and they’re beautiful! They are very well made and so shiny. Such a nice addition to our table at meal times! We especially like the fact they’re made in U.S.A. and the quality is wonderful! You won’t be sorry with any of these flatware sets.

  70. HS (verified owner)

    Beautiful set.

  71. Eileen Schaap (verified owner)

    Quality made silverware and made in America too! I like to purchase American made products if at all possible. This tableware is better than all other brands out there. I enjoy telling my guests that they are using a product that was made in America too.

  72. Anna Schultz (verified owner)

    I waited for years to purchase the perfect set of flatware. I discovered the Liberty site and ordered samples from each category. When I saw the Betsy Ross style, and held it in my hand, I knew I had found what I was looking for. The style and quality are unsurpassed – my table looks special whether I’m serving a four-course meal or a bowl of chili. I’m so happy with this set – I purchased the 65-piece set, a couple of extra serving spoons, and the available hostess set – well worth every cent for the beauty and quality. Customer service is awesome – ordering and delivery were so efficient. Thank you Liberty!

  73. ROXY


  74. Elly Pollock (verified owner)

    So satisfied with the first set of 8 that I bought a second set of 8. This beautiful flatware is of excellent quality. Each piece comes in its own individual sleeve and is so shiny! In a few months of regular use and going through the dishwasher I don’t see any dulling of that shine. Very happy to buy quality products made in the USA.

  75. ANN MCEACHRAN (verified owner)

    I gave the Betsy Ross table ware to my daughter and husband for
    Christmas. They really like the table ware and the act that it is American produced.

  76. Steve and Tammy Lewis (verified owner)

    Love this Flatware!!! We purchased the Betsy Ross. Very well made and I am ecstatic that it is manufactured in the USA. We have recommended Liberty to all of our family and friends and will continue to do so. Thank You Liberty for making a great product and and having faith in American workers to manufacture it.

  77. Stephanie Langan (verified owner)

    We are so pleased with the Betsy Ross flatware!
    It’s weighted and sized perfectly, and its so

  78. Roger (verified owner)

    Love the quality of this USA product!

  79. Angela DiChiaro (verified owner)

    Completely thrilled to use our new Betsy Ross set. We are newly married and searched high and low this past year for quality flatware that was not made in Asia. We finally discovered Liberty flatware, the last flatware company left in the USA and could not be happier. We initially ordered a sample of Modern America which had amazing quality but the style was not a good fit for us. We then ordered a sample of Betsy Ross and after a couple weeks of being sad every time the “sample” fork I wanted was in the dishwasher I ordered our full set! Now they just came out with additional serving pieces and I am excited to place an order for those too. I am so happy we found flatware that will last a lifetime and look pretty too, and I am happy we were able to support an American company.

  80. Karen Lears (verified owner)

    Lovely, heavy, nicely proportioned tableware. Feels good in the hand.
    I ordered a set of 65 pieces and it arrived missing one salad fork. The Customer Service person was gracious and helpful. I received the missing fork within 2 days. I have looked for years to replace my old Dansk stainless tableware that was missing pieces. I am very happy to be supporting a company that aims to be environmentally sustainable and that supports American workers.

  81. Len

    Looks great. Assuming it lasts and it should, could not be happier. Like the look and the feel of the product

  82. Alice Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Larger sized, simple flatware. Exactly as shown and ships quickly.

  83. Pat Demmert (verified owner)

    I purchased your Betsy Ross pattern. It is just beautiful and expertly made, is substantial and feels good in the hand. Have had it for about six months with daily use and washes in the dishwasher. Looks just as good as the day I purchased it. I can’t tell you how many stainless flatwear sets I have owned over the years. None have been this fine and it is American Made! If you are looking for new stainless flatwear, you owe it to yourself to at least give Liberty a look.

  84. Nina Le (verified owner)

    Yes we are very happy with Libertytaletop

  85. Nik (verified owner)

    Excellent flatware. We get compliments about it from all friends and family who come over for dinner. Mirror finish is appropriately shiny without looking chromed. All pieces have a nice weight and feel. Spoon/fork sizes are larger than the other patterns (e.g. Modern America) but the appropriate size for dinnerware. Highly recommend the samples program to get a feel for yourself. Knives are perfectly balanced for feel in hand and resting on plate edge without flipping over. Would recommend to anyone.

  86. Bill Stevenson (verified owner)

    Something very important has not been mentioned in the other reviews, which are uniformly excellent btw, and that is that you can buy individual pieces in the future. I don’t know how it happens, but once in a while a teaspoon or whatnot goes missing. Being able to buy a replacement piece is important. I found similar quality flatware at Williams-Sonoma, but if a teaspoon goes missing instead of it costing $10.95 here, a whole place setting must be purchased at a cost of ~$160.00! Just one reason why we selected Liberty. Great products, great service, smart choice.

  87. Paul Campise (verified owner)

    I was thrilled to learn about Liberty Tabletop. I read all the company information and reviews and decided this is the type of company I want to do business with. I purchased the Betsy Ross 65 pc flatware set and I am in love with the beauty and high qualty. I am definitely a fan boy now and highly recommend purchasing samplers so you can decide which set to fall in love with.

  88. Kari – Raleigh (verified owner)

    I wasn’t looking to “Buy American”, I was looking to NOT buy “Made in China”. It’s important to me that the manufacturing process have as little environmental impact as possible. What I love most about the Betsy Ross set is how smooth it is. It’s also easy to grip, looks beautiful on the table and stacks nicely in the drawer. All in all, a very high quality product that gives you piece of mind that you’ve spent your money wisely.

  89. Heather (verified owner)

    I wanted silverware made in the USA. Then I discovered Liberty Tabletop was an easy drive from my home! I drove over, looked at all the patterns. They were very patient as I picked one the “one for me.”
    I love this pattern. I love the spoon big enough to handle soup. I love this company. Wish I had discovered them sooner. I love it is a USA product that I can trust and support an American manufacturer.

  90. Cydney (verified owner)

    I am so happy to have located such quality in the United States! This set is very well made and has a solid feel in the hand. It is also heavy weight, and I will be recommending the Liberty Tabletop company and the Betsy Ross flatware to anyone I know who might be searching for quality flatware. The Liberty Tabletop company exemplifies old fashioned customer service and the products are great examples of old fashioned American know-how and industry. I wish this company all the very best success in the future. Thank you, Liberty, for being there!

  91. Cody (verified owner)

    My wife and I received the setting for 12 (65 piece set) along with the steak knives. We are extremely happy with our purchase!

    I have taken the time to create a video on YouTube, of my own accord, to showcase just how beautiful the Betsy Ross set is. We felt compelled to share the product and the message of the brand: dedication to the USA, quality, and American workmanship. I hope that it will help others find their way to you.

    Your customer service team was awesome!

    Holding each Betsy Ross piece is like having silk in your hand. We greatly appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this set. Thank you so much! We WILL be back…hopefully bringing friends and family!

  92. Kerry (verified owner)

    We received out order of our 16 sets of Betsy Ross with the added serving set and 16 Iced Tea spoons and we need to tell you how wonderful it is.
    The dinnerware has elegance with a refined simple look. The feel is precise and the weight gives you the feeling of the high quality product that it is.
    The shine is stunning and just enhances the table setting. We have heard nothing but great things from our guests about your dinnerware.
    We are glad to see an American made product that has the great old quality standards back.

  93. monkeydevil (verified owner)

    Just received the 65 piece set of Betsy Ross flatware for Mother’s Day and I love it! The quality is excellent and the finish is beautiful – it shines with an elegant gleam. The balance is good. I had about given up on finding decent stainless – my original flatware (from 34 years ago was great and made in America – but over time, pieces were lost and the replacements I bought were of inferior quality even though they were from the same brand – the manufacturing had moved overseas and the new pieces felt cheap and the knife blades pitted and developed rust spots in the dishwasher). I found this website by accident and told my husband I wanted a whole new set. Love that it is made in the USA and keeps Americans working. I highly recommend this set – suggest it to brides to be you know!

  94. Bob Meinhard (verified owner)

    We recently purchased a 65-piece set of Betsy Ross, and I can tell you that it is the most stunningly beautiful example of the art of flatware I have ever seen! This flatware literally gleams and holds up well to the dishwasher. The pieces are hefty without being too heavy and they are big without being too large. Support the last American manufacturer of fine flatware – you won’t be sorry!

  95. Meghan

    I could not be more happier with this set. It’s advertised as being larger but I think it’s the perfect size. Spoons are bigger than your typical size but I think they are perfect for soup. They’re feel great when holding have an amazing shine!

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