jobs-imageAt Sherrill Manufacturing/Liberty Tabletop, it all starts with great employees, many of whom have been making flatware for decades. When Oneida Limited® announced that the factory was closing down in 2005 the employees were devastated. Many of them were third and fourth generation silversmiths who had never considered doing anything else. That’s why Sherrill Manufacturing was started. We’ve preserved not only the silversmithing craft; we’ve also continued to provide jobs to some of the manufacturing, tooling, design and administrative personnel.

Currently, Sherrill Manufacturing employs 40. As our business expands, we will be increasing our workforce. Over the next year we plan on creating at least 20 new jobs. We believe in providing career jobs to people on our community and preserving the craft of both flatware manufacturing and tool making. The downturn in U.S. manufacturing that started in the late 1990s, was caused by companies shifting production to Asia and many skilled positions in industry have been lost. Not in the flatware industry – silversmithing is alive and well in Sherrill, NY and we hope to keep it that way for decades to come.

In addition to supporting our community by providing employment to local residents, we pride ourselves on buying almost everything we use from domestic sources. Our main raw material, stainless steel, is 100 percent manufactured in the United States. Our buffing compound and packaging materials are made by American companies, and we use local companies for our accounting services, legal services, website designers and more. By supporting them, we keep even more jobs in our community.

Many of the jobs related to the companies that produce these raw materials, supplies and services are lost when products are sourced overseas. Displaced workers likely lose their pension contributions and are often forced to take low-paying jobs that have no benefits and do not pay a decent living wage. Not to mention, payroll taxes and general spending within the community are lost, which creates additional stress to the local economy.

That’s why it’s crucial that we choose American-made goods whenever possible. Hundreds of manufacturers in the United States are now leveraging the power of the Internet to offer their quality products to American consumers direct from the factory. At Liberty Tabletop, we have made this a central part of our business model and are proud to offer quality flatware direct to consumers at a great value, compared to the imports. Choosing “Made in USA” is important to us, and we believe it should be important to all consumers as well.