Choose an Environmentally Responsible Flatware Manufacturer

Choosing “Made in America” products just makes sound environmental sense, not just for our country – but globally.  Undoubtedly, you have seen images in newspapers, magazines and on the news of the deplorable environmental conditions in some countries,where environmental legislation is either not in place or not enforced.

When you choose Liberty Tabletop, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most environmentally responsible flatware sold in the United States. In every step of the process of creating our quality flatware, we make positive decisions about our environment.

At Liberty Tabletop, the care we give to our environment is on par with the care we give to our employees, our facilities and our manufacturing process. We know everything is connected, and we want to offer our consumers products they can feel good about – from their own tables at home, to the world we live in. How does Liberty Tabletop do things differently to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet and to bring you quality products that are made with your own, personal health and safety in mind?

• Our energy source is mainly from hydroelectric, through the City of Sherrill, N.Y. program coming from Niagara Falls hydro-power.
• We only use stainless steel from American steel mills that follow stringent environmental standards in the manufacture of our flatware.
• We meet or exceed all federal and state environmental regulations and standards.
• We never use harsh or carcinogenic chemicals (like trichloroethylene, or TCE, which is often used as a wash in foreign facilities) in our process.
• Buying from U.S. manufacturers like Liberty Tabletop eliminates a great amount of wasted energy that occurs when goods are transported around the world. Liberty flatware travels on average 1,370 miles direct from our factory to you, imports from Asia travel over over 8,200 miles 6.1 times as far!

* We are committed to eco-friendly packaging by making the boxes as small as possible, using recycled materials, and vegetable based toner.

Liberty Tabletop offers an environmentally sound flatware product at a competitive price, too.

You might be wondering how can a company that produces their flatware in the U.S.A. compete with major brands, which produces their flatware overseas? The answer is simple – at Liberty Tabletop, we’ve cut out the middleman and sell directly to you, the end customer. This is not only environmentally responsible, because of the carbon footprint related to transportation, it enables us to be competitive.  When a customer purchases flatware from a big box store, the flatware company is giving up to 70 percent of their profit to the store. What is worse, the “iconic brand” that puts their name on the box takes about half of what is left over leaving the manufacturer with less than 15% of what you end up paying. It does cost us more to make product here in the United States, particularly since we are committed to producing quality and not cutting corners. Fortunately, with the direct selling model we can afford to produce a quality product, follow environmentally responsible practices, and deliver it to you at a competitive price!

How can we be sure we are competitive?  We Benchmark: Think made in U.S.A. quality and environmental responsibility costs too much? Think again. At Liberty Tabletop, we benchmark our pricing against imports to verify that our lines sell for an equal or lower price vs. the imports.  That way, we can ensure that we bring you superior flatware produced with our planet in mind..

Supporting U.S. manufacturing by purchasing products made in this country is one way of supporting a healthy, clean environment at home, and conversely is a way of rejecting the environmentally irresponsible practices of many overseas manufacturers.

It is our hope that one day, legislators will recognize the dichotomy and level the playing field, thus encouraging environmentally responsible behavior around the world.  Until then, we can all choose to support our planet with our day to day purchases.  We can vote with our pocketbooks and buy from manufacturers that are environmentally responsible, care about the health and safety of their customers & employees and behave in an ethical & socially responsible way.

At the end of the day, everyone wants peace of mind that the products they purchase will fully meet or exceed their expectations.  We understand that this can be difficult to do based on an image on your computer screen. We are very confident that our flatware will pass the test and therefore back up your purchase with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return it within 30 days and we will return your full purchase price, no questions asked.

We know how important it is to you and your family to choose products that are made with Mother Earth in mind. We think you’ll be delighted with the beautiful patterns from Liberty Tabletop. For more information please browse our website and  learn more about the Liberty Tabletop difference.