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* Baby Liberty Customer Reviews

Great spoon
I''m really pleased with this spoon. It was so hard to find baby spoons not made in China. My only complaint is that the white coating stains easily. I rinse them off after each feeding, but others aren''t as diligent. It''s just an aesthetic preference, but I really wouldn''t want more chemicals in it to prevent staining. I wish they''d make baby spoons without the soft-bite, so I could use those once she''s outgrown the biting stage.
By: Julie

Baby Liberty
Bought these feeding spoons for my first and only granddaughter. The spoon is perfectly weighted and makes feeding a pleasure. Granddaughter loves biting on the soft tip. Only complaint is the staining ... which even happens to the colored spoons sent as a replacement. Thrilled it is US made, and that eases my mind.
By: Nana Marie

Baby loves these the best
So glad to find baby spoons not made in China. These spoons are fantastic! We got some made in china spoons as gifts, but baby (and mom) like these ones the best.
By: Laura B

Made in USA
Bought these spoons to replace some cheap made in China Gerber spoons. spoons are sturdy and made in USA.
By: P. G.

They last, they''re safe, and they weren''t infused with insecticide & loaded on a container ship after being made by kids barely older than mine. A toothbrush-style grip would be a great addition, for when kids start to feed themselves.
By: Brian

Safe for Grandchildren
Bought these for the soon to be new Grandchild. Am relieved that something made in US will be used to feed baby. Like that they use the softbite too. Buy these with confidence!
By: Susan Morris

Baby Liberty
Bought 5 of these for my little one. They are absolutely the best. Sturdy, durable and look great.
By: Kassar

Loving our new baby spoons!
We love our new baby spoons! We replaced our other spoons with these because I trust this company and their made in the USA products so much more than all of the other made in China ones. They are very well made and the quality of the product really shows when you put this spoon next to one of the other brands. Thank you Liberty Tabletop!
By: Kristen

Cedarcrest Customer Reviews

Top Quality
After visiting different stores looking for a stainless steel set of cutlery, I decided to check online and found liberty. Boy, are we glad. When we looked at the stuff made outside the US, they looked flimsy. Our Cedarcrest set is strong looking, yet elegant, and extremely functional Our only regret is not buying a larger set. We could have used more teaspoons and forks. Great Quality!
By: George

Very durable and elegant
We received this set as our anniversary gift from my father-in -law. My husband is a big time supporter of ''Made in USA'' product and I can understand why. This product was upto the standard and much more. We love our set. A small suggestion I would give is to add a ''Made in USA'' stamp in these flatwares.
By: D Perry

Finest Made
Searching for American made replacement flatware (my previous set lasted 32 years) I was amazed to find only one place to shop. Very happy with Liberty quality and all who have seen flatware have been equally impressed. Seemed like they arrived overnight, too.
By: Gary Bishop

American Quality is Back!
Purchased a set of the Cedarcrest silverware for my wife''s birthday. Very stylish and durable. Much better quality than what you will find at your local mall stores. Proud to support American workers as well.
By: david

Good Quality
I purchased the Cedarcrest Pattern and am well pleased. Have 2 suggestions: make the soup spoon larger and put USA on the back! Thanks! Glad to keep some Americans employed!
By: Fred A.

Worth the search!
We purchased our set of Cedarcrest flatware online about five months ago. I had searched every store I could think of in the area and could not find any American made stainless! We are thrilled with our purchase! It not only looks good, it also feels nice and heavy. However, I am with the review by H-King. I would like to see Made in USA stamped on the back of each piece . . .it just makes me feel good to see that! :)
By: V. Baker

cedarcrest 65pc.
I bought this set over 6 months ago and I am very happy with it. The quality is excellent and the pieces are very comfortable in one''s hand. My family hasn''t been gentle with them, but there are only a few slight scratches - no rust at all! They are a pleasure to use. Great to find good products made in USA!
By: Cynthia C.

Love Cedarcrest
When it was time to replace our flatware we researched first for a brand that was made in the U.S.A. I was surprised to learn the only brand is Liberty. I called and asked if there was anywhere I could see a sample. The person immediately told me that they could send a sample if we had a pattern we liked. The flatware is easy to hold, feels great in our hands and comes out of the dishwasher looking great. I have recommended your company to several of my friends who are looking for new flatware.
By: Karan Nondorf

Proud U.S.A.
We searched far and wide for fine, high durability flatware. Products made in the United States were by far the best quality. Both Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn stores could not compare to the samples we received from Liberty. Additionally, the Liberty customer service we received throughout the research process has been impeccable. Both Ms. Connelly and Ms. Roberts have made us feel like we''re family. They even contacted me to highlight additional discounts we had forgotten to include with purchase. I will notify everyone I know on how well we were taken care of as well as the fabulous flatware they provide.
By: RAH Alexander

Made in the U.S.A. what can I say? I expected quality flatware and that is what I received.
By: Vaughn Pemberton

Very Pleased with my Purchase
I looked locally to find flatware that was U.S.A made and came up empty. Looking on line I found Liberty Tabletop. They were completely accommodating. Giving me advice, sending me samples of the patterns I liked and then finally sending my purchase in a very reasonable time. When the flatware arrived it was everything I could of asked for! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
By: Larry Platt

I got what I wanted!
I wanted flatware for all occasions that has a nice "heft" to it. Also wanted to buy American.
There was a problem with the forks so I called and they immediately sent me new ones with a return label. No problem.
I have just ordered another service for 4 to give me service for 12, and two serving spoons.
By: Mary Welliver

So glad we purchased this!
We received samples of 5 different patterns and though they were all beautiful we loved Cedarcrest. Received the order in 2 days and it is even more than we expected. Wonderful weight, shiny, every piece was perfect. Love the ice tea spoons. Use them for lots of things. Also excellent customer service. And American made, what else could you want! Don''t hesitate.
By: Nancy

Beyond my expectations!
I had many requirements for my flatware purchase. I wanted something I could use daily and for special occasions, did not rust, felt substantial, could go in the dishwasher, looked beautiful and was made in America. This pattern from Liberty Tabletop exceeded my expectations. Everyone who has shared a meal at my home has complemented on my flatware and I brag on Liberty Tabletop every chance I get. I hope they expand this line, I would love a gravy spoon and pie/cake server in the same pattern!
By: Christie Holmes

Wedding Shower gift
I purchased the 65 pc service for my Grandaughter''s wedding shower gift. She wanted something made in the USA. This Cedarcrest service is beatiful. My Grandaughter loved it and everyone who saw it wanted to know where I purchased it. I was happy to give them the info. I could not be more happy with the service from Liberty or their product. Thank you Liberty.
By: Sharon Aillo

Very pleased!
My wife was skeptical when we ordered the Cedarcrest service for Four... but now she LOVES it. Beautiful, and gleaming flatware that looks fabulous after 3 months of daily use. We will buy more as soon as they re-stock this pattern!
By: Scott St John

We love our flatware!
We completely replaced our "made elsewhere" flatware with Cedarcrest. We love the design, the weight and feel of it, and the fact that it is made in the USA. After 18 months of daily use it looks like new.
By: Lora

LOVE quality and price
Every time I set the table or do dishes, my husband gets to hear me say how much I LOVE this tableware. Just ask him!
By: Jeanne Wickline

Great Value & USA Made
Great, fast service. Happy that it''s make in the USA. Love the Cedarcrest pattern. Still trying to get used to the lighter weight and smaller size of the soup spoon. We are forced to take smaller bites, which is probably better for us anyway. :-) Thank you!
By: Eunice F.

Very lovely pattern. Modern yet classic...will never go out of style. And made beautifully in the USA! What could be better?
By: Britt McCormick

My husband and I looked at Liberty Tabletop flatware at first because it is made in the USA. We both agreed on the Cedarcrest pattern and have been very pleased with it since our purchase months ago. We also purchased an extra set of teaspoons as we seem to always use them the most.
By: Karen Maynard

Excellent purchase. Very satisfied.
I found it hard to find good stainless steel flatware within my budget and made in the USA. However, I feel very fortunate that I came across Libertytable top.
The flatware is sturdy, made of good stainless steel and manufactured in the USA. I also find it pleasing to the eye.
I am very happy with my purchase of Cedarcrest 45 piece and sincerely do hope that Libertytable top are able to come up with more designs to keep up with the competition.
Thank you and wishing you success with your future endeavours
By: M. Jayakrishnan

Iam pleased with my purchase but I would like to see made in the USA stamped on the flatware,that is the main reason I purchased it
By: H-King

Champlin Customer Reviews

Definitely Recommended
We were looking for quality flatware made in the USA, and this set delivers! The weight is perfect and the pattern is clean and very well made. We would recommend Liberty to everyone.
By: D Baughan

Proud N Pleased
While visiting family friends during the holidays I saw how beautiful this pattern was set at an informal dinner. Then capturing a moment to talk about the setting w/my frined she was so proud to provide such a handsome product made in America - at her table. Our 45 pc set arrived in May & my family has been enjoying it daily. The shine continues and the weight is just perfect. Thank you for this wonderful quality product.

Thank you!
By: Diane.EdisonParkChgoIl

Very good
I bought the 45 piece set about a year ago. They are very substantial. We had gotten a different company''s set of silverware for our wedding and they were already falling apart after about 2.5 years.
We were looking at spending a fair amount of money to replace them anyway. But I didn''t want to have to keep doing that over and over.

These are very solidly made. I expect that this set will probably outlast me.

If you want something that will last and is made in the USA, this is place.
By: Jason

great stuff
This table wear has been durable in the one year that I have used it and I like the weight and feel of it. It is made in AMERICA. I feel confident that the material won''t poison my family.
By: Elizabeth Webber

So Pleased !!!
I was so happy to purchase the Champlin pattern because it was made in the USA and was a very reasonable price. They are a nice substantial weight and perfectly balanced, just beautiful. I''ve had them a year, use them every day and love them. BUY American!!
By: Jeanne Bishop

So wonderful to find silverware made in the USA. I am pleased with both the elegant look of the Champlin set and how comfortable they are to use.
By: Julie

AMERICAN Made Quality!
My wife requested a new flatware set for Christmas - from our local retail store. Thank goodness it was out of stock. That caused me to start looking online. Found Liberty Tabletop''s site. I ordered the Champlin set for eight. My wife loved the High Quality American made set that was reasonably priced. I highly recommend this product!
By: Dale

Great made in USA
Searched for made in USA, could not be happier with the champlin set. We use every day. Nice heavy set. Would highly recommend.... Buy American not cheap chinese.
By: Ed L.

Very happy!
Was in search of a wonderful USA made product & have found a pretty good set! I love them, however signifigant other tends to find they are very heavily weighted for his tastes. (-they will fall off the edge of a plate if not 90% laying on the plate) That was the only reason for 4 stars vs 5. Otherwise this set has proven to be VERY durable & has withstood the abuses that my family can ''dish'' at them. :o)
By: Chalea J

We were very tired of flatware made in China that did not hold up. Always looked flat and rusty. Not so with the Liberty Champlin pattern. The 45 pc set was our Christmas present to ourselves and I will be looking to add additonal pieces. I definitely recommend this product and company to my family and friends. So proud to help "Made in USA".
By: Carole

I have been searching for American made products for several years. When updating my kitchen/dining I found Liberty products. From the moment my new flatware arrived I have been very pleased. A very nice finish and a real quality feel.
Thanks to all at Liberty Tabletop.
By: Jeri L. Gilmore

Love it - made in the USA!!
Looked at reviews for several other brands; some that were even more pricey. There were many mentions of tarnish or ryst spots after only 1 months use. Decided rather than go with something made in Pakistan I would buy American. Very pleased so far.
By: Bob

Nice Surprise
My wife wanted new flatware for Christmas and insisted on Made in USA. Found the Liberty Tabletop site and took a chance on the Champlin pattern. I was thrilled at the quality and how easy the whole process was to order and receive the flatware. Assuming it wears well, I would recommend this product to anyone.
By: Steve B

Made in the USA
Im tired of everything being made in China these days Junk on top of that.When I found a company thats making flatware and of the highest Quality in the USA I got rid of my old flatware that was made in china.We picked the
Champlin pattern,from Liberty Tabletop The best.Use it everyday.
By: ED

"Improve your table service"
My Mom had a set of silverware from Oneida and when I decided to get rid of my old and buy a new set, I learned that Oneida was now being made in China. I have decide years back to buy made in the USA if possible. I was lucky and found this pattern which is very similar. I am extremely happy with the quality and workmanship... so much so I bought the Pearl pattern for my son and his family. I bought the 45 piece plus a second serving set plus 4 extra teaspoons plus 8 ice tea spoons. I recommend this to everyone.
By: B. Wiggins

Great quality, beautiful set
I bought the Champlin set as a gift. The detail of work on each piece is amazing. The silverware has a nice weight to it without feeling "tinny" or too heavy. Very happy with the purchase and proud to support US manufacturing.
This also comes from a "green" facility and is processed without the use of harmful chemicals. Don''t but your silverware from anyone but Liberty!
By: Annie

beautifully made
So wonderful to find a quality AMERICAN MADE set of stainless. I love it and I know I will be able to enjoy it for years to come. It''s so well made and the price is very fair too!
By: Jeanine

Very Pleased
I spent a lot of time in stores searching for a new set of stainless, but could not find a pattern that I liked for a reasonable price. This pattern meets my needs for a good everyday set that also works well for my formal dinner parties. At first I was disappointed in the knife not having enough weight to it (I really wanted heavy utensils), but have had no complaints at all in use. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and excited that I am able to support American manufacturing.
By: Katie

Happy with our flatware!
We found Liberty Tabletop because we wanted a product made in the U.S.A.. It''s not a famous name, by any means, so we basically crossed our fingers and ordered. That turned out to be a good decision. I especially like the shape and the weight (very solid). I would definitely recommend it, even if you don''t care about the "Made in the U.S.A." aspect.
By: AnneS

Love the pattern
I have had a hard time finding a pattern similar to my Oneida that I have had over 30 years. Love the steak knives, serving sets and pleased they offer individual pieces. Great weight, easy to clean, durable and great for entertaining without an overwhelming fancy design.
By: Diana

Made in USA
...means alot to me. The Champlin is beautiful, with excellent weight. I plan to buy more soon.
By: Diane

Quality made in USA
After losing so many pieces of a set of handed down flatware that used to be made in the US and is now made in China, went on a quest to find an equivalent new set. I did find nice, heavy, beautiful flatware, but was sticker shocked and these well known, high end brands were made in China. Did some Internet searching and found Liberty Tabletop, read their pages and ordered the 45 piece set for about half the department store prices. It arrived very quickly and every piece was beautiful and well made. All of the forks and spoons stacked and nested perfectly. We use it everyday and run them through the dishwasher an are still as nice as they were a year ago. Highly recommend for the quality, great value, and made in the USA.
By: Cathy

Outstanding value- great looks
After years of buying AND disliking High priced/low quality Chinese made tableware I''m so glad and excited we have an option to buy American made, great quality utensils. This is a complete set, down to very handsome and sharp steak knives. The weight and balance are good, the sheen holds on wash after wash. There is NO pitying or undue dullness. My ten year old loves how they handle because they are easier to hold. Just one suggestion (hint hint): Get the gravy ladle and I will be thrilled. I am giving these as wedding gifts only to the people I really like! ;-)
By: Lisette Mcarthur

Absolutely a beautiful set. We ordered the 65pc Services and have had it 2-3 months. It is holding up extremely well. We have gotten so many complements as our guest have used it. I plan on ordering a set for each of my children when they finish college. Made in the USA was a plus.
By: Tina

Proud to own Made in the USA
I love my Champlin 65pc set. The look is very fancy and expensive. I am proud to own "Made in the USA" flatware. For 18/10 stainless steel, the feel is quite light. It''s the reason I''m giving the review 4 out of 5 stairs
By: Tammy in Garden Grove, CA

Lexington Customer Reviews

Lexington 45 piece set
My grandmother bought these for us for our wedding because we wanted flatware made in the the USA. These utensils are solid, sturdy, and I expect to have them for a long, long time.
By: Andrea J

Love this flatware!
I am so thrilled with this flatware. The quality is exceptional. You can feel it in the weight and smoothness and see it in the shine. I did a lot of research before purchasing this sight unseen and was blown away when they arrived. I try to support American businesses as much as I can so that was an important factor in my purchase. I only wish that the iced tea spoons were less expensive as I''d love to add them to my 65 piece set. Compared to all the flatware I saw and held in stores that was not made in the USA, this flatware is in a league of its own.
By: Lori Biamonte

Great quality
Good strength and no pitting or rust spots like on foreign made.
We dry with a soft cloth to keep its shiny beauty.
By: Ken Morrison

Lexington iced tea spoons
Received these 4 iced tea spoons for Christmas. Perfect for iced tea and hot chocolate. Love the simple design and knowing that it''s made in the USA.
By: Selena

After searching for flatware made in the USA at our area stores we were frustrated. We were happy to find Liberty Tabletop on the internet and have told all our friends how pleased we are with the quality and durability of this flatware.
By: joy brandt

Sorry China! I buy USA made!
I am so glad I found Liberty flatware on the internet by using Google to search for USA made flatware. No matter what I am buying, I always try to buy the best quality, USA made products from US companies using only USA raw materials and components. I am fully prepared to pay more for Made in the USA products because I prefer to support American workers and American companies and keep our dollars in the states. I actually think the prices are very reasonable, and the flatware patterns are very nice looking. I bought a complete set and I could not be any more satisfied. In fact, I’ll be buying another set. The set is very highly polished and the utensils are of a heavy gauge that won''t bend when cutting steak or scooping hard ice cream. These will last forever. I highly recommend to anyone. Let’s start shipping them to China.
By: Bob from Wisconsin (Go Pack)

Fabulous quality flatware
This flatware is beautiful, durable, high quality and made in the USA! The price is SO worth it!
By: Carrie

love my Lexington flatware. Sturdy, holds up to heavy use. And I love buying made in America products.
By: Mary-Beth

We ordered the Lexington pattern and it is of very high quality and we couldn''t be more pleased with it
By: Steve Fox

Proud to be an American I wanted new tableware that was made in USA. I found Liberty Tableware and ordered the Lexington service. The weight is perfect and the pattern is just gorgeous.. Simple yet elegant. I am very pleased with the pattern, feel, and weight of these utensils. Thank you Liberty!
By: Betty Lease

I was happy to discover your company.The pattern is beautiful.Exactly what I was looking for.The quality is above all the rest. I was looking for Flatware MADE IN AMERICA. Great Product.
By: Janice

Amazing company, awesome product!
We have been so happy with our flatware. LOVE that it is made in the USA. The quality is amazing and has held up well through everyday use. The customer service was spectacular and we would definitely recommend to others.
By: Melissa T.

Recommend the Lexington pattern
This traditional but updated pattern is beautiful and durable. We bought a set two years ago and were so pleased we gave my daughter a set for Christmas. It has good heft and does not dull or scratch easily. The price is well within the range of other patterns of the same grade material that are sold at Williams-Sonoma or other similar stores.
By: Jane

Not surprised
Outstanding quality and great feel. Good to see products still made in USA. Buy American!!
By: Roger H

I was in the need for flatware and wanted to buy in the USA.
15 years ago I had bought flatware that was made in France from a popular high end kitchen retailer. Now all that same flatware is made in China.
I really like the pattern and the high quality of the pieces. I am very happy with the purchase and the customer service.
By: Jreynolds

Made in USA!
After 17 years of marriage and two kiddos, my flatware set needed to be replaced. I shopped around, researched and even bought (and returned) a few sets but all were made overseas and the quality (sheen, weight, finishing of edges and inside of forks, and 18/0 content) were WAY below the quality of the Oneida I purchased 17 years ago. I heard about this company on a FOX news special about buying American products. I took a chance and ordered a 65 piece service for 12 and an additional 20 piece service for 4. I LOVE THIS FLATWARE!!! It is so beautiful! I compared it to my old Oneida and the weight and balance are better and the finish is more brilliant. I especially love that the pieces are stamped MADE IN USA. I did hand wash and dry when I first received the flatware, but have washed in the dishwasher every time since and they have come out beautifully.
It was also packed really well and shipped for free super-fast.
Take a chance on a beautifully manufactured product that is Made in the USA and will last for many many years to come. You won''t be sorry!!
By: Angie Wolf

Do not hesitate to buy
I spend a lot of time looking for products made right here in the US. I was in need of a new set of flatware and all I seemed to be able to find was product made mostly in China. I was delighted to have found Liberty Tabletop.

The flatware is nice and heavy, and doesn''t have hollowed out handles like many of the foreign made do. It is not cheap, thin stamped out flatware and it has a fine finish.

Shipping was fast and the product exceeded my expectations. I''m delighted to have found them and am extremely please with my purchase and proud to support a fine company right here in the US.

Support American manufacturers and keep more jobs here.

By: Marie K

Love my new flatware
I looked for 2 years for flatware made in the USA so I was thrilled to find Liberty Tabletop. I ordered and I can''t tell you how pleased I am. Fast service and wonderful quality. I recommend this company without a doubt.
By: Diana LeBrun

Made in USA Flatware
My wife and I spent a lot of time trying to find flatware made in the USA. We both try to support our homeland industries. We purchased the Lexington pattern. We received the flatware and were disappointed. Based on your site information we expected to receive a heavy weight product. The flatware was not as advertised. It was a light weight product that did not fit our needs. We returned the product to Liberty and received a prompt credit.
By: Richard Bahus

Great Product
Great for everyday use, stands up to scratches, doesn''t bend and a quality product MADE IN AMERICA with AMERICA''S RESOURCES
By: Diana Flint

I couldn''t be happier with the flatware. It has kept it''s beautiful shine and hasnt'' scratched at all. Also, buying something made in the USA is very important to me.
By: glenys rowe

I love, love, love, the fact that this is made in the USA. The set has just the perfect weight to it and the pattern is perfect for every occasion, for casual to formal. I bought the service for 12 which included the serving set. I would like to see you add different serving pieces, like a cake knife and a pie server.
By: Donna V

Love the Lexington pattern
I had been looking for new flatware to replace my Oneida set that I''ve had for over 25 years. I was so happy to find flatware still made in the USA. I purchased enough of the Lexington pattern for a service of 16 along with additional serving pieces. I come from a family of union electricians and do my best to purchase items made in the USA! Thanks for making a great set of flatware! I''ve passed on your site to my Facebook friends and I know of at least one person who has already made a purchase from you.
By: Rhonda P.

Liberty Tabletop Flatware
I want to thank you for making flatware in the United States. The quality is great, the price is great and your customer service is the best.
By: Christian B.

I love my flatware, it''s beautiful and it''s made in the USA !!!!
By: ellie

Lincoln Customer Reviews

Excellent Quality
I looked all over for "Made in the USA" flatware until I found the LIberty Website. My original set was Oneida, which I found out was originally made by Liberty, until Oneida outsourced to China. Needless to say, the quality of Oneida has dropped significantly. The Liberty Lincoln flatware is of excellent quality, and I have referred a number of friends to the Liberty website. I would highly recommend this flatware for quality and reasonably priced.
By: Lee Marino

Just what I was looking for!
I was wanting new flatware. Everything I looked at in the stores was made in China. I have fiestaware and anchorhocking glassware, also all my pieces are made in America. When I saw this company featured on the Today Show, I immediately got online and ordered. The Lincoln goes beautifully with my everyday fiesta and my vintage Francisan Ivy, which I use for the holidays. Was very impressed by the quality. Nice weight. Feels good in your hand and washes nicely. Thank You for a beautiful product, made in this country at a very reasonable price.
By: Tami N.

Lincoln Flatware
After 44 years of use, my old flatware set needed replacement, but I was darn certain I''d rather keep what I had than buy any new set coming from RED China of poor quality. I was thrilled to pieces finding Sherril Mfg. right here in my home state, producing quality flatware I''d be proud to own. The Lincoln pattern I selected couldn''t be nicer! Everyone here at home loves the set!!! And I can''t thank you enough for giving me quality of workmanship I want and expect of a USA made product. God Bless your company for keeping ''''our'''' tradition alive and for putting our people in the workforce, and thus adding considerably to our own economy.
By: marie krause

Love the Lincoln!
We''re building a mountain log cabin, and want to furnish it with Made in America. When I began looking at flatware I realized it''s next to impossible to find anything made in the USA - this is when I discovered Liberty, and there was no question that we were going to have the Lincoln pattern for our cabin. We love it, and look forward to using it for many years. Wish there was a gravy ladle and soup spoons!
By: karen

Love Lincoln
I recently bought the Lincoln table service. I will admit to being hesitant to buy sight unseen but the return policy helped me get by that. I am very happy with my purchase. The pieces are nice and heavy, not cheap or flimsy at all. I''ve been an Oneida fan for years so found the irony in purchasing from the same plant. I needed a set that included iced tea spoons and that is hard to find. These patterns have them as an option so I bought them too. The one thing I miss is a gravy ladle.
By: Heidi W

Surprisingly pleased
I was surprised to see the quality and the nice sturdy weight of this flatware. I bought at serve for 16, 2 sets of serving pieces, iced teaspoons and steak knives and was impressed by all of them. I bought extra in case the garbage swallowed up some over the years and I threw out every old piece that I had. If you are on the fence about ordering...don''t be and the BIG plus is that it is made in the USA!!!
By: Gail

Excellent Choice
My mom, a 5 times stroke victim, has been asking for new everyday flatware. I have been looking for a Christmas present. Her Oneida was 40 years old and was pitting. She did not think it safe to use. We searched for pattern she felt would be substantial enough for her to grip yet light enough for her to hold. She found a similar Oneida pattern that decided on that for her Christmas present. Upon investigating, I told her Oneida had moved to China and I wasn''t comfortable with the quality or content. She agreed. I first saw this pattern on Amazon, but they didn''t have the set we wanted, so I purchased from Liberty Tabletops directly. This just arrived. I had Mom look at a fork and knife. I said Liberty sent us a sample to look at. She loves it. It''s clean styling yet not exactly modern an appealed to her sense of keeping it clean (no ornate design to hold bits of food). She is able to handle the knife and fork with relative ease. It''s substantial, yet not heavy. She will get this for Christmas and I will update with how well it holds up to her use, daily, and if she is able to hold it with a partially paralyzed hand for an entire meal. For now, I am very excited to have found such a product for her. She appreciated the "green card" that was sent with her "sample". We try to buy only USA and this was a wonderful find.
By: Carla

NIce Quality
I purchased this set last year.I too spent a lot of time looking for made in USA flatware. I''m glad I found this company. The utensils feel nice in your hand. Polished finish is holding up nicely. I have Fiestaware and this pattern goes with it beautifully.
By: Jeanine Kane

I love this set. It stands up to considerable use and shrugs it off like nothing. They''re great quality, they feel solid and they still look perfect. It was very important to me to find a set made on this continent, as I''m fed up with cheap Chinese junk. This comes through. I''ve already recommended this to someone else.
By: Andrew

Made in America Quality
When we decided to buy new flatware I was determined to buy American. We purchased the 65 piece service for 12 in the Lincoln pattern and are very pleased. Very sturdy and well balanced. Even our friends commented on the quality. Every single piece was beautifully polished and not one had a blemish. Liberty came through with price, quality, fast delivery and a warranty I can believe in. Thanks for manufacturing such a fine product here in the U.S.A.
By: Bruce

Great set
substantial, beautiful, durable
can dress it up or down.
Idea pattern and weight. Love it.
By: Teri Markow

Made in USA
We had a very hard time finding flatware made in USA. When we saw your. Ad online, we quickly ordered. The quality and price is great. Our only complaint, is occasionally there are water spots (we have very hard water) so spotting is an ongoing problem. Any suggestions to avoid spotting is appreciated. Over all, we are happy with this purchase.
By: Pat brooks

My set still looks brand new
At last! A set of flatware that looks beautiful and stain free after 6 months of use. I am enjoying this set and will purchase additional pieces from Liberty in the future.
By: Janet Fairchild

Very pleased.
Very nice set. Has a good finish, a good weight, and I guess good balance points, because somehow they feel more maneuverable in my hands than I''m used to. They go through the dishwasher without scratching or rusting, so far. The packaging was very unimpressive (not a big deal to me) and I do wish the soup spoons were just a bit bigger, but other than that, it''s perfect.
By: Aaron F

Lincoln pattern
The Lincoln pattern is a classic design. It looks beautiful and the weight is perfect. It feels great in your hand. I am very impressed with your product!
By: Michelle Lynch

Quality made at home
My daughter suggested I look at liberty flatware and I am so glad I did. It is sturdy,beautiful and made in the U.S.
By: Joanne

Love it
Great simple design and weight. I have gotten compliments on the settings. I only wish they made gravy ladle. otherwise wonderful and so glad it''s made in the USA!
By: Clarissa

Made in the US of A !
Great quality, nice weight, washes nicely. My husband and I were looking for our first purchase together since both our flatware sets were well over 20 years old with pieces and parts missing. We were very happy to find this line, plus, with the discount, we purchased a few more pieces to add to our 45 pc set for our extended family!
By: Mari

Love it!
My husband and I love this pattern! It goes beautifully with our Fiestaware and our china for holiday dinners. We use it everyday and couldn''t be happier. At first we were worried that a flat pattern like Lincoln wouldn''t feel as substantial, but that is not the case at all. It has a nice weight and feel in the hand. And it''s still looking as great as when we ordered it almost a year ago. We highly recommend this pattern and the Liberty Tabletop brand, the quality is excellent and it''s made in USA - hurray!
By: Heather

Great Made in USA Product
A great set of flatware! Very durable, and doesn''t bend when scooping ice cream. A must in our house! A great company to order from, and they even will work with you for sending a sample to view. Highly recomend!
By: Mary Jean Pollard

Excellent Purchase
I have a set of nearly 20 year old Oneida flatware that we use daily at home. It is beautiful and durable and will hopefully last my lifetime. When I needed a set of flatware for our new RV I started looking at Oneida and quickly realized their products are no longer of the same quality and are made overseas. I am trying very hard to buy as many USA-made products and possible and was very pleased to find Libery Flatware. I purchased the Lincoln pattern and could not be happier. The flatware is sturdy, nicely weighted and beautiful. The price was excellent also. This set will no doubt outlast our RV and will join my Oneida as a family heirloom.
By: Cathy

Very Pleased
Beautiful and USA made! Couldn''t be happier with the Lincoln pattern. Nice weight and well made. Tines are smooth and finish is beautiful
By: Mary

Sturdy & Practical
Nice weight and clean lines make this a winner. Because it is made in US I know it won''t rust like the chinese junk does. Plus something that goes in my family''s mouths I want safe metal used.
By: Susan Morris

Outstanding Quality - Beautiful!
I ordered the 65 piece set and some extra serving spoons about two months ago and I couldn''t be happier. The flatware is outstanding quality and every piece is finished beautifully. The company provided outstanding service; I ordered my set on a Monday and received it on a Wednesday. I highly recommend this company!
By: Diane

This is a perfect weight and a beautiful design. I had a heavier design from another manufacturer and it was constantly sliding off the plates as I cleared the table. The prongs on the forks are sharp enough to pierce into salads and fruits, something my husband complained about on our old set by another manufacturer. I have spent a small fortune trying to get my flatware right and wish I had known about Liberty Manufacturing before. I would have been happier sooner and saved several hundred dollars. I love that it''s made in America and is so beautiful too. I''ll be very happy to use this for our next dinner party.
By: Sally Van Natta

Modern America Customer Reviews

Outstanding Modern America Flatware
We wanted to purchase American made flatware because we felt the quality would be far superior to Chinese made flatware. Liberty Tabletop flatware did not disappoint us. We were so impressed with the quality. Each piece feels solid and shines without end. The tines on the forks are very sturdy, and the knives cut like steak knives through meat. We have not shopped for flatware in our 30+ years of marriage, and we were a bit surprised at the cost. However, after seeing the quality and good looks of the flatware, we both felt we had made a wise purchase. We are proud to own such a lovely set, and we are so very happy that we could buy American made flatware. Many foreign countries covet American made products because of the quality. We are glad Liberty Tabletop makes flatware in the US. We hope to add to our flatware next year. We will recommend this product to everyone. Thank you for providing such a high-quality product.
By: Carol Sisco-Fletcher

Great product!
I like to buy American made goods. It pains me when I see cheap products made in China (or the like)... I always wonder "why can''t we make that here?".

I requested the Modern America 45 piece set as a wedding gift. Once received I was so delighted with the product (well made, dishwasher safe, elegant, modern, and American made!)that I ordered the 65 piece set as an add-on.

I recommend Liberty Table Top to anyone looking for a quality product.
By: Jessica F.

heavy and washes well
I purchased this set of flatware to replace a set of china made oneida. This set washes extremely well in the dishwasher, no spots or staining. It is also much heavier than the set it replaced. Extremely satisfied.
By: mark f.

Very high quality
I was very impressed with the high quality, especially for the price. I love that it is made in the US too. I have all the pieces from the Modern America set and they still look beautiful.
By: Sherry N

A hidden treasure
A beautiful design and solid craftsmanship. It has been our daily flatware for several months and still looks brand new. Thank you for an excellent product at a reasonable price!
By: George

Modern America
"Liberty Table Top flatware is everything I had hoped for. One can take frozen ice cream out of a carton with no worry about bending a spoon. I old highly recommend it and will buy it again if a need or opportunity arose. So I would give it a 9 out of 10 rating. And maybe a 10 after I have it for a few years."
By: Pat

Great domestically produced flatware
I have been very happy with the 65-piece set I purchased several weeks ago. The flatware feels more substantial that the cheaper set I''d been using, and fits nicely in the hand. I''m grateful there is a company that produces flatware here in the U.S. and so guarantees fair wage and regulations. My only complaint is that the soup spoons are a bit small for my preference.
By: Rebecca

Received my order yesterday and am very please with the product. I love that it is such great quality and made in America. I am sure we will have years of service with this tableware. Thank you for making it in America.
By: Dawn

Great American Made Product
Great product! Made well and with American metal. So much better then that cheap crap sold at Kmart or Walmart! I highly recommend any of the flatware from Liberty tabletop!!!
By: Jaesun

Bill from Ontario
I recently purchased the 45 pc. set of Modern America. We are completely satisfied with the quality of the product. The pattern is very plain, but that is what we like. The quality of the finish was perfect, the tines on the forks were very sharp.
We liked the set so much, we ordered a few extra place settings, and some sugar spoons which we use for soup, because of the round bowl, which seems to make eating soup a little easier.
The set was delivered in 2 days.
It is nice to see "Made in America" stamped on quality products again.
By: Bill White

Wonderful flatware
A beautiful product with a great hand feel. We have been using the "sugar spoons" as soup spoons. The spoons have a nice wide bowl that is perfect for eating soup.
By: Melissa

Spread the Word
Everyone who I have over compliments my new flatware. It makes my blood boil to see inferior products from China and now Vietnam featured by every brick and mortar store. I love my Modern America set and maybe I shouldn''t say this, but it holds up very well in the dishwasher. I am almost looking forwatd to my next divorce or break up so I can buy another set... you know she''s gonna want these...
By: Gary B.

High quality, and made in US.
We bought these as a gift for our son. They are very solid, and attractive. They were going to get a set of made-in-China junk , but we got these for them for Christmas. The quality and the fact that they''re made in the US, from American steel, makes them worth every penny. They were delivered promptly, and were well packaged.
By: Al

This silverware is really very nice and I would definitely recommend buying this made in America product.
By: Jo

Great quality made in the USA
One of the few, if not the only quality flatware manufacturer left in America. The flatware has a good heavy feel with a classic design.
By: Constantine

Satisfied customer
I''m very happy with my purchase. Especially happy that this is made in USA.
By: Phyllis




Great Silverware
Good heavy-duty silver,that I enjoy use daily. I hand wash my dishes, and they need to be hand dried, as this pattern shows water stains, no biggy. Craftsmanship A+
Would recommend.
By: Pooka Ness

Yeah! American made
We purchased twelve place settings as a gift. We were surprised when it arrived so quickly. Great quality, American made and competitively priced.
By: M Gourde

Quality Product
I have used the Modern America pattern for about 5 months now and no issues. I like the heft of the utensils compared to foreign made counterparts which I have had issues with.
By: Andrew W.

A Great Christmas gift
I gave these to my son and his family for Christmas and they were so impressed. The photos do not do justice to your flatware. I will deffinately order again.
By: P.S.

Great Quality!
I have been looking for a silverware set made in America for a long time. I ordered 2 of the 20 piece sets and I love them! They are nice and sturdy. I can even scoop ice cream with the spoons. I have highly recommended the silverware to everyone in my family. It''s great to find such a quality product that is made in the USA. As our family grows I will definitely order more in the future.
By: S.

More Modern Designs
I purchased the pattern Modern America for my American Made store Silo, though this is the most modern pattern you offer I would love to see more stylish designs from your company.
By: Adelle Stoll

Excellent Product
Received this set to use in our office. Was concerned about buying anything made outside the US due to quality control. Everyone loves these pieces!! The weight is perfectly balanced. When you pick up a piece you know you have a quality product in your hand.
By: John

Awesome flatware!
I''ve had my set for about a year now and they''ve held up fantastic! They set is very elegant, I''ve gotten several compliments. With all the lead and who knows what other chemicals they use to manufacture with in China, buying USA made utensils is a must. These sets are a great product made in the USA for a reasonable price- what more can you ask for!
By: Joel

Pearl Customer Reviews

Exceeded expectations
I had been wanting new flatware for sometime. After seeing the segment on the Today Show, I went to your website to check it out. I found this pattern and decided to order it. The free shipping was a bonus. The flatware is wonderful. It has a good weight and feels good in your hands. The website is wonderful but it looks even better in person. Thank you for manufacturing it in the USA.
By: Jeanne

Love Love Love!!
Super fast shipping! Absolutely love the pattern & the quality! I am sooo super pleased! The pattern is gorgeous & has some "heft" to it, not like the cheap made in china stuff! I''m so happy, I''ve been spreading the word!
By: Patrice

Love the set
Well-balanced, sturdy, attractive pieces. Love the pearl pattern. So happy with the purchase and glad to have found an American-made product! So much better than the junk (it''s true - sorry) at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond and other discount places. These pieces will be treasured for years to come!
By: Jacqueline

Excellent quality along with a great value
This is a high quality flatware at an amazingly reasonable price. The pieces are balanced, finely detailed and stand up to frequent dishwashing. This flatware is superior to any made overseas.
By: Corbomom

I have had my Pearl flatware for a few weeks and I am beyond thrilled! I am so pleased to find flatware made in the USA. It looks great. The weight is just right. My knife does not roll off my plate like so many others do. I have told my friends and family about you. I can''t wait to show my flatware off at Thanksgiving.
By: Jenny Mc

Made in America !
I was getting so tired of using flatware that cut my fingers and feels like it got stamped out of sheet metal in some prison, so I went shopping... I am SO impressed with this product and the fact that something this fine is manufactured here in the U.S. This is beautifully crafted and nicely balanced flatware that feels great to use! I am so happy I found Liberty Tabletop flatware.
By: Victoria

Great buy!
With more and more things being manufactured outside the US, I was thrilled to find the flatware made in the US. The weight is substantial and the finish is flawless. I would highly recommend Liberty Tabletop flatware to anyone looking for high quality at a reasonable price.
By: Lori Orgish

I was so very glad to find flatware made in
America. I ordered a 45 piece set. They are well made. The weight of each piece is great. I would recommend this company to all that need a set of flatware. If I had a wedding coming up it would make an excellent gift.
By: Shelby Smith

Just as pictured
The flatware is attractive and the quality is very good.I am sure that anyone who purchases the Pearl pattern will be very happy.
By: Carolyn

Very Happy
We are very happy with the quality and workmanship of the Pearl flatware and we are proud that it was made in the USA>>
By: Marie

Made in the USA!
When my husband wanted to buy me a new set of flatware, I said it had to be made in the USA. After his search on the internet, I loved your Pearl pattern and we ordered it. I couldn''t be more pleased. Thank you for making a beautiful quality product.
By: Kerry Tucker

Pearl is Classic
My family & I like the Pearl flatware set I recently purchased. The pattern is classic...simple and clean. The flatware is very easy to care for, and best of all MADE IN THE USA! Thanks, Liberty!
By: Amy

Purchased Pearl set almost one year ago. Overall, quite satisfied with product quality. No rust or water spots. Heavy duty.
Only complaint I have is the forks are too blunt. IMO, need to be more pointed.
"Made in America" is another plus...
By: Dick

Just what I was looking for!
I LOVE this flatware! The quality is amazing. The feel of it is substantial in your hands... what a difference "Made in the USA" makes. You will not be disappointed with this flatware!
By: Diane

I was on a quest to purchase new flatware...made in USA. I ordered two 12 piece settings. Listen, I am extremely picky and noticed on one of the sets the spoons were just "off" a bit...not concave as a spoon should be. I had the set replaced and was very pleased with the replacement as it was just as the set I kept. I think it was just a fluke...most folks wouldn''t even notice the slight imperfection. This flatware is just what I wanted...have used everyday and comes out of the dishwasher like the day I purchased, really very, very nice! I hope others will pay the little extra $ and buy this as it is made in USA and is heads and heels above the competition! I use this daily...mixing cat food/dog food...and when I reach into the drawer the silverware just says...what a beautiful piece of flatware. Thanks...and keep up the good work.
By: Debra

Pearl: Great Flatware & Service
I ordered the Pearl set of 45 pieces in the rushed days before Christmas.

Shipping got my order pulled and delivered very quickly. Each piece was individually bagged and arrived in perfect condition.

We could not be more pleased. Glad to buy American. Happy New Year
By: Lee in Florida

Fabulous flatware
This flatware is beautiful and substantial. It''s lovely with china and everyday dishes. I love that it''s made in the USA. Go Liberty!
By: Becky

Excellent quality!
The Pearl 45 piece set was exactly what I wanted. Fast shipping, excellent customer service and the flatwear is beautiful, high quality, and has a very nice weight.

It is also stamped USA on each piece which makes me so proud to use this flatwear everyday...knowing that it was made right here in our country by Americans. I have also had compliments from guests. I plan to purchase from Liberty Tabletop again in the future, both for myself and for gifts.
By: Rachel

Quality - American Style
The most impressive feature of this flatware is its outstanding quality! The fact that it is made in America is the cherry on top!
By: G. Dykes

Top Quality Made in USA
We''re extremely happy with the Pearl 65 piece service we purchased from Liberty Tabletop. It is beautiful, functional, and made in America. We looked at a lot of brands and none compared to this set for quality. Each piece was delivered in perfect condition, beautifully buffed, not a single scratch on it.
By: Paul G

Great Quality
I purchased this set because I have been trying to buy as much as possible Made in USA. I bought the Pearl pattern because it was close in appearance to my made in China set and I needed a lot of place settings for Christmas dinner. Although similar in looks, the Pearl set is so much better quality.
By: Mary

what a find!
wish there was a higher # to rate this product! good quality-heavy-feels good in hand-beautiful on table-friendly people to deal with-MADE IN U.S.A. of U.S.A.steel
By: rodney crowder

Highly Impressed
Liberty''s rendition of this classic pattern is beautiful, and we expect to be using it for a very long time. Well done!
By: Jerome Freedman

The Best
I bought the 65 pc set and I love them!!! Not only are they USA made. but they are heavy duty!! They are the best flatware I have ever seen!!!
By: Megan

I LOVE the Pearl style. It is very classy and simple. We started out with only 3 place settings and then bought 4 more and purchased the steak knives. My husband loves it as well, especially since it''s not made anywhere else besides our great country. :)
By: Daniella McIntosh

Pinehurst Customer Reviews

Sustainable manufacturing in USA
I ordered Pinehurst from you primarily because you manufacture it in the US. The quality and design are excellent, the green card accompanying the set stating your sustainable policies and processes was an extra bonus for me. Congratulations for manufacturing sustainably in the US! I am happy to promote your company and products.
By: Silvia Leahu-Aluas

I ordered the Pinehurst after studying all the hammered flatware "out there." I even sent a set back because the pieces were too big. I couldn''t imagine a child negotiating such a large fork or spoon.
These are quality and have a beautiful simple and subtle design. Love the set.
By: Gurdarshan

Nice and Sturdy Flatware
This is very nice flatware. It''s weighty and has a nice feel in your hand. The pattern goes with so many looks - rustic, vintage, even contemporary. We really liked the accompanying note explaining how no chemicals are used to keep the flatware shiny in transit.
By: Mel

Lovely flatware
I did much research to find quality stainless flatware made in the USA and was so pleased to locate Liberty Tabletop in New York. Pinehurst pattern is beautiful and I am very happy with my purchase.
By: Karen K. Shapiro

I discover permium. American made products for my kitchen, just Beauiful. I look for USA made items. I want to support US jobs. You will not find USA flatware at Crate&Barrel. Libert Tabletop nice job and thanks.
By: marti

Very good quality
Was happy to find something made in America and such a good value. Only downside is the size of the pieces, the forks especially - they are huge. Using the salad forks instead.
By: Tina

Great Stuff
This flatware is great. It''s very sturdy, but not too heavy. It''s the perfect weight and it looks really unique and nice. I know I could have paid less if I bought cheap flatware made in China, but I''m so glad I paid a little more for this set that''s made in the U.S. I''m happy to know where this stuff comes from and to support U.S. jobs.
By: Sara

I just love my new flatware and happy to have it Made in the USA! No more bending spoons and rusting flatware. Thank you!
By: Julie

Received it for Christmas. It excedded expectations and it made in the USA. May ask for another set nexg Christmas.
By: Tom Hurt

I purchased this flateware for my mom for christmas. Im pro American and would rather spend money on Quailty pieces. Regardless to what it is. This flateware is Gorgeous. All pieces came Beautifully polished and clean. They are very weighty from the 18/10 stainless and feel superb in hand. My mom loved them! So job well done! Thanks
By: Chris C.

Wonderful flatware
We purchased this for Christmas last year, and are very happy with our purchase. I try to only buy USA made items for the kitchen, that I can trust, and these were perfect! Thanks and God Bless!
By: Brobins777

Yes! Made in USA
We ordered this pattern in June and liked it so much we ordered a second set for our "remote" cabin where we spend about six months out of the year. We believe in supporting business that support American made products. Our family has a strong Union back ground and believe in American labor. We were so tired of having to purchase products made in China and not knowing what went into the making of them. The flatware from Liberty has just the right
weight to it and is so beautiful. We will continue to purchase from Liberty and let all of our friends know about the company
By: Linda Kay Alexander

excellent product
We bought this as newlyweds for "special occasions" but it has become our everyday flatware. It is highly durable and looks great. Ordering more for our holidays!
By: Roberto

Made in USA
I bought this set because I was tired of my flatware that is supposedly stainless steel rusting. I have had no issues with this flatware, it is very well made and feels weightier than the foreign made stuff. I also wanted it to be made in American so I did not have to worry about putting unsafe metals in my families mouths. Very Satisfied, I look forward to years of use.
By: Trinity

Finally Found USA Flatware!!!
Worth EVERY penny!!!!! I am proud to have purchased my lifetime set of Liberty Table Flatware....as a foodie and kitchen guru, I have purchased more than my share of foreign made flatware and then quickly donate it...Customer service second to none! It was so fun to still have the ''soot'' from forging between the tines of the forks...really felt like it was made just for me! Love, Love, Love it!!!!!
By: Kelly Mercy

Beautiful, quality flatware
I bought the Pinehurst set after finding nothing of quality in the stores at a reasonable price. It is beautiful and well made. I look forward to adding to the set in the future, and to enjoying this flatware for years to come.
By: Shawn

A hit here when we started using it. Plus, made in USA. Keep up the high quality and the great work.
By: Allen

Very Pleased
I needed to replace my flatware as many pieces had mysteriously disappeared over the years. Research shows that almost all brands are now made in China -even the best known names. I was very pleased to find that your company makes a style that goes with our Arts and Crafts dining room. The quality is very good and the customer service outstanding, quickly addressing a glitch in our order.
By: Amy Ryan

Every time I use my Pinehurst silverware I think "I really need to tell Liberty how pleased I am." Well, I''m telling you now. We all love love love the set. Thank you for making such a quality product for everyday life.
By: Lisa Wilkinson

So glad I found you.
Love the pattern, the size, the weight, and so shiny. I looked or two years to find made in USA and almost gave up. These are perfect.
By: Sue C

After a lot of research,we ordered this set, along with the serving set, for our son''s first apartment. He had a set from another brand that was made in China and was not holding up well. Although he hasn''t had this new set very long, he seems to be really happy with it and really likes how beautiful it is, plus the fact that it''s made in the USA. We like it so much that we''ll probably be ordering a set for ourselves sometime!
By: Beverly

Very Nice Flatware
Very in=mpressed by the weight and shine of the Pinehurst pattern. Lovely hammered effect is timeless and goes from traditional to casual and back. You can dress it up or down and it looks great. The fact that you can get a quality set made here in the U.S.A. makes this purchase a sound investment. Cheers!
By: Leigh

Very Happy
Completely worth every last penny spent on this set. It is SOO great to see ''usa'' & not ''china'' on the handle. The pattern is beautiful and I couldn''t be happier with the quality!
By: Lisa

Pleased customers
My husband and I are quite pleased with the quality of this flatware. Our order of the 65 pc service plus extras was sent to us much more quickly than I expected and it was so much fun to unwrap each beautiful piece. We will use this flatware for many years to come. Thank you Liberty Tabletop for a great product made in the USA.

By: Trace Larson

I searched high and low for flatware made in the US (and with US materials). I have to admit, at first I was a little hesitant to order from Liberty Tabletop on-line because they are a small company and I hadn''t heard of them before. I took a chance, and called to ask about the company...I was convinced and ordered the pinehurst- I LOVE IT! the quality is amazing, just the right weight and sizes (my 4yr old loves the smaller forks and spoons). we have been using them for almost a year and they have not lost the shine. I have recommended them to my family and will only order my flatware from Liberty Tabletop. wish I could get the word out to more people!! thanks Liberty Tabletop for great quality, Made in the USA items!!!
By: Roxanna

Satin America Customer Reviews

Perfect choice! - Buy Liberty!!
I was undecided about the Satin or Modern America style so Liberty was customer friendly enough to send a sample of each (nothing like shopping online) I selected the Satin and can''t be more satisfied! The flatware is exquisite -quality, appearance, feel...just the perfect choice & made in the USA.... say no more!
By: Sherri B.

Made is the USA is better.
I have purchased and am using the Satin America flatware. My number one priority in purchasing new flatware was that it was USA made. We love the look and feel of our Satin America flatware. The quality is excellent and I do believe we could use it for 25 years without every using the warranty.
By: S Johnson

Very proud
I had been looking for a set of flatware that was durable, classy, and made in the USA.
I purchased Satin America a couple of months ago when I came across Liberty Tabletop online. The flatware has an understated elegance that makes me proud to own them, and tell my family and friends that they are made in the USA.
By: Hisae Demoruelle

Satin America
I was very impressed with the quality of the product. Excellent design, materials, and craftsmanship.
By: EB

The satin finish rocks!
This is the strongest, best-looking set of eating utensils I''ve ever found. Thank you for manufacturing such high quality stuff here in the USA.
By: Joel

Love my Satin America
I purchased my pattern this summer, and really enjoy it. It is simple elegance with nice sized forks and good balance. They feel great in your hands! A true 4 pronged fork, fabulous!
By: Jean Brittingham

Top Notch
Purchaced both the 4-placesettings and the serving set. All the pieces are very substantial feeling and of very nice quality. Once of the knifes had a manufacturing defect. It was quickly and easily replaced under the warranty.
By: Bob T

We bought the 45 piece set and some of the accessory items around Christmas ''12. We have had the flatware for about 6 months now. Great look and feel. They hold up very well in the dishwasher with no special treatment. The quality is definitely there. I love the fact that they are made in the USA.
By: Greg B.

Made in the USA
I had been trying to find quality flatware, even returned 2 sets of flatware to manufacturers that veiled the flatware was made in China. Liberty Table Top was the only company I found that offered quality "made in the USA" products. I love them!
By: Christy Owen

Satin America
Purchase these for the Misses for Christmas, She really like the the 65 Pc Service for 12. Top Quality
By: Wayne Brown

Outstanding, over-the-top service and great product.
I called Liberty on the Saturday before Thanksgiving hoping to order new flatware and have it delivered before the Turkey was done on Thursday. They were out of stock of this pattern, but tooled up and made our service (and shipped immediately) first thing Monday morning. I was astounded. The flatware is wonderful, substantial in the hand and easy on the eye. Couldn''t be happier.
By: Kristofer

Extremely Satisfied
I am trying to only purchase American Made goods, and I am extremely happy with the product offered by Liberty Tabletop. The pattern is attractive, the pieces are quality, and the prices are fair. I also appreciate the use of environmentally friendly processes in polishing and finishing the pieces. I plan on purchasing ALL my future flatware from Liberty Tabletop!
By: Evan Duncan

Great flatware
I needed to replace some cheap flimsy flatware and these were perfect. They look great and are nice and substantial.
By: Scott H

Satin america
I bought a setting for 12 as a gift. it arrived in just a couple of days. The order was correct and well packaged. I ordered this pattern as I wanted the brushed look. The handles were the only part that was brushed. The company should have made that clear in it''s description. Otherwise they are beautiful and the service was excellent.
By: Sue

I love my new silverware! it washes up great and retains the bright shiny finish! love the heavey balance. Best of all it is made in the USA which is why I bought thru Liberty Tabletop

Made in the USA
Bought the 45 pc set plus extra teaspoons. Well made, shipped fast and an excellent product - more importantly it is made here so it is patriotic.
By: KJ

Satin made in the USA
My gf could not believe it when I asked for flatware for Christmas. She started looking online and had me looking at various patterns. My Chinese made "Stainless" had started to rust. LOL. I wanted American made, simple, heavy but nice looking. After looking on the web I found your site and I thought I had found what I wanted. After I got to open my Christmas presents that morning I knew it for sure. This stuff is nice. Thanks OJ and Thanks to the people at Liberty for selling me something nice that I get and want to use every day.
By: Douglas H

Awesome quality..USA made.
Satin America pattern
quality flawless and the best part USA made..
Thanks for such a great product.
By: Chuck smith

My wife loves it!
We have needed to replace our flatware for some time, but did not want the cheap china made stuff. After some research I found Liberty USA made! Purchased the Satin America because we like the simple classic look. Once we receive the set, I can''t believe we waited so long! Simple but quality useful tools to eat with! Love them! Going to recommend them to all our family and friends!
By: Jeff G

A must buy!
I purchased this pattern several months ago and I am so happy that I did. It is a comfortable weight, very attractive and goes easily from family use to a holiday dinner table. The quality is superior to other sets that I have owned and the fact that it is made in the USA makes it a winner all around. If you are considering purchasing this set, please do, you will not be disappointed.
By: ginny

I looked for a long time to find a set of flatware that I really liked and happened to find the Satin America and made in the USA. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this product.
By: Barbara Finn

Completely Pleased
We purchased 16 pcs (Best Value + 20 pc) and extra tsps of Satin America and evertything about it is great. The design, weight/hand, quality, price. I had shopped around to replace a dwidingling supply of a high end European flatware and this beats it by miles. Made in USA is the BEST and the service was prompt. Everything arrived well packed within days. I tell many people about Sherrill, Liberty etc.! I even used it at Thanksgiving in lieu of sterling and was most pleased. Comes out of DW perfect.
By: Carlee Hoffman

From my adopted home
A native of So.Cal., for the past decade CNY has been MY "Hawaii", so I do my best to buy goods actually made there, whether flatware or cheese. My NY-made Liberty Flatware is as durable, attractive, and hefty as I had hoped. And, it really is priced competitively with the Chinese-made products found at department and specialty stores. Do your dining room AND your fellow working Americans a favor, and select a set of Liberty Flatware for YOUR home or for gifts for others'' homes. You''ll be glad you did!
By: Tim Marsh

Love it!
I registered for 10 settings this summer and am so thrilled with what i got. The quality is unparalleled and it feels good to have supported a local business. Highly recommend this setting, it''s modern and goes with everything.
By: Sasha

I purchased as a gift for my daughter. She thought they were fantastic especially because they are made in America and liked them on facebook.
By: mc

Weave Customer Reviews

Heavy duty
This will be your last service set, because they don''t bend like the cheap foreign makes.
By: Dave T

Pearl serving and iced tea spoons
This pattern is not identical to my current pattern but I have been looking for a long time for slotted serving spoons and iced tea spoons as they were not available by my manufacturer. These are GREAT. I was very impressed by the quality and price. Now anyone I know looking for a new set or serving pieces I am recommending Liberty. Thank You!!
By: Carol Morris

happy customer
the weave pattern flatware i ordered is absolutely gorgeous, more so than the online photo. love the pattern, the well made sturcture,and pride put into each and every piece,in the setting. good job liberty tabletop, made in the good old u.s.a.
By: gayle martin

Quality at it`s best!!!
We spent years buying department store flatware and years being disappointed in the quality.I could not be happier with Liberty Flatware. Top Quality and American made. you will not be disappointed.
By: Dennis Colby

Weave pattern offers nice design
The Weave flatware is a smart looking design on quality steel. I paid a bit more than comparable Chinese made utensils, but the quality is a bit higher, especially the highly polished finish.
By: Patrick B

Weave 65 piece, exceptional value
We searched all the usual big box stores for American made silverware and had no luck. My husband found your product on line and given that the price is the same or lower then the poorly made china ware we ordered and I could not be more pleased. It is high quality, well balanced and comes out of my dishwasher looking clean. American made can be synonymous with well made!
By: Watson

Made in the USA
I have researched for months to locate a high quality Flatware Set that I could purchase from the USA. It had taken me quite awhile to make this choice due to the fact that you just do not not what metals are being used and chemical treatments from other countries. This set is made with 18/10 stainless steel. I find this set very durable and unique in its design and I would highly recommend Liberty Tabletop. The shipment arrived very quickly and packed with care!
By: Laura Trubey

The Best and USA made
This is absolutely the best flatware we have had and it is made in the USA it beats that china made flatware hands down, We would recommend it to everyone
By: Robert Lee

Diana in Virginia
Not wanting to support China, I searched online for USA made flatware and found Liberty. I ordered the Weave pattern. It''s absolutely beautiful and superb quality! I used it for all my Christmas get-togethers and the women raved about it, wanted to know where I had gotten it! Customer service is awesome and I''ll recommend Liberty to everyone! I''ve already ordered more :-)
By: Diana Summers

Awesome Product Made in USA!
Like many others, I searched for a quality set of flatware made in the USA and didn''t find much until I read about Liberty Tabletop. The Weave design looks great all around and feels solid in your hand. Christmas Dinner was only made better by this set of flatware and gave it that rich look of fine dining in our own home!
By: Tye Lofts

Weave pattern
Quality is great, plus made in the USA is another added benefit. Thanks for a quality American made product.
By: Thomas W.

The set I ordered is well made and I enjoy using them in my new kitchen. I wanted to purchase products made only in USA. I''m extremely pleased with my choice.
By: James Nasso

"Weave" Review
I love my Weave flatware. The flatware is made from sturdy stainless steel, not flimsy like some other sets. The pattern is pretty and goes well with any decor. The pieces fit well in your hand and feel comfortable in your mouth. The best thing about the flatware is that is was Made In the U.S.A. The people at Liberty Table Top were great to work with. They sent out a set for me to try before I made my purchase. I would recommend this company to anyone.
By: Cassandra Harris

Weave Flatware
Very well made, dishwasher safe, and made in the U.S.A.
By: Marlene Newman

These are fairly nice, but not quite what we expected out of the box. The quality didn''t appear as WOW as we were hoping and the weight was not as heavy as expected. The biggest downfall for me, though, is that the pattern we selected (lexington) feels uncomfortable in my hand. It''s a flat handle with a ridge down the center in the back and just doesn''t rest comfortably. I guess I should have sampled a few styles before spending so much money without trying them out. My mistake. All of that being said, they do have a nice appearance and I''m thrilled that they were made in America, not china.
By: C. Bennett

Great flatware
I absolutely love my new Weave flatware. It''s beautiful, and we are so glad it''s 100% made in the US. That was important to me. It is wonderful quality, comes out of the dishwasher looking like new, and is so shiny & heavy. I love it!
By: Liz

Love Weave!
I love this tableware! It''s TOUGH and beautiful and unique. Great for guests and everyday. My usual place setting is just the salad fork, steak knife, and teaspoon, because I like those pieces best.
By: Michelle Harritt

The Best
Quality is unmatchable and phone help is accurate and reliable.
Try them, you''ll like them!
By: Barry

Weave-65 pc Service
This is a very attractive pattern. It is good for daily use as well and casual dinners. Not one I would use for VERY FORMAL Dinners. I like everything about it except for the weight of the spoons and forks. I bit too light for my taste. The knives however feel just about right.
By: Dennis

Very happy with my purchase
Love this flatware set. The weight is light but not flimsy and the pattern is lovely. Casual with a bit of elegance. It washes beautifully and I recommend that you dry it right away. It still needs a quick wipe for water stains when it comes out of the dishwasher (althouth in all fairness it could be my dishwasher). My only wish is that the spoons/forks also had the pattern on both sides like the knives. Customer service was terrific and my set arrived very quickly. Love that it''s made in the good ole U.S.A. I highly recommend this product and Liberty.
By: Barbara

Well balanced flatware
I was impressed with the 20-piece ''Weave'' flatware set. The forks, knives, and spoons are nicely balanced when held & applied to task.
By: Edgar de la Vega

Extremely Pleased Customer
I''ve had my weave pattern set for about 9 months now. Still looks great. Very happy I went with it. Food tastes better to me using a "Made in the USA" product as well.
By: Bill Burton

Tons of compliments!
The weave flatware is amazing! It has a nice weight and feel to it. It stands up to washing and still looks brand new.
I intertain a lot and get tons of compliments ....
By: Noelda

We purchased from Liberty because they are an American company and the product we purchased was the Weave Flatware set. It is a fabulous product that made a beautiful addition to our table. We highly recommend Liberty - we have also bought drawer pulls from Liberty several years ago and they still look like new. Great product, great company!
Kathy Myers
By: Kathy Myers

Made is USA
Best quality of anything we have seen. Love the feel and weight. Best Value - Made in the USA the best product - meeting our Made in the USA motto.