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Lincoln is a bold and stunning pattern that is elegantly crafted with the American Spirit in mind. A sophisticated raised detail on each handle gives this lovely 18/10 stainless steel flatware a beautiful symmetry that is highlighted by its mirror finish. Its commanding look and feel makes it well suited for all occasions.


  • Heavy weight
  • 18-10 stainless steel
  • Best in industry finishing standards
  • Hollow handle knife construction with a serrated blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% Made In USA
  • Dinner Knife         9 1/2"   2.7 oz
  • Dinner Fork          8"         2.2 oz
  • Salad Fork           7"         1.6 oz
  • Place Spoon         7"         1.8 oz
  • Teaspoon             6"         1.3 oz
  • Steak Knife          9"         2.3 oz
  • Dessert Knife      8 1/4"   2.3 oz
  • Iced Tea Spoon    7 1/4"  1.4 oz
  • Serving Spoon     8"        2.8 oz
  • Pierced Spoon      8"        2.5oz
  • Sugar Spoon       6"        1.3 oz
  • Butter Knife        7"        1.3 oz
  • Cold Meat Fork    8 1/8"  2.3 oz
  • Ladle                   7 1/4"   3.0 oz
  • Servall                  9 3/8"   3.1 oz
  • Casserole  Spoon   8 1/2"   3.6 oz

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Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
$717.35 $359.95
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Dinner Forks (8), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (8), Place Spoons (8), Teaspoons (8), Dinner Knives (8), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
$497.55 $269.95
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Dinner Forks (4), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (4), Place Spoons (4), Teaspoons (4), Dinner Knives (4),
$219.80 $129.95
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Dinner Forks (1), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (1), Place Spoons (1), Teaspoons (1), Dinner Knives (1),
$54.95 $45.95
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Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
$57.95 $49.95
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Casserole Spoons (1), Servall (1), Ladle (1),
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Steak Knives (4),
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Steak Knives (12), Chest (1),
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Steak Knives (6), Chest (1),
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Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knife (1), Round Bowl Soup Spoons (12), Steak Knives (12), Dessert Knives (12), Dessert Forks (12), Butter Knives (12), Flatware Chest (1),
$1,521.21 $1,149.95
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Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knife (1), Round Bowl Soup Spoons (12), Dessert Forks (12), Dessert Knives (12), Butter Knives (12), Steak Knives (12),
$1,460.75 $759.95
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Dinner Knives (1),
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Dinner Forks (1),
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Place Spoons (1),
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Teaspoons (1),
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Serving Spoons (1),
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68 reviews for Lincoln

  1. Barbara Marko (verified owner)

    I love my Lincoln soup spoons and I love that they are made in the USA!

  2. Barbara Marko (verified owner)

    I love my iced tea spoons and I love that all of the Lincoln pattern is made in the USA!

  3. Barbara Marko (verified owner)

    I love that Lincoln is American made. And what a great deal…buy one get one free!

  4. Barbara Marko (verified owner)

    I love that Lincoln is American made. And what a great deal…buy one get one free!

  5. Brian Noisom (verified owner)

    Good looking and well made. Nice to have something made in the USA. only comment is that the serrations could be a little more aggressive for a steak cutting utensil.

  6. Lisa M Sencen (verified owner)

    Really nice set. Glad they’re made in the USA, not some cheap place like China. Keep America thriving!

  7. Craig Eichhorn (verified owner)

    This flatware is great. It is visually appealing and feels good in the hand. We replaced our old flatware which felt weak and light with the Lincoln set. Now it feels like I actually have something nice in my hand to eat with. I used to complain that as a guy it always felt like I had nothing in my hand when dining. Can’t beat good feel and good quality at every meal with the Lincoln. We use them daily with no regret.

  8. agent99bm

    I received my Liberty Tabletop flatware this week. I ordered the Lincoln pattern. I am so pleased with it. It’s beautiful, weighted nicely, feels good in my hands and I just love it! The best part about it is that it’s made in the USA. I probably paid a lot more than I could have but it was worth every penny.

  9. Kyle Matzen (verified owner)

    Unbelievable. American Quality. Beautiful set and strong as heck. American Steel. You will not be dissatisfied, as soon as you get it you’ll realize how inferior everything you’ve ever own before was.

  10. Janice Plummer

    Love this set, company & quality of my pattern Lincoln. I’ve had it for many years. Very sturdy.

  11. DJV

    bought a service for 8 of the Lincoln pattern; I was looking for an upgrade set with a weighty feel to all the pieces, not just the knives. This suits perfectly, and I love the pattern. It was hard to choose though!

  12. Jeanne Michel (verified owner)

    I purchased two sets for my daughters in California. After visiting them from Ohio, and personally seeing the flatware, I can say I’m very satisfied with my purchase ( Christmas gifts for both). Also, they work very well I’ve had some tasty meals!

  13. Donnette Skellington (verified owner)

    I love the Lincoln pattern. It is used for family holidays. This service for four was added to our service for twelve so we have plenty for everyone at the table. Quality product!
    This was not my first purchase from Liberty Tabletop. I love being able to go to the factory to make purchases. As I did with the service for twelve. Last spring I purchase two service for four of the Celtic pattern for my daughters. I anxiously await the Earth pattern I am hoping for a sneak peak prior to street date of availibilty. Looking for it to be for everyday use at my table.
    Proud to have American made products!
    PS: would love Celtic spoon ring.:)

  14. Pam (verified owner)

    Love it so far! There were several pieces that needed to be replaced. I called and then e-mailed pictures. They were promptly replaced and they even sent a postage paid envelope to return the damaged pieces. I am hopeful that they last a long time and do not rust. The size and weight are perfect! Love the Lincoln design. Simple but elegant!

  15. Sandra (verified owner)

    I bought an set of Liberty Lincoln flatware a few years ago and have been very pleased with it. Since then, I’ve added pieces and replaced a few missing in action pieces. Each of my orders with Liberty have been perfect. They are always prompt and well packaged. Ordering from their online site is easy! Te quality of the flatware is great. It has a nice weight and smooth finish. The pattern is a classic. You can’t go wrong ordering from Liberty for quality and customer service and I’m happy to support a USA product.

  16. Shawn Zielinski (verified owner)

    Excellent quality ! I love the fact that its American made.

  17. Karen (verified owner)

    Love my ice tea spoons. Happy to have something in my home made in the USA. Will add to my collection.

  18. Linda W Smith (verified owner)

    I love this pattern and have it both at home and in our vacation cabin. It’s well made, sturdy, doesn’t show fingerprints. The Lincoln pattern isn’t the heaviest they offer but it’s fine for our needs. A real pleasure to use and look at. Every time I open my silverware drawer, seeing my Lincoln flatware makes me happy. I won’t buy from anyone else but Liberty anymore. That they’re the only producer of stainless flatware in the US now is an important factor for me. I would recommend Liberty without reservation.

  19. Jeanne Murphy (verified owner)

    Beautiful pattern and look, but I didn’t like the look of the back hollowed out handles. The were plain no design. I would have purchased 12 more place settings if the pattern was on all sides of the handle and solid.

  20. Lee Ann Moulder (verified owner)

    I lost one salad fork to my set of Lincoln Flatware that needed to be replaced. As always, the Liberty Tabletop is a top quality company with top quality products, including fast delivery. I have now ordered three different complete sets from Liberty and I love each one of them, including the latest one, a nautical style, which I am giving as a gift. I ordered from Liberty the first time after researching flatware that was made in the USA. I would highly recommend anything that is made by Liberty.

  21. Emma (verified owner)

    We love our Lincoln flatware! Great look, quality and you can’t beat made in America.

  22. Madeleine S Dulemba

    Examined flatware from several of the usual suspects, but was dismayed at the reviews and found Liberty almost by accident. Purchased 8 place settings of Lincoln just before Thanksgiving and have used it for every meal since. Dishwasher leaves it bright and shiny. no rust, no marks of any kind. Nice weight, excellent finishing, and feels good in the hand. The US manufacturing and the trial program sealed the deal for us. Good on you!

  23. S. Barker (verified owner)

    Stunning and very well made. Completely happy and would recommend.

  24. Kristine Martin (verified owner)

    I love this flatware! It looks even better than the pictures. It’s great for everyday or special occasions. The best part is that it’s made in the USA! The company is great to deal with as well!

  25. Michael R Gallegos (verified owner)

    I like your excellent customer and the availability of items if they’re needed.

  26. Jane Porter

    I love this Lincoln pattern. It is very high quality. Customer service is excellent too.

  27. Jane Porter

    I received my flatware samples immediately. The customer service team followed up on my order and asked me what styles would I like. I love this pattern, Lincoln. It is well made and high quality. I will order a few place settings.

  28. Catherine & Jai Bailey (verified owner)

    We love our new set of Liberty’s “Lincoln” flatware. It is top quality. We love the weight and balance. The only thing that keeps us from giving a “perfect” rating is the length of the spoon handles. They are beautiful but a bit short. It also was a real pleasure to purchase flatware that is made in America!

  29. Arleigh Hubbard (verified owner)

    I am very happy I came across the opportunity to buy from this company. Is it worth the extra king.
    My only disaiappintment is that I didn’t order the Sheffield silver that Liberty offers.
    I will give my Lincoln to my daughter soon.
    I’m will then order the Sheffield silver.
    Thanks guys I like the form and function of your tableware!

  30. MIKE B. (verified owner)



  31. Joyce Rotenizer (verified owner)

    I love this flatware; it is a pleasure to use it.

  32. Cindy M – Minneapolis

    I needed to replace my old tableware, and knowing that it was a big investment I did a lot of research. After reading multiple descriptions and countless reviews, it was clear that 99% of the tableware available was from China. Of course, what was stated as 18/10 obviously wasn’t, given the reviews on rust spots and overall horrible quality. Recourse with a Chinese company was also clearly an issue. During my research, I found Liberty Tableware. Great reputation, great reviews, and the most incredible customer service I have ever had. I wasn’t sure what patterns I wanted and was able to order samples of my choices. Once decided, I ordered service for 24 plus every additional hostess piece I needed. As I said, a big investment that I didn’t expect to do again in my lifetime. I have now had my tableware for two months. It has been in and out of the dishwasher, used my family of four on a daily basis, and looks as beautiful as when it was delivered. I can’t say enough about the quality and value of Liberty tableware. I truly expect my sons will be using this for generations to come. You get what you pay for, and Liberty obviously stands behind their products. Highly recommended – Thank you, Liberty!

  33. Mie (verified owner)

    I loved this pattern when I saw it. When I received it, I was disappointed in the weight, I would have preferred slightly heavier and smaller. But that may just be a personal preference. I did receive 2 pieces with defects and to their credit the company exchanged for 2 new ones but I have lingering concerns as to the quality and if it will stand the test of time.

  34. Lucas Fettig (verified owner)

    Hassle-free ordering process, they arrived promptly and well packaged. The set seemed to have been pre-polished as they looked fantastic out of the box. By comparison, these flatware feel strong and durable. My favorite part is the small discrete stamp of USA on them. My only regret is I did not order more right away.

  35. Barbra Scott (verified owner)

    This product is made so well you sure can tell the difference .Bing made in the USA is a plus. You can not go wrong with the feel, weight and beautiful finish. I will only buy from Liberty….

  36. Karen Burkett (verified owner)

    I love my Liberty Tabletop flatware. The made in USA hooked me from the start and the quality sold me. The “try before you buy” worked great for me. I ended up getting one that I was least sure about until I tried them. I had a couple of pieces with slight flaws but Liberty promptly replaced them, so no reason not to give 5 stars. I’m in the process of ordering additional pieces.

  37. Jane Krolewski (verified owner)

    I just love my Liberty flatware! We bought it a few months ago and it really looks great! We bought it because it is Made in America!

  38. Linda (verified owner)

    The “Made in America” stamp was the deciding factor in this purchase. I am satisfied with the product and expect to use it for the rest of my life (I’m old!). In making this purchase — the first such in MANY years — I was frustrated by the inability to see and touch a variety of patterns from a variety of manufacturers in order to do a real job of comparison shopping. The fact that I could purchase samples from Liberty was helpful, however. I would have preferred a heavier set, but this one is very serviceable.

  39. Wesley (verified owner)

    A review and a little bit of a soapbox: Bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. is a hot topic these days. However, I doubt that many customers bought this flatware ONLY because it was ‘Made in the USA’. They bought it because it is superior quality, they have great customer service, AND it is made in the U.S.A. This company has nailed the secret to U.S. manufacturing success – along with having a customer base that appreciates quality.
    We bought our Lincoln flatware 3 years ago and it still looks like the day we bought it! Highly recommended.

  40. Irene Ambrose (verified owner)

    We originally ordered the 45 piece Lincoln set to begin our retirement in our new home. We are very pleased with this flatware set. It looks lovely, and goes well with our glassware and glass dinnerware. Was so pleased to see your comany added the serval set. We are thrilled with it. Your products are well made and very proud to find this American made product and support your company. Looking forward to adding a few pieces to our set.

  41. SPL (verified owner)

    Made in USA!

  42. A Kroll (verified owner)

    Very Pleased with our purchase. The added bonus: our pattern was MADE IN AMERICA!
    Thank you!!!

  43. Kathy

    I have had the Lincoln pattern for several years. It is high quality flatware made in the U.S.A.! It still looks like new and I am excited to see that you have matching serving pieces that I can add to my set. Thank you for making a safe, quality, reasonably priced product! Best flatware ever!!!

  44. Bob Hancox (verified owner)

    Very happy with our new Lincoln flatware set! The main reason we bought it from LIBERTY is because it is made in AMERICA. We had many people over for the holidays and everyone was impressed with your workmanship. I’m sure you will be getting many more orders in the future! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  45. Michelle Lamarque (verified owner)

    I love my new flatware! It’s beautiful, well-made and looks great in both the kitchen and dining room. The ordering process was easy and arrived on my doorstep in 4 days. One of the forks had a tine that seemed a bit bent – not really noticeable but I emailed Liberty and they put a new one in the mail immediately. The price was reasonable, as well. A bit less, even, than flatware I had been considering from a trendy kitchen store. Great product, great customer service, fair price and made in the USA! I’ll be ordering sets as gifts for my daughters!

  46. Heather (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful set. I ordered the 45-piece set, a few extra serving spoons, the steak knife set, ladle, and servall. I think this looks modern, has a sleek design, and nice weight to the pieces. My previous set was over 20 years old, so needed to replace and wanted American made. Received it in time to use for Christmas dinner, and my guests really liked the set, as well. Thank you so much for quick delivery of an excellent product!

  47. Robert Vergara (verified owner)

    This is wonderful, well-made flatware. At first glance, it looks like silver. The pattern is beautiful. The company’s responsiveness is excellent. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. And I love that it is made in the USA.

  48. Linda Helsper (verified owner)

    I had an Oneida flatware service I had for 40+ years – nothing wrong with it, just wanted something new so bought this, mainly attracted because it’s made in the USA. Bought a service for 8 about a year ago and LOVE it. After daily use and hundreds of DW washes – still looks new. So I bought 4 more place settings to have service for 12. My kids will inherit this and will be glad.

  49. Josh (verified owner)

    Great product. Spent a lot of time looking for something made in north America and found these. They look great feel great and have a nice weight. I liked the fact that I could order sample to see and feel what they were like before ordering. The delivery was very fast and reasonable. Will be ordering the extras for the set.

  50. Virginia (verified owner)

    Best buy I’ve ever made. The craftsmanship and quality are superb. I was willing to spend more for something not made in China and I definitely made the right choice. The flatware is hefty and beautiful. Love it!!!

  51. nancynanners (verified owner)

    I love this stainless pattern! The quality is as good as it looks. I am so happy to see AMERICAN made silverware. I now have twelve of each piece except the forks;I have twenty of those-just beautiful.

  52. sjlm (verified owner)

    I bought 16 place settings for everyday use. I liked the idea of buying a product made in the USA, particularly in upstate NY. But I’m very happy with the flatware because it feels great in the hand, just the right size and weight; looks beautiful right out of the dishwasher; looks very good when I use it to supplement sterling silver flatware on “dressier” occasions. I couldn’t find it locally so it was important that I was able to get samples to see what it looked like in person. Delivery was very prompt and warranty is excellent. I’m a satisfied customer and would recommend to friends.

  53. Dee (verified owner)

    Came back for more! Lovely, high quality product and remarkable customer service; wonderful people! This pattern reminds me of the Lincoln memorial in DC. Aptly named!

  54. Joanna Z. (verified owner)

    I was looking for a U.S.A. made flatware set after being disappointed by the inferior foreign-made flatware sets I purchased previously. I was thrilled to find the Liberty Tabletop website and recently purchased the 65 pc Lincoln pattern flatware set plus accessory pieces. I am EXTREMELY pleased at the look, feel and quality of this outstanding collection. I will be using the set on a daily basis and when company arrives. I am telling everyone about this superior product. Thank you, Liberty Tabletop for producing an outstanding product. So proud to now call this collection mine!

  55. S. Sutter (verified owner)

    If you appreciate high quality as well as classic design, this is the set for you. Heavy weight with a beautiful polished luster; nothing like the flatware I’ve seen in department stores. I have no doubt this flatware set with give many years of use. Was also happy to see everything made in USA.

  56. Dee (verified owner)

    Beautiful design! I took advantage of the free sample offer, and that was enough to convince us that we would enjoy living with this pattern on a daily basis. An unexpected, and most pleasant, surprise though was that this design (shape, size, and pattern indentations) was remarkably comfortable in my hands. I have some arthritis in some of my fingers, and the pieces just have a way of resting easily In my grasp. My husband, who does not have this issue, says they feel very comfortable to use as well. We both love the size as well, which is what we grew up with. It is difficult to find quality flatware that is not the extra large European size. Thank you for a fabulous product, fantastic customer service, and truly, honestly MADE right here IN AMERICA!

  57. Michael Mingo (verified owner)

    After much deliberation on deciding which pattern from Liberty Tabletop I wanted I chose the Lincoln Flatware set – ordered a 65 piece set with a set of steak knives and several extra servings spoons. They arrived yesterday and they are truly beautiful. The fact that they are so strong and made in USA is a bonus. The quality of this is very nice and I’ll be enjoying these for many decades I’m sure.

  58. Heather

    We’ve been using our Lincoln flatware for three years now and we love it! Nice weight in the hand and still shiny as the day we bought our set. We had one knife that got a teeny little rust spot on the blade after a year but LTT replaced it right away.

  59. karen

    Love the Lincoln!
    We”re building a mountain log cabin, and want to furnish it with Made in America. When I began looking at flatware I realized it’s next to impossible to find anything made in the USA – this is when I discovered Liberty, and there was no question that we were going to have the Lincoln pattern for our cabin. We love it, and look forward to using it for many years. Wish there was a gravy ladle and soup spoons!

  60. Diane

    Outstanding Quality – Beautiful!
    I ordered the 65 piece set and some extra serving spoons about two months ago and I couldn’t be happier. The flatware is outstanding quality and every piece is finished beautifully. The company provided outstanding service; I ordered my set on a Monday and received it on a Wednesday. I highly recommend this company!

  61. marie krause

    Lincoln Flatware
    After 44 years of use, my old flatware set needed replacement, but I was darn certain I’d rather keep what I had than buy any new set coming from RED China of poor quality. I was thrilled to pieces finding Sherrill Mfg. right here in my home state, producing quality flatware I’d be proud to own. The Lincoln pattern I selected couldn’t be nicer! Everyone here at home loves the set!!! And I can”t thank you enough for giving me quality of workmanship I want and expect of a USA made product. God Bless your company for keeping “our” tradition alive and for putting our people in the workforce, and thus adding considerably to our own economy.

  62. Laurie Nessl

    I just love my new set of flatwear, they just are beautiful. What great quality and workmanship. Knowing they are made in the USA is awesome. Every time I wash and dry them, they makes me smile. Thank-You Liberty Tabletop for a job well done.

  63. Clarissa

    Love it
    Great simple design and weight. I have gotten compliments on the settings. I only wish they made gravy ladle. otherwise wonderful and so glad it’s made in the USA!

  64. Andrew

    I love this set. It stands up to considerable use and shrugs it off like nothing. They’re great quality, they feel solid and they still look perfect. It was very important to me to find a set made on this continent, as I”m fed up with cheap Chinese junk. This comes through. I’ve already recommended this to someone else.

  65. Bruce

    Made in America Quality
    When we decided to buy new flatware I was determined to buy American. We purchased the 65 piece service for 12 in the Lincoln pattern and are very pleased. Very sturdy and well balanced. Even our friends commented on the quality. Every single piece was beautifully polished and not one had a blemish. Liberty came through with price, quality, fast delivery and a warranty I can believe in. Thanks for manufacturing such a fine product here in the U.S.A.

  66. Tami N.

    Just what I was looking for!
    I was wanting new flatware. Everything I looked at in the stores was made in China. I have fiestaware and anchorhocking glassware, also all my pieces are made in America. When I saw this company featured on the Today Show, I immediately got online and ordered. The Lincoln goes beautifully with my everyday fiesta and my vintage Francisan Ivy, which I use for the holidays. Was very impressed by the quality. Nice weight. Feels good in your hand and washes nicely. Thank You for a beautiful product, made in this country at a very reasonable price.

  67. Keith & Diana

    Quality still found in America
    My husband and I recently purchased our Liberty Tabletop flatware and couldn”t be more pleased with it. The Lincoln pattern is just what we hoped it would be. It is perfectly weighted, washes up beautifully, and our dining guests are impressed to find such quality made here in the USA. We recommend this product to anyone interested in quality, and who want to help bring manufacturing jobs back home. Thanks Liberty Tabletop!

  68. Mary Jean Pollard

    Great Made in USA Product
    A great set of flatware! Very durable, and doesn’t bend when scooping ice cream. A must in our house! A great company to order from, and they even will work with you for sending a sample to view. Highly recommend!

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