Baby Liberty Coated Feeder Spoon Two Pack

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Baby Liberty Soft-Bite spoons (feeding spoons for 6 + Months)


At Baby Liberty, we take pride in selling only the best quality USA made products to our customers, keeping in mind both your baby and the environment. Our spoons are produced with 80 percent recycled high quality (18-0) stainless steel. They are produced and packaged using renewable hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls. Soft-bite coating is FDA and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant and free from Phthalates, Adipates, Lead, BPA and BPS. Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic Coating may stain with red and orange foods.
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17 reviews for Baby Liberty Coated Feeder Spoon Two Pack

  1. Daniel Zielinski (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Feel great getting our baby USA made spoons. We also have a set of flatware and their products are great.

  2. Dorothy Mann (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Love these spoons!

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Good spoon. Holds liquid things as expected.

  4. Amy (verified owner)

    My son loves these spoons. They are very easy on the teeth too which is just great. They are also the perfect size for tiny mouths. They aren’t too wide, and too long. They are the perfect length and easy for babies to hold. I do wish the plastic coating didn’t stain quite so easily…but they do warn you that this will happen!

  5. Jeanine (verified owner)

    They are wonderful!! Never want anything but Made in America products in my grandchildren’s mouths!!!

  6. Karla (verified owner)

    the spoons are very nice, glad I found your site.
    Will recommend them to my local baby store.

  7. Mer (verified owner)

    Really great spoons. Love that they are made in USA & support local economy.

  8. Peter (verified owner)

    Great looking spoon. So far it performs and cleans very well.

  9. Bonita (verified owner)

    Great baby spoons!!

  10. Kassar

    Baby Liberty
    Bought 5 of these for my little one. They are absolutely the best. Sturdy, durable and look great.

  11. Nana Marie

    Baby Liberty
    Bought these feeding spoons for my first and only granddaughter. The spoon is perfectly weighted and makes feeding a pleasure. Granddaughter loves biting on the soft tip. Only complaint is the staining … which even happens to the colored spoons sent as a replacement. Thrilled it is US made, and that eases my mind.

  12. Laura B

    Baby loves these the best
    So glad to find baby spoons not made in China. These spoons are fantastic! We got some made in china spoons as gifts, but baby (and mom) like these ones the best.

  13. Susan Morris

    Safe for Grandchildren
    Bought these for the soon to be new Grandchild. Am relieved that something made in US will be used to feed baby. Like that they use the softbite too. Buy these with confidence!

  14. Kristen

    Loving our new baby spoons!
    We love our new baby spoons! We replaced our other spoons with these because I trust this company and their made in the USA products so much more than all of the other made in China ones. They are very well made and the quality of the product really shows when you put this spoon next to one of the other brands. Thank you Liberty Tabletop!

  15. Brian

    They last, they’re safe, and they weren’t infused with insecticide & loaded on a container ship after being made by kids barely older than mine. A toothbrush-style grip would be a great addition, for when kids start to feed themselves.

  16. Julie

    Great spoon
    I’m really pleased with this spoon. It was so hard to find baby spoons not made in China. My only complaint is that the white coating stains easily. I rinse them off after each feeding, but others aren’t as diligent. It”s just an aesthetic preference, but I really wouldn’t want more chemicals in it to prevent staining. I wish they’d make baby spoons without the soft-bite, so I could use those once she”s outgrown the biting stage.

  17. P.G.

    Made in USA
    Bought these spoons to replace some cheap made in China Gerber spoons. spoons are sturdy and made in USA.

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