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The Annapolis pattern is designed with a simple but stylish teardrop shape and is polished to a brilliant mirror finish. These “Euro-Sized” pieces with a forged knife have excellent balance and weight. Perhaps the most popular of all flatware outlines, this Liberty Tabletop pattern with its classic silhouette can be paired with every day or special occasion dinnerware.


  • 18-10 stainless steel
  • Euro Sized
  • Heavy weight forged knife with a serrated blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% Made In USA
  • Dinner Knife 9" 3.9 oz
  • Dinner Fork 8 1/4" 1.8 oz
  • Salad Fork 7" 1.4 oz
  • Place Spoon 7 1/8" 1.4 oz
  • Teaspoon 6"  1.3 oz
  • Serving Spoon 8 1/2" 2.6 oz
  • Pierced Spoon 8 1/2" 2.5 oz
  • Sugar Spoon 5 7/8" 1.3 oz
  • Butter Knife 6 3/8" 0.9 oz
  • Cold Meat Fork 8 1/2" 2.1 oz
  • Iced Tea Spoon 7 1/2"
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Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
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Dinner Forks (8), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (8), Place Spoons (8), Teaspoons (8), Dinner Knives (8), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
$202.35 $129.95
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Dinner Forks (4), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (4), Place Spoons (4), Teaspoons (4), Dinner Knives (4),
$87.80 $69.95
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Dinner Forks (8), Place Spoons (8), Dinner Knives (8),
$119.76 $89.95
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Dinner Forks (4), Place Spoons (4), Dinner Knives (4),
$59.88 $49.95
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Dinner Forks (1), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (1), Place Spoons (1), Teaspoons (1), Dinner Knives (1),
$21.95 $19.95
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Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),
$26.75 $24.95
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Iced Tea Spoons (4),
$45.94 $39.95

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230 reviews for Annapolis

  1. selitaswipes

    I bought my first set of Annapolis a couple of years ago. I was pleasantly surprised at the weight and quality of workmanship. I just bought more spoons and forks to extend my service. The smooth, shiny surface is beautiful and matches universally all place settings! I am very pleased with the set. I am shopping only Made in USA items and the price of this product is unbeatable.

  2. Edward (verified owner)

    We were always running out of spoons, so I decided to buy some new silverware. I was on A***on looking at a bunch of generic stuff when a reviewer mentioned Liberty Tabletop. So I came here and bought a few place spoons to see how they were (and make sure the wife liked them!). Best silverware I’ve used and I will be buying more!

  3. Jessica Bruno

    My parents bought a larger set and it seems really nice. I’m in the process of getting my first house so I needed silverware of my own. Rather than take everybody’s hand-me-downs, my mom suggested I look at these. Once I saw how nice they are, I decided to bite the bullet and get them. I think they’ll last a long time. I told my mom it’s a better investment for me than for her because I’m so much younger. I got the same pattern so when she and my dad are too old to entertain any more, I’ll take most of theirs. Seriously, they look great and I think they really will last that long. Some of the pieces are a little big for my taste but that’s my fault for choosing this pattern. I do wish they had a few more patterns to choose from but I get that they have to stick with a particular shape. All in all, I really like it.

  4. Kathy Reed (verified owner)

    Made in the U.S.A. was my number one priority when it came time to purchase new flatware. The one I was replacing was still in pristine condition and it was among the last of the US made flatwares before production moved offshore. Unfortunately, over time and teenagers, I went from serves for 16 to 5 forks, salad and dinner combined. I knew from friends’ experience that foreign made flatware rusts almost immediately so I wanted US made for both practical and patriotic reasons. The price difference was steep but I waited until it went on sale and reminded myself that I’d still be using the last US made flatware I purchased if my kids hadn’t lost most of it. Then it was a no brainer. Buy foreign made and have rust spots in a year or buy US made and be rust free for 25. At that point, it was a total no brainer. We got the Annapolis pattern and are very happy. The product is beautiful! I did have a small problem with a few of my knives that rubbed together in the dishwasher but one quick email to customer service and it was happily resolved. We’re so happy with the flatware that my daughter just bought the same pattern, smaller set, for her first home. I imagine she’ll have this flatware for a very long time or at least until she has teenagers clearing the dinner table, then she’ll have to start replacing missing pieces 😉

  5. Glenda Padwa (verified owner)

    Love, love, love!

  6. Emily

    Well-made silverware and excellent customer service. Perfect example of the all-around quality you receive when purchasing a USA-made product.

  7. Lori

    We love out new Annapolis flatware! Lovely classic design, nice weight and balance, and excellent quality 18/10 steel. Also great customer service – everyone I’ve dealt with at the company has been informative, responsive and friendly. Happy to have such a quality set of flatware and to support a product that’s made with pride in the USA. Thanks so much!

  8. Tomi Ramsour (verified owner)

    Excellent product, high quality and made in the USA. Love the weight and simple design.

  9. lmarwong

    Annapolis is simple, understated, and elegant. Very pleased with my purchase and thrilled that its made in the USA. After purchasing the set, I went back to order more place spoons and serving spoons. Its been 6 months now and the 18/10 stainless steel is holding up well, they still look brand new despite daily use and washing in the dishwasher. Have you guys ever thought of approaching Costco to carry your product? Your value for the money meshes well with Costco’s philosophy. My only regret is that I never heard of Liberty Tabletop until 2020….where have you been my entire adult life?

  10. Ted B

    Very pleased with my Annapolis flatware purchase. Beautifully made, high-quality flatware at a very reasonable price. The fact that it is American made is great! Highly recommended.

  11. Sherri J. Thorne (verified owner)

    Streamlined elegance and functionality! The weight is great.

  12. Sheila (verified owner)

    Really nice. It’s the kind you keep forever.

  13. Sherri Thorne (verified owner)

    ah… a return to elegance! I have always used iced tea spoons growing up. When I decided to replace my everyday service, I was delighted to discover that Liberty tabletop had also included Iced Tea Spoons. I ordered them immediately! The quality is exceptional, and the design is elegant. As a hardened and seamless tea drinker, this is absolutely wonderful.

  14. Gary

    The flatware are great ! I always search and try to purchase everything MADE IN THE USA . These are Made in the USA . I threw my made in CHINA ones in the garbage can .

  15. Prakash (verified owner)

    Well-balanced. Simple yet elegant design! Buy USA!

  16. Jenn

    We love the Annapolis flatware. It’s perfect in size, weight, and looks beautiful with casual or more formal table linens. It was sent quickly, delivered in perfect condition and we anticipate making many more purchases from Liberty Tabletop in the future. Can’t beat the quality, along with the integrity of your company. Keep up the excellent work!

  17. Douglas Klug (verified owner)

    I received my order and it was perfect. Thankfully manufactured in the USA. I have happily spread the word.

  18. Brooks (verified owner)

    Love my Annapolis flatware! Perfect weight, dishwasher safe and made in the USA! Thank you for a quality product!!

  19. George (verified owner)

    Look great, good weight, and right balance.

  20. cultureandetiquette (verified owner)

    During the lock-down, I had the time to do an assessment of what my household needed in order for us to be comfortable. I have always strived to support Made in America products, every opportunity that I could. An Instagram follower and friend and I debated another American brand that sadly outsourced their production to Asia. It was then that she told me about Liberty Tabletop. She had already ordered a set for when her new house was completed, and I decided to take a look. To my great embarrassment,Liberty tabletop was made in my home state! Doing further research, it was the only American Made company left. That was it, I ordered the Annapolis five piece place setting as a sample to see if I would like it. l Simply put, I DID. I immediately ordered a service for 8, with an adjustment for the sample set that I already had. I could not wait to get it! I was not disappointed when I opened the package and unwrapped the service. The European sizing was one that my sisters and I had grown up with for our more formal services, and the weight was just right. It was the gleaming finish that was impressive. Growing up, I cannot remember seeing any stainless steel services with that high gloss finish. It is a beautiful set! It is so beautiful, that I am considering adding to it – making it a full service for 12 – envisioning having folks over for a big brunch, with this service as the anchor. As for the price? You simply cannot go wrong. In fact, I just ordered the ice tea spoons, and anxiously await their arrival. Simply put, look no further for your flatware choice. Liberty tabletop delivers!

  21. Darryl (verified owner)

    Very good quality! Made in the USA!!

  22. Sandra Nicholson (verified owner)

    Beautiful silverware, made in the USA! My set is about a month old and has been through the dishwasher quite a few times already; looks as perfect as when I took them out of the box. Just the right weight, too. I do like how they arrive in a solid box, with each piece individually wrapped. Very happy!

  23. Theresa (verified owner)

    I love these Soup Spoons. They look great and feel great in your hand. I use them for almost everything I need a spoon for. Not just soup.

  24. Veronica Berkemeier (verified owner)

    Versatile, durable, dishwasher safe, high quality silverware that’s made in the USA! What’s not to love!! We’ve had them for a few months now and no signs of rusting or bending. They look fancy enough for holidays and they’re great for everyday use too. The little forks are perfect for our toddler. It’s the only flatware I’d ever recommend.

  25. Marshall Richards (verified owner)

    Earlier this year I bought the 45 pc set and found that I really needed more, so bought the 20 pc set. The flatware is top notch and wanted to buy US made. The quality is excellent. I highly recommend this flatware above any other, even silverware.

  26. Rebecca Ramsberger (verified owner)

    As advertised this set fits our table. Weight and shape and size of one piece knife is good . Husband loves it and fork.
    I find knife a little pointy for spreads and fork a little large. Small spoon great for ice cream etc.
    Over all would buy again.

  27. Richard I Miller (verified owner)

    Very nice set of flatware I would have gave it a five star rating if they were just a little heavier.

  28. Sheila (verified owner)

    Great sheen. High quality material, yet slim and lightweight. We needed extra daily ware and these fit in perfectly. They work well for our young children and big enough for adults.

  29. Marshall Richards (verified owner)

    We had been looking for a well made in the US set when we came onto your site. The Annapolis set was exactly what we were looking for in the plain sleek design. After receiving the set and noting the high quality finish etc., we decided to order another set to complete a 12 place setting.
    We are very pleased with the quality, price, speedy delivery and especially that it is made in the US.

  30. suzzeew (verified owner)

    Very high quality. Very sweet sugar spoon. Washes perfectly and retains a lovely luster. Would need to be a deeper spoon to be used for soup. It’s very shallow. Incredibly pleased with this purchase.

  31. B Wojno (verified owner)

    Plain design makes them always shine after the dishwasher. Well constructed and stong that won’t bend. MAGA!

  32. Jackie B

    I’ve had my set for about 3 years now and love it! I’m putting more of them on my wedding registry to be able expand my set.

  33. Donna B. (verified owner)

    I love my new tableware. It is a very nice weight and high quality. It arrived very quickly too! Great service!

  34. Donna Huggins (verified owner)

    I love the whole set. Thank you!

  35. Wendy Schweiker (verified owner)

    This is absolutely beautiful, well-crafted, quality flatware! I have been married for almost 30 years and never really had a set that didn’t eventually start to show signs of rust. After researching components of quality flatware I was directed to Liberty’s website. What sealed the deal for me was the fact that it is USA made! This is so important to us as we try as hard as we can to support US workers and companies. The Annapolis design is simple yet elegant, perfect for everyday and entertaining. I am certain this collection will last for years to come!

  36. billbaum (verified owner)

    Fantastic flatware. We’ve had a set of WMF that has been solid for over 20 years but getting a little tired. Saw the article about Liberty getting the US government contract and wanted to support the company. The quality is what you would expect from made in America. We love the pattern and the sizing of the pieces. Well done Liberty!

  37. L. Lawrence (verified owner)

    Love the flatware set, purchased two.
    Great quality and craftsmanship, I’m a perfectionist so these pass the test for me, no sharp edges left on the fork and spoons as with other brands.
    I’ll be sure to purchase more.

  38. Dorothy (verified owner)

    Like the simple design. They clean up really well and am happy they were made in the USA. Customer service was very helpful. Hope the set last a long time.

  39. Lori (verified owner)

    We ordered Annapolis service of 8 and loved it so much we ordered the service of 4. This flatware is beautiful and come out of the dishwasher sparkling. It is a perfect weight and the design is so fine. Eating is a pleasure! Not sure how else to explain, almost silky. I wish we had purchased ages ago.

  40. Ronald Conant (verified owner)

    These look great. My wife likes the clean design without any groves so they clean easily.

  41. Joan Frost (verified owner)

    The Annapolis pattern makes a statement of absolute quality! It is made with perfection and is timeless.

  42. WPC (verified owner)

    Beautiful, function and American-made. My hat’s off to the entrepreneurs behind the company.

  43. Grace

    My husband and I received this set as a wedding gift and we absolutely love it. This flatware is a perfect weight, not so light you feel as though you’re eating with cheap, aluminum-esque utensils but not so heavy that it makes eating tedious. The silhouette is so versatile. Eating frozen pizza? Annapolis flatware. Fancy French-style dinner with a name you can barely pronounce? Annapolis flatware. We can’t recommend it enough.

  44. kpharms00 (verified owner)

    Great product. Used the set with a dishwasher for a year now and shiny as new… worth the money. Keep up the good work.

  45. Mark O

    I don’t write reviews but in this case, I made an exception. Our flatware of over 40 years had served us well but needed replaced. We had shopped in stores looking for design, quality, and price. No one had what we were looking for. 18/10 stainless is even harder to find. We stumbled onto your business online. Beautiful designs, highest quality, for a great price and made in U.S.A. This seemed to be too much to ask for. What is the catch? We ordered a 65 piece and a 45 piece set of Annapolis. Upon arrival, it looked great. We have been using it for a couple of months and enjoy it more and more- appearance, shine, comments from others. NO CATCH. You have proven that a business can produce a high quality product at a great price right here in the U.S.A. Thank you.

  46. cmbaker

    I have been wanting to purchase new flatware for quite some time. I could never find a flatware set that I liked within my budget. So glad I found Liberty Tabletop! This is beautiful quality flatware at a great price. I really liked the fact that I could buy a basic set for 8. I was so impressed with the quality that I plan to purchase the soup spoons. Great customer service and communication.

  47. Terrence Hills (verified owner)

    Excellent product, people very helpful. I received a great deal on a great product made in USA.

  48. Katherine S.

    If you are looking for flatware that can both be used for everyday use and entertaining, look no further. I am impressed that the flatware is still so “shiny” after countless times in the dishwasher. The sleek design will impress those who prefer a modern style as well as those who lean towards the classic. The weight is heavy (but not too heavy) and the pieces themselves are solid – definitely not flimsy so no bent fork tines or spoons. It is a beautiful set that you will be proud to own and one that can be passed down in the family. You will definitely receive compliments as I have and enjoy using them for your everyday meals as well as entertaining.

  49. Joan Courson (verified owner)

    I am delighted with my recent purchase of the Annapolis set of Liberty Tabletop flatware. It was everything that the description promised. I was especially happy to support a company that makes and sources products in the United States.

  50. Chris (verified owner)

    Great American Made quality products! My wife and I have ordered twice now with quick service both times and have been thrilled with the products themselves.

  51. maf531

    Made in USA. It still gives me goosebumps to see that stamped on back of the flatware. It is time to support American jobs not to mention this set is strong, simple design and heirloom quality. Thanks Liberty Tabletop for staying in USA.

  52. Jay (verified owner)

    “MADE IN THE USA” …. and I’m reminded of that beautiful fact every time I sit down and eat with this flatware set. This set has absolutely beautiful luster, very well balanced, rigid and strong, and most importantly this set is made in the USA! We had been eating from a Pfaltzgraf set for the past 20 years that was made in China, and 20 years ago when I purchased that set I had looked for a flatware set that was made in the USA, but I could not find one anywhere (I did not know about Liberty then), so we had to settle for the best Chinese made set that we could find. Who knows what kind of metals you are putting into your mouth with flatware that is made in China, but what could you do other than buy the stuff made in China if you needed new flatware!? When I heard about Liberty, I cannot tell you how excited I was to know that there was actually an American company making flatware in America again. I got on the Liberty website as soon as I could, picked out the Annapolis set, placed my order, had it at my doorstep a few days later, and here I am telling you not to hesitate one second if you’re thinking about buying this flatware set. It is such a great flatware set that I’m buying a set for all siblings for Christmas 2019. This set really is AMAZING, you will not be disappointed, just order it, you will love it!!!!

  53. LINDA PERSONS (verified owner)

    You cannot go wrong with this set. Made in the USA and beautiful. I am so happy that I made this purchase. This stuff is heavier than any of my other sets and I have a feeling that it is going to hold up well for years.

  54. Kathleen Buttil

    Have been admiring your flatware for some time. My children gave me Annapolis, service for 12 as a Christmas gift. It’s beautiful. Love the weight, feel and look of the set.
    Very pleased to buy US made products. Glad I discovered yours.

  55. Suneil (verified owner)

    Great set. Clean design, excellent quality, and made in the US!

  56. USA (verified owner)

    Love this set so great! Made very well! Would highly recommend this company and flatware. Not to mention it’s made in the US!

  57. April (verified owner)

    I love these. They are very nice. Sturdy and beautiful, I’m glad I bought them. I’m am so happy that I found some that are made here in the United States of America. Glad to support American workers!

  58. Jeff (verified owner)

    As with the rest of the Annapolis flatware I love the simplicity of the design. They have been holding up well to multiple dishwasher cycles. Much impressed with durability of finish. Happy to see a USA made option for flatware period. And these exceeded my expectations for the value of choosing that option..

  59. Thor (verified owner)

    This is quality kit. Substantial service that feels good in the hand. I highly recommend this product and company; shop made in the USA.

  60. Patrick R Kelly (verified owner)

    I like the simple solid, crevice free design!

  61. Joe

    Made in USA. What else do you need to know except yes it’s high quality not lead junk from China.

  62. Julie (verified owner)

    I got a full set of the Annapolis silverware last Christmas. I LOVE them. Heavy and solid, smooth and classic looking. I just purchased some extra place spoons as we seem to run out of those first. It is worth paying a little extra for well made silverware that lasts.

  63. Paul Kaufman (verified owner)

    Luxury for your mouth! I truly enjoy using these spoons because they feel so wonderful in my mouth. I became interested in this company because they are the last remaining flatware manufacturers in the USA. I called and spoke to a real person for guidance on my selection and just had a wonderful experience. I can’t say enough positive about this company. It feels like dealing with family (that you like and cares about you). I encourage you to try their products and I’m confident that you won’t be sorry.

  64. Melody (verified owner)

    We love this set. The quality is wonderful. My husband loves the size of the forks. Thank you for this great product made in the USA.

  65. Cindy Sirois (verified owner)

    Gorgeous set! Well worth the money and the best part is it’s American Made.

  66. Norma Blank (verified owner)

    I love these pieces! They are simple in style but elegant. They feel so good in my hand — heavy enough to know they are quality but not so heavy to be cumbersome. My daughter had bought this pattern earlier. I asked her if she would be upset if I bought the same one, and she replied that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! I especially like that they are made in the USA!

  67. Julie M. (verified owner)

    This set is gorgeous. Every piece is balanced and lovely. I smile every time I reach for a fork.

  68. Becky (verified owner)

    Great product and purchase! I love the weight and look of the flatware. The quality is great and I can see my family using this product for decades to come… hopefully passing it down to my children. I would HIGHLY recommend this product and company. To be honest in my review, I did find three minor downsides to this product (hence the 4 stars instead of 5): 1) the dinner forks are bigger in proportion to the rest of the set, 2) the dinner forks and butter knives do not fit into the little separating slots of my dishwasher silverware holder, 3) there were blacks smudges on the pieces that required me to individually wipe down the edges. Thankfully the company placed a warning pamphlet in the box to give me a heads up. The spoons were easier to wipe down around the edges, but the serrated edge of the butter knives and inbetween the fork prongs took some meticulous work and was time consuming. Even so, I would purchase this product again. The quality and durability of the flatware is superior and far outweigh the minor critiques listed above. I am thankful for a company that takes pride in their products, uses American steel, and is keeping jobs here in our great nation.

  69. Art (verified owner)

    Nice but smaller than the previous flatware we had

  70. Bobbi (verified owner)

    I love this flatware. I had my last set for 30 years and never thought I would like another set as much. I was wrong. Excellent quality!

  71. Arlene Dunson (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and design. I love the fact that is made in the U.S.A. I trust the product more because of the higher standards in America.

  72. Lori (verified owner)

    I love the simplicity of this pattern, great weight and beautiful craftsmanship.

  73. Linda Johnson (verified owner)

    I love my Annapolis flatware. It is just beautiful. We have been using it daily and it is showing no signs of wear. And the finish is so shiny! Simple but classic flatware that can be used for any occasion. The serving pieces are great.

  74. Linda Johnson (verified owner)

    I love my Annapolis flatware. It is just beautiful. We have been using it daily and it is showing no signs of wear. And the finish is so shiny! Simple but classic flatware that can be used for any occasion.

  75. Linda Johnson (verified owner)

    These iced tea spoons are just what we needed, and so beautiful!

  76. Kris (verified owner)

    Annapolis was perfect. Went with our modern and our antique dishes. Very shiny, easy to clean and made in USA! will be getting more!

  77. Karen (verified owner)

    Fantastic design with a great hand feel. I will definitely recommend Liberty to others.

  78. Christopher Pawlowski (verified owner)

    Great flatware! Simple style and fantastic quality make for great flatware. I love that I can just through it in the dishwasher and it comes out with that shine! I’m so very pleased to have found an outstanding product which is manufactured in America. Highly recommend and I’ll keep telling all my friends and family about this company.

  79. Daniel M (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the Flatware set. It is high quality and looks great. Along with many other reviewers I appreciate that it is still made domestically and with high quality materials. Everything about this set is first rate and I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  80. Susan in Texas (verified owner)

    Love the flatware we chose and it feels great in your hand! My dishwasher leaves a few spots here and there but hand washing does not so the shiny Annapolis pattern looks great. I did notice small black spots on fully half of the pieces upon arrival but it was only some small black smudges on the inside of the plastic sleeves. Each piece wiped cleanly and when I ran all 65 items thru the dishwasher no residue remained. (shrug?). We love buying such a beautiful set thru a company, the last flatware company, that is to be found in America and consider our purchase a really good investment. Highly recommend Liberty Flatware….you won’t be disappointed!!

  81. Joseph R. (verified owner)

    The Annapolis set is from the lowest-tier (SMI) in the Liberty Tabletop collection, but you’d never know that from looking at and handling it. This budget set is superior to anything that outsourced flatware makers are producing. It’s at least equal to my Oneida set from the 1970s and that’s saying a lot considering how inferior most modern products are compared to their predecessors. The fact that it’s American made with steel from the USA is the single biggest reason I ordered it. Too many products masquerade as being “made in USA” when the materials and fabrication come from foreign countries. Assembled in the USA is not the same and does not benefit our country and communities in the way that a 100% American product does. Not one product or service I have ever heard of has ever been outsourced to improve quality and the only ones it benefits are the multinational corporations who rely on third world labor to lower costs and increase quarterly profits. It was such a pleasure to call customer service and reach a fellow American and native English speaker. Kim is a one person department and one of the nicest people I’ve spoken to in the past few years. The exceptional quality and superior customer service are the reasons I will order more for friends and family. I urge everyone who cares to contact their governmental representatives at every level and demand full disclosure on all products sold in this country and a strict standard to label anything as “made in USA” and to use our national flag on their packaging.

  82. Jane (verified owner)

    Great addition to my set!

  83. Aaron Peterson (verified owner)

    Great flatware set and made in USA. The flatware is great and if I need to obtain more, I know where to go. Thank you Sherrill Mfg. for keeping jobs in the USA.

  84. Susan Burkey (verified owner)

    I love your silverware! It’s well made and very light, unlike the cheaper “silverware” I’ve bought in stores. Your silverware is also beautifully finished – I recommend it to all my friends.

  85. Scott (verified owner)

    I purchased the 12 piece Annapolis set several years ago to use as our everyday tableware and it has served us well. Unfortunately pieces do go missing over time and I was glad I am able to order replacement pieces from open stock, unlike many other brands. The quality, the fact that it is made in the USA, and the ability to order exact replacements, even years later, make me a happy customer.

  86. Kris (verified owner)

    We use the flatware at our deli and we love it! The service was very quick- thank you

  87. Marion. Ward

    Just love my new silverware.Looks great even after dishwashing.Absolutly the fact it is made in the U.S.A.and locally at that

  88. P Dustin (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and beautiful, simple, elegant design. Feels perfect in your hand. We love it.

  89. Jane R Vyverberg (verified owner)

    I love that this set has a knife with a solid handle and that it is responsibly made here in America. The only reason I didn’t give this set 5 stars is the increased size in both the dinner and salad forks almost makes them too big.

  90. Tom Theaker (verified owner)

    We ordered the flatware as a wedding present. I was looking for flatware made in America and found this is the only company that does that. We were very pleased with the quality and the patterns you offer. We are looking to buy another set for an anniversary present.

  91. Jackie

    Love this flatware!

  92. Carolyn H

    Gorgeous flatware. Well made, hefty weight to them. The quality is evident. Cleaning the polishing agent is a bit of work, but well worth it. Proud to be able to purchase American made!

  93. Alma (verified owner)

    The 4 Ice tea spoons were free and a nice addition to my set

  94. Alma (verified owner)

    We love the Annapolis pattern. It seems to be good quality and we are happy with the weight of the pieces. And best of all, made in the USA

  95. Cheree (verified owner)

    I bought the 65 piece Annapolis flatware set & I LOVE it. The quality of the set is amazing & it’s a very simple yet pretty. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase!♥️

  96. Joy (verified owner)

    We loved our A place setting that we ordered another four place settings. Only flat ware made in America. Shiny comes out of the dishwasher clean and shiny every time. Love it!

  97. Michigan resident (verified owner)

    I purchased these spoons to replace a couple that got lost in the shuffle. I appreciate the reasonable price, the speedy delivery, the quality of the flatware, and the fact that it’s made in the USA. Thank you!

  98. Joy Buckels (verified owner)

    Liked so much we are ordering an additional 4 place setting. Wish there were a “little more” heavy, but beautiful shine and quality makes up for that. Made in America!!

  99. Sean (verified owner)

    Great size for everyday use for cereal.

  100. Pat Gustavson (verified owner)

    We now have Annapolis in our home in Texas and our condo in Florida. I love it’s classic look, and I love the way it balances in hands and on plates. It blends well whether I’m grilling at the beach or laying out a Christmas turkey dinner. Love that it’s made in the USA!

  101. Theresa S. (verified owner)

    The Annapolis ticked all the boxes on my wish list: classically simple, weighted, excellent quality, reasonably priced, made in the USA.

  102. Missy Phillips (verified owner)

    I think the pieces are excellent in every way! Love them.

  103. Raymond Sarnowski (verified owner)

    Very nice set. Sturdy but easy to handle. Glad to see Made in USA. We have a made in USA set since 1969 and they still shine unlike another set that turns blackish.

  104. Casey Elliott (verified owner)

    Very nice set and good quality. We just wish the set had more “heft” to the pieces. They seemed a bit lite.

  105. David Maxwell (verified owner)

    I love the Annapolis selection. They have a good weight to them and have held up well in use and in the dishwasher. Everyone in this household adores them. I’d give them ten stars if I could. Made in U.S.A. and well worth the price. Better than the garbage they sell in box stores.

  106. Linda

    Absolutely love my flatware. It is well balanced, just the right size and I stick it in my dishwasher all of the time. Does not rust of spot. Thanks Liberty for a great product made in the USA!

  107. Max Radcliff

    I bought the Annapolis just before Thanksgiving. I used it for that and Christmas. Just a flawless set. You actually see the difference in quality from the imported junk. I actually bought a stainless set from China years ago from a famous maker and it rusted in the dishwasher! You will not be disappointed with Liberty.

  108. Tom Van Baren (verified owner)

    Very happy with the flatware. Quality product made in the USA.

  109. KP (verified owner)

    “Made in USA” is my first choice to order the Flatware from Liberty Tabletop including the quality and beauty of the products. Thanks.

  110. Diane Kwasnik (verified owner)

    This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my sister. I’m sure she will enjoy the quality and knowing they are made in the USA! I have a set of Liberty and I am very pleased with them.

  111. Jason Smith

    Wonderful set!!!

  112. Brian McNelis (verified owner)

    We were very impressed with the quality of the product. The weight of the individual pieces was enough to give a feeling of quality. We chose the very plain Annapolis design, which suits our aesthetic sense. We only have two criticisms: First, the tines on the dinner forks are a little too long and the tines on both the dinner and salad forks not rounded or smooth. This takes some getting used to, to avoid scratching the inside of one’s mouth. Also, the way the knives are serrated, they tend to slip off at an angle when cutting firm butter. One needs to very carefully angle the blade to avoid getting a partial slice and leaving the butter with a funny angled end.

    Apart from those minor points, we love the set and feel we got great value for the money. Delivery was prompt and all pieces were in perfect condition. All in all a great product. We were so happy to be able to purchase an American-made product.

  113. Johanne

    I love the weight of the stainless and the simplicity of the pattern. It goes with other patterns easily, the best part is it’s make in
    the US! Thank you for a great product!

  114. Michelle (verified owner)

    This product is beautiful, durable and MADE IN AMERICA. I always try to buy American made products. I will continue to build my Liberty collection. Thank you for a great product.

  115. Bill (verified owner)

    Annapolis flatware is absolutely the best!
    Quality in all respects AND affordable
    Ordering and shipment excellent
    Will definitely recommend to my relatives and friends
    5 star plus

  116. Larry (verified owner)

    Nicely weighted, cleans easy in the dishwasher. Good everyday quality silverware to last a long time. Reasonable price. Buy American. I bought directly from the Liberty website because I didn’t want to take the chance of getting impostor dinnerware. It was free shipping too. Very Happy

  117. Cynthia Baker (verified owner)

    Beautiful in so many ways! The design is simple and elegant; it feels heavy and substantial; it’s manufactured in the US.The shipping was fast and the package well protected. I highly recommend this company and this pattern.

    Thank you!

  118. Sarah (verified owner)

    Simple curves and nice dimensions to each piece. Nice heft. This is a high-quality, timeless flatware design.

  119. Dennis (verified owner)

    Good weight and balance

    Good finish

    Forks are bigger than anticipated.

  120. Dottie Sylvester (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful set of silverware. The Annapolis design is very simple yet very elegant. We bought this for our son’s first apt. and are thrilled it is made in America! It is very well made and reasonably priced for such a high quality item.

  121. Gloria Esquerra (verified owner)

    I love my Annapolis flatware. It is exactly as described, classic design,beautiful. I’m hesitant to use it because it is so beautiful, but I will. Affordable, and I must include the staff there were very nice and helpful when I was ordering on the phone.

  122. Anne Valentine (verified owner)

    We bought your silverware set for our granddaughter and fiancé for a wedding gift. Gave it to them early as they were using dollar store utensills. They really loved the gift! Are so happy to have a good set!!

  123. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the quality and appearance of my order. Delivered quickly and on time. Buy USA. You won’t be disappointed

  124. Robert Keim (verified owner)

    We love this high quality silverware.

  125. Margaret (verified owner)

    Love, love the fact they are made in USA!! Not into putting “made in China” items into my mouth, so Very grateful these items are made in our wonderful USA. Cost a bit more, but worth that I trust what they are made from is safe. Was able to afford a pattern we liked, however my husband says the forks are a bit large.

  126. William Cerf (verified owner)

    I’m thrilled that I can get a small place setting for a single person. Historic Oneida pattern at a very reasonable price, and make in America to boot.

  127. Kelly (verified owner)

    The quality is outstanding and just what we were looking for. If you are considering buying just do it because there is nothing better than supporting an American business and getting a great product that will last you much longer than anything you can buy in China. Support your neighbors and spend a little extra. It will save you more in the long run.

  128. Marilyn Lamb (verified owner)

    I was thrilled to find real silverwear that is Made in America!!! I only needed 6 forks as some from my everyday set “went missing”. Delivery was very prompt, easy to order online. The quality of the material and workmanship was excellent. I’m always thrilled to find merchandise with the USA stamp on it. Makes me proud!! Kiddo’s to your employees!!

  129. John Camp (verified owner)

    Very lovely flatware, appears to be very well made. very happy with purchase

  130. Jerry (verified owner)

    We love the simple lines, the obvious quality, and the fact that this set was US made.

  131. Ed Flick (verified owner)

    Order was shipped the same day and received in 3 days. Great service and great product!

  132. Steven Lukin (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my flatware and feel good that it was made in this country.

  133. Flosie (verified owner)

    I bought the set as a gift and I love the quality and simplicity of the pattern. I’m sure the receiver will appreciate this set as a starter.

  134. Susan (verified owner)

    I started using my full set of Annapolis flatware about a year ago and just purchased a few extras (my kids lost a couple unfortunately). I really love them; simple lines, nicely weighted and sized. They go through the dishwasher just fine. And all made in America. I have been so pleased with them!

  135. Lafillesara

    Love the Annapolis line. This is my second purchase of Annapolis. Your company makes quality flatware. I liked it so much I gave it a Youtube video.
    Also the video includes info on how to clean the flatware if you see some black residue in your new set. Such an important addition to your kitchen.

  136. Kelly McEnaney (verified owner)

    We had ordered extra knives because we never have enough. We already knew we liked them. Made in USA and used by the military. I am still waiting for refund from Conklin Mercantile on the butter knife return.

  137. Paula (verified owner)

    I wanted USA made flatware. I had no knowledge of this company or product at all. I took a chance and am VERY pleased. I’m so tired of everything being made in China. I never write reviews but did so here to support US manufacturing. Beautiful, proper weight, and USA to boot. Buy it, you will not be sorry.

  138. David (verified owner)

    Great product. Well made. Good design.

  139. Steve (verified owner)

    We are totally satisfied with the purchase. When my wife noted the Made in USA angle, then showed me the web site, I was sold. When the stuff arrived, promptly I’ll add and very well packaged, I was sold again. Then, once I looked the stuff over, and began using it, I was sold again. High quality, good weight w/o being too lite nor too heavy, wonderful finish, solid and perfect in every way.Thanks Liberty!!

  140. Lisa (verified owner)

    I shopped for a long time before I found flatware that made me willing to give up my 30 year old set. I am so happy to have found a product made in USA. The flatware is beautiful and feels good when holding. The shipping was prompt and the customer service is excellent. Very happy I found Liberty Tabletop.

  141. Karin

    Pros: Sturdy, made-in-America flatware. Good feel — not too heavy, not too light. Each utensil arrived individually wrapped and free from scratches/wear. The note in the box mentioned some black residue that may be left from initial cleaning and was easily removed when washing.

    Cons: None thus far.

    Overall, nice looking and comfortable flatware. I am happy with my purchase.

  142. Suzy L (verified owner)

    I first read about Liberty Tabletop in the New York Times and ordered because they were made in the USA. Once they arrived, I realized how much sturdier they are than anything that is being sold in stores (and not being made in the USA). I ordered the Annapolis and have had them for about a year and a half. They are still as shiny and undamaged as when they first arrived. I really like that I can order replacements without having to order the entire set. I have reordered 3 times.

  143. Kyle Wurzel (verified owner)

    It’s nice that an American flatware manufacturer still exists – the “Serving Spoons” that I got from the Annapolis collection were heavy, had a perfect finish on them, and are way nicer than any other Target or Walmart flatware.

  144. Lesley Broat (verified owner)

    I ordered the Annapolis set for myself as a Mother’s Day gift. A long time ago I was promised a Sterling Silver Oneida set of my choice. Somehow, life, kids, jobs got in the way and the promised set never happened. Sterling Silver really isn’t something I wanted. I was on facebook and saw the ad for Liberty Tabletop, clicked on the link and there it was. Elegant, American Made silverware! It was exactly what I wanted, nothing ‘fancy’ or ornate. Just everyday silverware. It is exactly as advertised. Smooth, chic, of good balance and weight in the hand. AND…..I am in love with it. Thank you SMI for taking the leap of faith to bring this product to the American

  145. Barbara (verified owner)

    Simple. Elegant.Perfect proportions.

  146. Dudley Fink (verified owner)

    Excellent quality.

  147. Nancy Corcoran (verified owner)

    I loved that these are made in the USA. They are good quality and strong. The only slight negative would be that the place spoons are larger than some.

  148. Pam (verified owner)

    I bought a more expensive set for our home and was super happy with it.
    This was a gift for young people with an apartment, and I should have known it would not be as heavy as the more expensive ones. Still good for them, and so reasonable at about $50 for a service for 4 made in the USA!

  149. Diane (verified owner)

    My order arrived very quickly (within a day). This is by far the best set of flatware I have ever owned. The fork tines are just sharp enough to do the job; not like some other brands whose fork tines are so dull that it is difficult to stab the food to pick it up. The knives are also much more effective than other brands, The weight and size of each piece makes them a pleasure to use at every meal. Well done, Liberty! I am recommending your product to everyone I know. Thank you.

  150. Kelly (verified owner)

    We love our Annapolis silverware! My husband was concerned that it was going to be too heavy in his hand, but it’s not! Surprisingly lightweight! It was incredibly important to us to buy American made. Thank you!

  151. Steven (verified owner)

    I love these utensils! You can feel the quality of the product just by holding them.

  152. Lee (verified owner)

    Perfect product, very clean looking. This set is a very timeless product.

  153. Dorothy (verified owner)

    I purchased the Annapolis set as a gift for my niece. It’s the set she chose after seeing multiple samples. Personally I found it quite light weight as I have the Pearl and bought my daughter the Betsy Ross set, both of which seem to be heavier and were more expensive. I love the simple design of the Annapolis set but would like it to be a little heavier. My niece, however, is thrilled and loves the set.

  154. Jerry (verified owner)

    Both orders arrived fast and sealed good. We are pleased with the guage and quality of our new spoons and forks. My wife wants to order our butter knives next. This is replacing a made in China set
    We’re proud to buy USA made. Thanks…. jerry. Southern Cal.

  155. Randall

    I never thought I would be excited about silverware. This set is very durable, solid and made in America. Well worth the money, unlike that cheap Chinese stuff that bends at the first use. Definitely recommend!

  156. patrizia mileur (verified owner)

    I really like my flat wear set. It is every thing you advertised it would be. If I could of afforded the higher end sets I would have purchased it. My set is a little thinner than I am accustomed to.

  157. Natalie (verified owner)

    Attractive, durable, and affordable. I don’t know where else you can find lead-free utensils made in the USA, especially at such a great price. Shipping was fast and well-packaged. Totally satisfied.

  158. Lenora Terzakos (verified owner)

    Sorry guys, for the price I paid the flatware is just average… I wanted something American made so I kept the set, but the feel and weight of the product is cheap. I would have returned it but I didn’t want to waste more money on postage.

  159. Michelle (verified owner)

    I love my set. It fits well in the hand, not bulky or heavy. The finish is great. But most of all it is American made, so I love it. Wish it was easier to find other american made products as it was finding these.

  160. John King

    I bought this set for my everyday use….it is great so when my niece who is getting married March 25th had numerous silverware items on her registry(Bed, Bath, and Beyond) I decided to buy her this 65 piece set…got her about everything she had asked for and it is MADE in the USA so it was a no brainer for me. I dislike Bed, Bath, and Beyond…they are mostly Chinese made which I try to avoid. She is very happy with the set also.

  161. Sherry (verified owner)

    I like the look at the simplicity but I wish they were a bit heavier..

  162. Martin Gaul (verified owner)

    Excellent value, fantastic quality, AND made in the USA. Nothing more you could ask for!

  163. Twyleen (verified owner)

    I love this pattern. It is simple and sleek.

  164. donald (verified owner)

    Top notch!! Fast delivery, made in USA, strong,
    UNLIKE the imported stuff that you can BEND so easily.!!!!!!!

  165. Dawne (verified owner)

    I purchased this flatware because it is Made in America. They are beautiful and well made. It is well worth the price and I know we will be enjoying them for years to come. I have purchased many different brands of flatware over the years and this is by far the Best! Thank you for making such a wonderful product right here in the USA.

  166. Janet Jicha (verified owner)

    Very pretty, modern design. Also, nice size (forks not too big like I see in many brands). I bought these soecifically because they’re USA made and was hoping I’d like them. They are great!! So glad I decided to choose Liberty.

  167. Marlene Wood (verified owner)

    We love the simplicity but classy look. I plan on ordering more items for our set.

  168. Dayton Jackson (verified owner)

    Fast free shipping. Beautiful fully polished, love the way the feel in my hand. Both the stainless steel and the finished flatware made in the USA.
    All in all, a good deal on a quality product.
    Thank you!

  169. Shane Brady (verified owner)

    Added pieces were perfect. Received in a very quick time. Very happy with purchase.

  170. Aaron Smith (verified owner)

    This Flatware is real quality and its made in America, maybe that’s the reason, but either way this is the only cutlery i will ever buy. Keep up the good work!

  171. Justus Heger (verified owner)

    Each piece is generously sized, yet not heavy to the hand.
    The finish is precise, demonstrating the care and pride taken
    in manufacturing. The serving pieces are also a lovely compliment
    to the pattern. They remain new looking after repeated use and
    being put in the dishwasher

    Best yet? They are made right here in the USA!

  172. JW Lang (verified owner)

    I received the tableware from Liberty in a very pleasing container and promptly too.

    We have been enjoying the Annapolis set. It is a classic and clean look. It is easy to clean and has a wonderful polished appearance.

    Thank you Liberty for doing such great work here in the USA.


    JW Lang

  173. Katherine Prior (verified owner)

    They feel nice, are easy to clean, and look great

  174. W.H. Johnston (verified owner)

    Annapolis is an elegant, simple design (what we were looking for). The knife especially has a good heft. Our order arrived quickly. Great customer service. Very pleased with the silverware and the company.

  175. Joe (verified owner)

    Great product! They have a great solid feel and look classy. Also, delivery was sooner than expected. I would highly recommend this product.

  176. Claude Stewart (verified owner)

    Very good. We love them.

  177. melanie (verified owner)

    I ordered a set of the sugar/bullion spoons (8 in all) and they are absolutely perfect. Beautifully crafted and proudly made.

  178. Kathi (verified owner)

    Excellent flatware, perfect for everyday use. Good weight, smooth finish. Highly recommend. Also great value for the price. Would buy again.

  179. Susan Swayze

    Hi, Thanks a million for making and providing such beautiful flatware! I have never owned flatware of such quality and beauty. I recently purchased your (shiny) Annapolis service for 8 from my local Casco Bay Cutlery & Kitchenware store here in Freeport, Maine. They have several patterns on display but I’ve been eyeing and wanting the Annapolis for years; just didn’t think I could afford it. I finally bit the bullet! She told me that I’d receive it in 2 days delivered directly to my home…and I did! I couldn’t believe such great service. I am thrilled with my set and know it will outlast me–I’m 75 yrs old. The quality of your flatware is exceptional. I can’t say enough good about it. I’m telling everyone about Liberty! Of course, it helps that I was born in Troy, NY and grew up in Eagle Mills (Route #2) until I married & left home. Thanks again for such great service and quality of product; never stop making your excellent flatware…and in the good ole’ USA! God bless….

  180. Erin (verified owner)

    I love that it is made in America! I really like the style and the quality. It is wonderful except I wish I would have gotten the smaller forks and spoons instead of the big ones since they are bigger than I expected.

  181. Jim Gilliam (verified owner)

    I gave this as a gift, but I inspected it first, and I’m impressed! I’m going to buy myself a set and some friends a set. This felt very sturdy, was absolutely beautiful, and the packaging was very nice.

  182. Gary J Stefanini (verified owner)

    My Father worked at the late Oneida Limited in Sherrill, NY as did I as a young man. I was saddened when OL closed, but was thrilled when Sherrill Manufacturing picked up the ball, only to fumble it before reaching the goal line. Now overjoyed that Liberty Table Top is still in the old Sherrill factory kicking the cheap stuff’s butt & growing stronger thanks to local (Syracuse, NY) newspaper and National TV news coverage. My wife bought a set of one of the last OL runs several years ago and they still look brand new.
    I’m in process of buying a set of Annapolis for my Son & Daughter-in-Law to replace their funky miss-matched bunch of junk!
    I’m proud that my Father and I had a small part in Liberty’s heritage and I know that they will continue to succeed and grow.
    Note to American Consumers: This product is selling for a value price! Please buy American and save local jobs!
    Thank You all . . .

  183. Angela (verified owner)

    Great friendly service. I purchased the Annapolis set for my daughter . She loved it and I also gave her the serving set.
    Fast shipping too. My daughter and son in law love your products mostly because they are made in the USA-( the only place left for good silverware made in this country)!!
    Hopefully I will be buying baby spoons soon- ❤️

  184. Judy N. (verified owner)

    Terrific product. More beautiful than the pictures show it to be with a good weight in your hand. My only regret is that I did not buy it sooner. Made in the USA is a giant plus to an already wonderful product.

  185. David Nonnast (verified owner)

    Excellent flatware. I ordered the Annapolis because of the simplicity of design. I liked it so much I purchased a set for a friend and his family.

  186. Sharon J Gillett (verified owner)

    The silverware was a Xmas present for our daughter-in-law as she wanted a decent set of silverware. She really liked the high quality(not cheap and flimsy). I was impressed by the speedy service and info keeping me informed. Would highly recommend doing business with your company!!! Many THANKS!!

  187. John L. Madden (verified owner)

    Very good quality flatware. As in my business we offer multiple systems and always top quality although slightly more expensive. I believe most people will pay for said quality expecting higher pricing. Thank you. John L. Madden

  188. Kevin Barron

    This is the best stainless steel flatware I’ve handled. I wish I’d bought some sooner. There is no need for any other flatware. Balanced, sturdy, feels good in the hand, top quality. So sad people buy that imported trash just to save a few dollars.

  189. Julie (verified owner)

    Love this flatware! Great quality, nice weight, so pleased that it is made in America.

  190. Dan Slater (verified owner)

    I bought a set of the Annapolis flatware for christmas and we absolutely love it. These are really nice items and we are very impressed. Excellent quality and reasonable price. Highly reccommeded!

  191. Carolyn Sheridan (verified owner)

    It is a beautiful set. No spots from the dishwasher and comes out pretty shiny.

  192. Barry Staples (verified owner)

    Great Product and quality! Glad to see this type product still made in U.S.A. You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

  193. Steven Blasingame

    We like everything about this flatware. The quality of the metal and the design is everything we hoped for. Any additional flatware I purchase will be from this outstanding American company. I feel I can trust this product.

  194. Wendy (verified owner)

    It was tough to get the black polish off between the tines of the fork. I had to wash each fork individually. A good quality set with a beautiful luster. I am enjoying using this set

  195. Amy (verified owner)

    I bought these because they are stainless steel made in the USA… I wanted flatware that was healthier to use (in other words not leach into food or leave a weird metallic taste in your mouth when you eat acidic foods). I was a little reluctant as I am on a budget, but it’s better than wasting money on cheap products. There were other Liberty sets I liked better but were more expensive, so I “settled” for these, thinking that I wouldn’t really care for the appearance. I was so pleasantly surprised when these arrived. They are SO nice, and I couldn’t be happier with them. I’ve used them for a couple of weeks now, and they have exceeded expectations. If you are debating whether to spend the money on these or go to Amazon and buy something cheaper made in another country, please think about the high-quality investment you are making and the economy that you will be supporting. These will last a very long time!

  196. Ryan (verified owner)

    I love this set you can feel the quality in your hand. These liberty products are outstanding the craftsmanship is second to none. I would never buy anything else.

  197. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Just what we were looking for. Needed to replace silverware received from 26 years ago…this set was perfect! Made in USA – so happy to support!

  198. Jan (verified owner)

    So far I am pleased with the appearance and weight of the flatware pieces. They have not been put through the dishwasher test…yet, however, because the flatware was made in the USA;I have confidence that it will serve my family well for many years to come.

  199. Mak D (verified owner)

    Do not hesitate, purchase this set ASAP. The quality is super amazing, lovely design also. Proud American who will buy from this company again and again.

    Love you Liberty Table Top!

  200. Twyleen Lovesee (verified owner)

    I am completely happy with my new flatware. I really appreciate that they are made by American workers a I know that there is no lead in them.

  201. Floyd Davis (verified owner)

    Nice plain design,great quality,very sturdy and best of all

  202. JoAnn (verified owner)

    Wonderfully crafted silverware.

  203. Daniel (verified owner)

    Very nice set. We have wanted a set of this quality for a while and this is it. Made in USA is the answer to stainless table ware that doesn’t get rust or water spots everytime it comes out of the dishwasher.

  204. Barbara G (verified owner)

    I am so proud to buy American made products and delighted with my purchase of the Annapolis 12 piece place setting. Beautifully made, durable and the price is very affordable. I recommend this product to everyone.

  205. Jan Satterlee (verified owner)

    These were even more than I hoped for. They look gorgeous, are solid but not bulky and wash up beautifully in the dishwasher. Great for everyday and special dinners.

  206. Leah (verified owner)

    I love this silverware! We just finished remodeling and some of my spoons went missing so I was just planning to replace them. However, it was very costly to just purchase spoons from the previous company so I started looking at full cutlery sets. I really wanted high quality and American made. That is very hard to find! When I came across the Liberty brand I was hesitant as it was more than I wanted to spend, but after reading several reviews I decided to give it a chance. I am so glad I did! The silverware is beautiful! It comes out of my dishwasher looking great, it’s sturdy and has good weight. I’d highly recommend this company and their silverware!

  207. Kari (verified owner)

    Wonderful flatware we LOVE them.

  208. Judy Presley (verified owner)

    Sturdy and shiny! Proud to buy USA wished other companies kept their products made here. Dinner forks are huge. Thank you for your integrity and providing jobs for American workers with quality products

  209. robin (verified owner)

    very simple design, good feel in hand, nice feel in mouth

  210. Kate Brown (verified owner)

    I was delighted to find American made flatware. It gives me comfort to know my health is not at risk as it may have been had I bought flatware from China. I like the simplicity of the pattern it has an elegance about it though I wish it were heavier. The old set I am replacing (30 years old) is heavier and I am replacing it out of boredom rather than necessity.

  211. Chris Waltz (verified owner)

    Made in America and priced perfect. The quality is second to none. I plan on having this set for a very long time!!

  212. Lisa Jenca (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the set. Really lovely!

  213. Kristin Von Gulner (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful high quality product. Love them . And so happy they are made in the U.S.A

  214. Kathryn N. (verified owner)

    I love the look and the quality of the silverwear. I think it looks really elegant. The finish is silky smooth to the touch. The set arrived extremely quick, I think I ordered on a Tuesday and had it by Friday. My only complaint is that the large spoons and large forks are huge! I have little use for the large spoons (not a soup eater), they’ll be used for stirring pots, and I really prefer the smaller salad fork for every day usage.

    My last set of cutlery was only about three years old, but some pieces started to rust and they were washed daily (not sitting around dirty), that’s what you get when you buy cheap. I didn’t mind paying a little more for quality pieces. As a union person, I am glad to support our American workers.

  215. J. Payne (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, feel and look for the price! EXACTLY what I was looking for (just a few replacement spoons), but I’m so pleased with this purchase that I’m going to order one of the higher-end sets in the next few months.

    It’s almost impossible to find 18/10 flatware anymore, but to find it both in the most affordable line as well as from a company still owned and manufacturing in America… well, this is the only one. I am very happy to support this company, their excellent products and their American workers!

  216. Mike & Nancy Stevens (verified owner)

    An American made “QUALITY” product. That’s what this tableware is. The Annapolis is a very simple, but beautiful, design. It is so good to find something “made in the USA”. We were amazed at how quickly it was delivered: just 2 days after placing our order, it was in our mailbox! What minor residue left on the tableware from your buffing process, was removed by running it through our dishwasher. We cannot say enough about how satisfied we are and how attractive this tableware is. We can’t see how anyone considering a purchase of the Annapolis tableware could ever be disappointed. We have already told many family and friends about your site, the many designs of tableware available, different quantity purchase options, and encourage them to look your site over and buy “American”.
    We ourselves are so happy that we found you online.

  217. Steve (verified owner)

    Having never owned a full, matching set of flatware until now, I admit I’m delighted. Each piece looks so good, the design is so simple but elegant, and each piece is so well balanced that it makes each meal much more enjoyable.

    I’m looking forward to using the new set at Thanksgiving this year and not having to go through the usual “mid-meal flatware refresh” due to not having enough pieces to last the entire meal.

    Add to that how nice a thing it is to find manufacturers in the United States still making high-quality products. To that end, I hope Liberty Tabletop is around for a long, long time to come.

  218. James Adams (verified owner)

    Product is just as described, and really is so nice to see when the table is set. These are priced as well as other products made over seas. It is a no brainer to purchase from Liberty, you certainly get what you pay for.

  219. Amy Cardner (verified owner)

    Purchased as a gift, but will definitely recommend. I use flatware from the prior Sherrill NY manufacturer, Liberty’s is nicer. Thank you for keeping it in the USA!

  220. Desiree (verified owner)

    I ordered the Annapolis set last year and extra dinner forks this year. I absolutely love my flatware!! It’s made very well. I have had no problems whatsoever with this flatware. No dulling, nothing. It’s easy to hold, not too bulky, not too thin. I’ve run it all through the dishwasher tons of times in the past year and it’s still looking great.The pieces look as if I bought them yesterday.
    Last year, I replaced all dishes, pots, etc with made in American stuff. That’s how I came across this company. I will buy more from them in the future. Extremely happy with this purchase.

  221. Pauline

    I have owned this set for 6 months. They are awesome!! They look like the day we received them. They are high quality and just the right size. Best of all they are American made!

  222. Lynne (verified owner)

    It’s been a year now and I’m very happy with my SMI set. Will be gifting a set to my son for xmas.

  223. Suz (verified owner)

    I ordered a 65 piece set of Annapolis and they arrived today. I am in love! The quality is awesome and they are beautiful! The only issue I had was that the salad fork is on the small side. But this is just an issue for my family. We have always favored using the salad forks for everyday use – not the regular size forks. We prefer the shorter prongs. I am sure this won’t matter after we start using this new set. Again – wonderful quality.

  224. UKD (verified owner)

    I bought these because these were Made in USA.I bought the 65 piece set.It is just beautiful.The color of the steel is so pretty..Cant wait to use this set.These are made very well. I wish I had bought these years ago. They are nice enough for a formal table too.

  225. dawn (verified owner)

    was quite impressed to see options available from a product made in the usa.ordered some serving pieces to actually see the product and am now getting ready to order a set.

  226. Hannah Gnade (verified owner)

    The black buffing paste that comes on the silverware is not fun to get off. It was tedious! The tops of the knives still have black that will not come off :/ It is for that reason I gave the Annapolis set a 4 star rating. I bought the set because I wanted silverware made in the USA but I’m a little disappointed :/

  227. Charles in Raleigh, North Carolina (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for offering the SMI collection of durable and handsome 18/10 steel (really) “Made in USA” flatware. It was a great idea to make it affordable by having thinner, solid forged knife handles! Not everyone needs (and many Americans cannot afford) the luxury of hollow-handled 18/10 stainless table knives. Although flatter knife handles are less impressive when the in-laws come for Thanksgiving, I will be satisfied that I got a good value for my dollar…18/10 steel is awesome! I will also be proud that my purchase supports advanced American manufacturing. That’s way cool, no matter whether you are just starting out or heading into a busy retirement.

    The only thing that would make this deal better is if you started a stainless-steel trade-in program. I’d like to trade in some NOT-made-in-USA 18/8 flatware for, say, a $2 per pound discount on my new SMI or Sherrill Home or Liberty tabletop 18/10 flatware, and I bet it would build your customer base, too. Think about the headlines: “Liberty Tabletop Offers vUpgrade me to Made in USA’ Trade-In Program in Every American’s Price Range!”

  228. Carol (verified owner)

    I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to buy Liberty flatware. I’ve searched and searched for stainless steel silverware that wasn’t made in China. It’s hard to find. Liberty’s commitment to U.S. manufacturing, to quality, and to the environment makes me happy to purchase their product. I like the price range they offer. I purchased Annapolis to replace a nearly 40-year-old set of flatware. I thought the price was very good and the quality seems great. I especially like the heft of the knives and the size of the serving spoons. More than anything, I was pleased to read about the steps Liberty has taken to be environmentally-conscious. I plan on recommending this company to everyone. I wish you much success.

  229. Sharon (verified owner)

    So glad I read some reviews on Amazon about flatware that was labeled as made in the USA. There were complaints about this being incorrect. So, I started looking and found the Liberty site. The Annapolis line fits my budget, so I immediately bought a few pieces to see what they were like. YEAH! Not only made in this country, but also excellent quality.

  230. Gary Abel (verified owner)

    Look Great ,have good weight and affordable. Best of all; Made in the Great USA!

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