Made in the USA

SMI - back stamp - Sherrill  - 1Sherrill Manufacturing is the only company left in the United States making flatware. Our company prides itself on producing high-quality products at different price points that fit all budgets and represent a great value to our customers.

There are many reasons, some obvious and some subtle, to purchase products made in the United States whenever possible. As supporters of “Made in U.S.A.” we believe that preserving manufacturing jobs is critical to maintaining a strong economy and economic independence. In addition to employment, there are many other reasons to purchase American-made goods, including environmental issues, social concerns, and health and safety considerations. As a company, we choose to work with businesses and suppliers in the United States, and we encourage supporting our local economy.

Many people often equate the idea of purchasing “Made in U.S.A.” products and certain political views. For us, “Made in U.S.A.” is a movement that is widely supported by people from all spectrums of society for many different reasons. As you browse our website, you’ll see that the overarching theme is how we make products that are both high quality and support our local – and national – economy. It’s our hope that you’ll not only feel better about your purchase with us, but you’ll also let others know why our product is of superior quality and the importance of the “Made in America” movement to our economy.