Compare Us To The Competition

Liberty Tabletop products are manufactured 100 percent in the United States, and our pricing is benchmarked constantly to ensure that we are competitive with similar quality level products coming from overseas. You may wonder how this is possible. After battling for years as a manufacturer supplying products in competition with foreign factories, it became obvious we could not compete. Higher wage costs, environmental regulations, and responsible business practices, as well as social responsibility toward our employees and manufacturing with raw materials that are safe for our customers and employees all add costs to our products that are not a part of manufacturing costs for many foreign companies.

As a result, we decided to create an entirely new business model that, quite simply, eliminated the various middlemen. The math is fascinating. For instance, when a consumer purchases a product from a department or big-box store, they’re paying 50 to 75 percent more than what the retailer paid for it. Additionally, the brand that has outsourced manufacturing to a foreign factory has already marked the product up anywhere from 35 to 60 percent before selling it to the retailer. The actual manufacturer, therefore, is getting around 10 to 33 percent of the price consumers pay, and the middlemen are taking the rest. Our costs are higher, but because we cut out the middlemen we’re able to offer you quality products at a competitive price.

In the flatware industry, many of the companies that outsource have shifted away from quality metal, the 18-10 nickel bearing grade, to the much cheaper 18-0 grade. Thicknesses of long-standing patterns have been reduced, finishing standards have been downgraded, and many flatware manufacturers have changed from the superior hollow-handle knife to the forged mono-block knife made from 13-0 stainless steel, which can experience corrosion issues.  Many of them try to tell you that there is no difference but our customers seem to know that there is.

We have found that many consumers are tired of purchasing inferior products, and at Sherrill Manufacturing/Liberty Tabletop, we have not only received the message loud and clear – we’re doing something about it. All of our forks and spoons are made with the best quality 18-10 stainless. Our knives are made using the hollow-handle technology. We’ve added steps to our manufacturing process that ensure optimal quality standards.

We pride ourselves on selling quality products at a great value, and invite you to put our Liberty Tabletop product alongside the competition to compare. We think you will agree that our flatware is an excellent value compared to imports. We invite you to look at the customer reviews on our site, all of which are real, and check out our unconditional money-back guarantee.