Flatware Buying Guide: Table Setting


Setting the table and proper etiquette is an important consideration and varies depending on the type of entertaining you will be doing, the type of food you like to serve, and how formal you plan on being. There is not really one right answer when it comes to how to set a table because what you are having for dinner and how the courses will be served changes what you will need to present. In order to sort this out, it is important to start with the basics. Here are a few photos of proper table settings ranging from the very basic to more formal settings involving several courses.

Basic table setting

  1. Dinner Fork
  2. Dinner Knife
  3. Place spoon

Semi Formal (Standard place setting)

  1. Salad Fork
  2. Dinner Fork
  3. Dinner Knife
  4. Place Spoon
  5. Teaspoon

Formal setting with Soup, bread plate, coffee service and dessert

  1. Salad Fork
  2. Dinner Fork
  3. Steak Knife
  4. Dinner Knife
  5. Place Spoon
  6. Soup/Bouillon spoon
  7. Coffee/Teaspoon
  8. Butter Knife
  9. Dessert Knife
  10. Dessert fork

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