Flatware Buying Guide: Design

Design is a personal preference that is not just limited to the pattern and shape of the individual pieces. Here in the United States the size and weight of flatware have evolved substantially over the past few decades. Patterns in many cases have become less ornate, thicker and larger in profile – a trend known in the industry as Euro-sizing. Some like the larger heavier pieces and some prefer the traditional American sizing. It is simply a matter of personal preference. You will want to explore the various options and make the choice that best suits your taste, your dinnerware, and the level of formality that you are trying to achieve.Design styles and shapes can be broken down by category as follows:

Modern: Characterized by little or no pattern, sleek outlines, heavy weight and profile


Traditional: Floral designs or ornate, fiddle-back or curved outlines, medium to heavy weight & profile


Decorative: Use of textures, colors, odd shapes or non-metallic handles for a fun “decorative” look.


Colonial: Refers to a certain shape, as shown here, that many of us grew up with:

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