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How to Choose Flatware According to the People Who Design and Make It

*Originally published on Wirecutter, A New York Times Company By Michael Sullivan | December 4, 2018 Picking flatware is a surprisingly weighty decision, especially since the average American buys only three sets in a lifetime. We learned this from Matthew A. Roberts, president of Sherrill Manufacturing—the last flatware factory based in the United States—just one of…

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How China Built a Steel Behemoth and Convulsed World Trade

*Previously published on Coalition for a Prosperous America. Editor’s note: This is an excellent article showing how China developed its steel industry and overcapacity as a foundation for its economic and manufacturing growth. All with state control, strategy, subsidies, denials, and concealment of intentions. Chuin-Wei Yap | December 24, 2018 | The Wall Street Journal …

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GoLocal Suites Turns VRs into Immersive Shop for American-Made Products

Liberty Tabletop’s Annapolis Pattern show above is the featured flatware in the GoLocal Suites. VRM intel · Alexa Nota · Posted December 14, 2018 *This post, GoLocal Suites Turns VRs into Immersive Shop for American-Made Products appeared first on In June, vacation and short-term rental provider Northeast Suites launched GoLocal Suites, a line of properties…

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