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GoLocal Suites Turns VRs into Immersive Shop for American-Made Products

Liberty Tabletop’s Annapolis Pattern show above is the featured flatware in the GoLocal Suites. VRM intel · Alexa Nota · Posted December 14, 2018 *This post, GoLocal Suites Turns VRs into Immersive Shop for American-Made Products appeared first on In June, vacation and short-term rental provider Northeast Suites launched GoLocal Suites, a line of properties…

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Last U.S. Flatware Maker Expects Boost From Trump Tariffs

Following President Trump’s September 17 announcement that the United States would impose 10-percent tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, the CEO of America’s last remaining manufacturer of stainless-steel flatware expressed optimism that his business would benefit greatly. The executive was Greg Owens, CEO of Sherrill Manufacturing in upstate New York. “It could be…

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Spooning in Sherrill: Liberty Tabletop flatware sets itself apart with unconventional patterns

Many of us are committed to buying locally grown produce and handmade, artisan food products. Now let’s give some consideration — with a spoonful of local pride — to the utensils with which we can choose to eat those foods. Liberty Tabletop, a division of Sherrill Manufacturing, Inc., is the only manufacturer of stainless steel…

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