Sherrill Manufacturing ships flatware to USNS COMFORT

By: Greg Owens, Co-Founder and CEO, Sherrill Manufacturing/Liberty Tabletop
Updated April 14, 2020

SHERRILL, N.Y. – It’s been a little over four weeks since Governor Cuomo issued the order for non-essential businesses to shut down. Since then, Sherrill Manufacturing determined that part of our business was essential in that we produce and supply the U.S. military with flatware through our GSA contract. So after careful preparations to protect the health and safety of our workers we started up production of GSA product.

On April 3rd we received a very special order. Among several flatware orders destined for the Medical Treatment Facility in Norfolk, Virginia was a box marked “ultimate Consignee “USNS COMFORT”. This just a few days after the ship sailed into New York harbor.

We are 260 miles from New York City but as New Yorkers feel a strong tie to the city and the dire situation they are facing. As we all struggle to navigate these challenging times at home and at work we are proud to be able to do our small part to supply the brave men and women in the city who are caring for those who have fallen ill.

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We will get through this. This is the time to pull together as a nation and to do what we can to slow and stop the spread of the virus. When that is complete we will all need to unite to rebuild our economy. One of the lessons we are learning at the worst of all possible times is that the loss of our industrial base from mining to manufacturing has put an extreme strain on our ability to get the supplies we need during this crisis.

Staff photo taken Summer 2019

Part of rebuilding our economy will involve a strategy to bring millions of manufacturing jobs back to the United States. When that process begins, Sherrill Manufacturing, the only factory still making flatware (silverware) in the United States, will be here ready to do our part to lead in that recovery. The simple fact is that we do not need to wait for Washington to pass legislation in order to make that happen.
We can start the process right now by simply pledging to buy American Made products whenever we can. As most shopping is taking place online now simply search for whatever you need and add the words “made in USA” to the end of the search. Together we can do this. Stay strong and stay safe!

42 responses on “Sherrill Manufacturing ships flatware to USNS COMFORT

  1. M. Jones

    So proud of made in the USA Liberty Tabletop and supplying the US Comfort. I proudly own Annapolis and your supplying the Comfort brings even more pride to my table.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Keep Safe & Keep Healthy

  2. Jane Cray

    Congratulations! Great article!
    I got my new flatware in probably one of your last shipments! Love it! I got Annapolis. I’ll be waiting for you to reopen cause I need some more! All this eating at home uses up the flatware, even running the dishwasher every other day! :D. I’m doing my best to spread the word about you and your products. Shared this newsletter article to Facebook. Keep the faith!

  3. Carolyn DeBrusk

    I was thrilled to be able to buy Liberty flatware especially with the MADE IN AMERICA label. It’s beautiful and it’s keeping an important company in business. The staff photo really says it all — “we’re proud to be Americans” Thank you for your work and connection to our military. Stay well and healthy. God bless you.

  4. Jean Marie Yarbrough

    Dear Sherrill Manufacturing,

    First, recently my first Liberty Tabletop flatware arrive. Thank you for sending it so quickly. I love it–it’s beautiful!

    Second, your support of New York state, and our country, by way of sending your products to our U.S. Navy, USNS COMFORT and our Medical Treatment Facility in Norfolk, Virginia (“Naval Station Norfolk”), thank you!!

    Your diligent work producing excellent quality flatware in the United States it greatly appreciated. I am very glad and proud that “you’re out there!” 🙂

    Everyone a Liberty Tabletop and Sherrill Manufacturing–stay safe, keep the faith, and keep up the excellent work!

    Kind regards from your appreciative customer,
    ~Jean Marie Yarbrough

  5. sallie turnbaugh

    I always try to but American but its a struggle for many areas ..housewares especially . Liberty flatware makes this such an easy choice with your beautiful flatware. Thank you for and please hang in there.

  6. Lynne Hensley

    Dear Greg and Staff,
    We are so happy that the company that made our beautiful flatware is equipped to support the USNS Comfort. We feel that by buying American from Sherrill Manufacturing, we are a part of doing the right thing!

    Thank you so much for sharing this newsletter!
    Warm regards,
    Lynne Hensley

  7. James Javorsky

    Thanks for sharing this article. I’m proud to be one of your customers, and I’m proud of your employees and your company’s contributions towards meeting the challenge of this pandemic. Working together, we will heal this country and bring it back to prosperity. Made in USA!

  8. Anna Cordes

    I love this and shared to Facebook! Your company makes exceptional flatware all while keeping jobs in the USA, and supporting American families. I love my Liberty Tabletop silverware.

  9. Lawrence Marwong

    You guys rock, wish I found your products years ago.
    My first set is due to arrive any day, looking forward to using it.
    Keep up the good work….Made In the USA!

  10. Louise

    I am very proud owner of your stainless flatware. My son and daughter in law introduced me to it.
    Love it and thrilled of your contribution to the USS Comfort

  11. Holly S.

    So proud our military is purchasing American made products. I always try to shop ‘Made in USA’. I found Liberty Tabletop and ordered my first set of flatware. When I’m back on my ‘financial’ footing, I’ll continue my flatware collection purchase through Liberty Tabletop. Thank you personnel and staff of Liberty Tabletop!

  12. Annabel Unland

    You are another wonderful example of pulling together for the good of all. I bought the set of tableware for my first granddaughter’s marriage that could only take place with parents and minister in attendance. Friends and family will attend a beautiful ceremony and reception in the future. It’s a sign of the times when it is critical that we adapt and sacrifice. We all carry on the best we can. We will be so happy to be give Katie and Javi a gift they will use for many years!
    Annabel Unland

  13. Jean M Cacioppo

    I love my Celtic flatware. Beautiful look and feel.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Jean Cacioppo
    Native/continual NY’er

  14. Patsy Thurman

    “Made in USA”…search words that brought us to your company’s fine products on Amazon. So good to know you support our country with the same pride. Thank you!

  15. Wagrien

    Sherrill is an excellent example of the fact that fine manufactured goods CAN still be made in the United States. Thank you, all of you, for your good work both in making products and in supporting the country and its armed forces.

  16. Nancy Schneider

    OK who tears up over flatware besides me? Such a source of pride to know the Comfort has Liberty on board. Love my flatware and love your commitment to made, in U.S.A . The quality shows!

  17. Victoria Cullen

    Exceedingly happy with my flatware! May God continue to bless all of you. So pleased to see your support for USNS COMFORT <3

  18. Jon Aguilar

    Excellent product! We love our Liberty Flatware. We wanted American made after multiple foreign made products failed to meet our expectations or even last for a reasonable time. You get what you pay for, however dollar for dollar, we spent a little more for a far superior product that will last for years.

    Recovery starts at home, America! Bring our manufacturing jobs back so we can build the future right here in the USA!

  19. Sally

    Dear Liberty Tabletop,
    YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME! Thank you so much for serving this country by making the very best products HERE with the work of true American craftspeople; not abused labor from countries who don’t care about people!! This latest donation to the hospital ship shows what a great company you are and how important it is for Americans to buy American. Thanks, Sally

  20. Sharon

    Mr. Owens,

    I am so glad that I regularly get email messages from Liberty Tabletop or I may have missed out on an opportunity to extend my appreciation to you and your company! I have purchased a number of flatware sets and will remember to buy American in the future!

    Stories like this are making a difference,


  21. Walter Poland

    Greg, thank you for sharing this information regarding the work, effort and contribution of Sherrill Manufacturing to the National effort to defeat the Virus by supporting the Comfort and its staff!!
    Thanks again,

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