Let’s play an easy quick game that can change how corporations think. Let’s call the game “Where is it made?”

By: Greg Owens, Co-Founder and CEO, Sherrill Manufacturing/Liberty Tabletop
Posted April 20, 2020

Brands use social media to advertise at targeted audiences that they think might buy their products. One thing that online advertisers love is when people like, share and comment on their paid posts. Well almost always. Sometimes they get negative feedback and they have to hide the content or block the respondent. What if instead of negative comments we gave them a question instead?

Here is the challenge. The next time you are thumbing through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed and see an ad for a product type in the following question: Where is it made? I can tell you that many advertisers of Chinese products will hide the comment, some may not. I have found that they will respond with a variety of answers. I can also tell you that if enough people start doing this the marketing group will go to management and say “hey guys, there has been an explosion of people asking where our widgets are made. How do we respond”. One response might be serious consideration to bringing back production to the United States!

Regardless of what happens these companies will start getting the message loud and clear. People do care where products are made. The Made in America brand just became gold and the Made in China brand is now officially toxic.

It only takes a second to type in: where is it made? Are you game?

So here are the simple rules:

1. Whenever you see a product advertised “sponsored” in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram add a comment with the simple phrase: where is it made?

2. If they respond that it is Made in the USA great, you can thank them and now you know

3. Another typical response is that “we make things all over the world”. I usually, always politely, explain that “ I am looking to buy products that are Made in America to support our economy. Can you please tell me which products you make that are and I will buy them!” Again, the idea is to remain positive, polite and let them know that we want products that are made in America!

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