America Rediscovers How to Cook and Dine in Style, at Home – Made in U.S.A. Style

By: Greg Owens, Co-Founder & CEO of Sherrill Manufacturing/Liberty Tabletop

If you are like most people you miss going out to eat your favorite meals cooked to perfection at your favorite restaurants. Some are sulking and eating pizza and fast food. Others have rediscovered the joy of cooking and are making the best of a tough situation.

You can do it! All you need is ingredients, a web connection for recipes, a little patience and the proper tools. Getting the proper ingredients is easy because most grocery stores are open.

Getting the proper tools can be hard, with most retail stores shut down, but online shopping is an excellent option.



Here at Liberty Tabletop we have created a store that offers much of what you will need to prepare great meals and set a beautiful table. The best part is that everything on our site is Made in America, something that is hugely important for our economy and our country right now. Like many retailers we have put most of our products on sale to further assist customers during hard times.

Below are a series of links where American Made products can be purchased for your kitchen, patio and tabletop:

For homemade Recipes to make right in your own kitchen click HERE

Some of you may have never heard of Liberty Tabletop or Sherrill Manufacturing. For more information on our company and our operations during this national emergency here is a link to the news section of our website:

Stay safe America and make the most of your time at home with family by spicing up your kitchen and tabletop. Hopefully this will bring some joy to what is a stressful and scary time for all.

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