Sherrill Manufacturing continues to manufacture and ship product in support of the U.S. Military. Other operations on temporary hold per New York State guidance.

By: Greg Owens, Co-Founder & CEO of Sherrill Manufacturing/Liberty Tabletop

SHERRILL, N.Y. – Due to updated guidance from New York State via the Empire State Development Website and in accordance with not just the rules but the interests of our employees, community and customers we have scaled back operations in manufacturing and shipping to only those products that directly support the U.S. military as part of our GSA contract. The situation remains very fluid. Our highest priority is the safety of our employees, community and our customers. As a company we are going to do everything we can to ensure not only strict compliance with the rules but compliance with the “spirit of the rules”.

The impact on customers will be as follows:

1. We will continue to provide uninterrupted supply to our U.S. Military through our GSA contract.

2. We will continue to accept orders on our website for Liberty Tabletop product and ship those orders as soon as governance from the State of New York allows us to do so. Your continued patronage in support of our employees and our company is greatly appreciated. We have plenty of inventory. Our “staystrong15” discount will remain in effect to help all concerned weather this storm.

3. For the moment we will unfortunately have to suspend shipments via the Amazon platform due to their guaranteed shipping policies.

In addition to these steps we have reached out to the Federal and State Governments regarding our company’s capabilities and offered to help provide other essential services to the effort if requested. As we all know manufacturing capacity in the United States has been decimated by outsourcing to other countries. At Sherrill Manufacturing we survived the great recession and plan on doing so again through this crisis.  We will then form part of the remaining American manufacturing base that will be establishing a manufacturing resurgence here in the United States. Stay strong and buy American!

16 responses on “Sherrill Manufacturing continues to manufacture and ship product in support of the U.S. Military. Other operations on temporary hold per New York State guidance.

  1. Barry Clapper

    This is the spirit of company’s we need at this time. Remember 9/11 when all of America came together as one? Let’s bring our country together again. I ordered samples, was quite impressed and placed a very small order. I will be placing a much larger order in the next several weeks. We must support manufacturing in the U.S.A.

    1. Michelle Blake

      Yes!!! Agree 100%! This is a time to come together in our country. I plan on placing an order soon too! We’ve gotta support companies that are Made in the USA companies!

  2. Wendy Schlueter

    Thank you for all that you do! You have an amazing product (received a 45 pc set of silverware this month and love it)! We have always tried to buy American made goods but have found them harder and harder to find. The current crisis confirms why factories here in the US are so important. Thank you for making the transition to help our military and know that we will pass on your name/product to many.

  3. Chris Markarian

    First let me apologize for not being a very good writer. Your outlook on US manufacturing must stay strong. Dont give up! Americans may be starting to realize the price we are paying
    for the “great idea” of overseas manufacturing. Your group of 50+ employees in the photo provide a great life for themselves and their families working right here in the US. Could your profit margins increase by moving production out of the US, absolutely, however quality would fall greatly. The future of our US economy and the families you employee relies on business like yours giving their all to keep it right here at home.
    I may be just one small supporter, however times my begin to change once the american people realize the importance of becoming a self-supported nation again.
    Be safe and stay strong!

  4. Joni Kaiser

    To all Liberty Tabletop employees sending love and thanks and best wishes to you and your families, from fellow American and One of your greatest fans from Omak Washington ,Joni Kaiser- Liberty Tabletop customer & Friend❤️

  5. Nancy Harvey

    God bless all of you. As an American manufacturer you are part of the foundation of our country. Your contribution during this crisis is most valuable . This collaboration with other manufactures is what makes our country great. Deepest gratitude for your efforts.

  6. Patricia Bullock

    I think your outfit is fine. I am very haopy I found a place ‘made in the USA’ that makes products of such high quality. Time ia no issue; I can wait.

  7. Jim Duska

    To the management, and especially the rank and file of Sherrill Manufacturing; Sherrill Manufactuing is one of the reasons to be NY Proud. I have worked, here in NY, for a defense contractor in the past so I know what that commitment means. I’ve also been essential personnel and worked in reduced operations. Hang in there, fight the good fight, and do the right thing. Some of us truly understand. Hang tough and work with purpose and pride.

  8. Amy Satchell

    Thank you for all that you do! Will be placing my order and will happily wait for the company to fill it when we get through the Coronavirus crisis. See you on the other side!

  9. Laurie Torene

    Stay strong! We will survive this. And, hopefully, we will see a resurgence of demand for USA made products. You’ll be ready 🙂 Best wishes to you and your employees.

  10. Kathleen Creegan

    Thank you for all you are doing to support your employees, and this country during this health crisis we are experiencing. Stay well and strong! (A happy customer of your made in America beautiful flatware).

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