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Liberty Tabletop on Military Makeover: Kitchen Essentials for the Hixon Family

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Liberty Tabletop:

Kitchen Essentials for the Hixon Family

The Only Flatware Made in the U.S.A.

We’re closing in on the big reveal, which means it’s time for Jen to add a few finishing touches to the home! So now, she’s setting up a beautiful table and kitchen area for the Hixons with Liberty Tabletop. Co-owned by Matt Roberts and Greg Owens, Liberty Tabletop is a family-owned and operated business. Liberty has produced its top-quality flatware with pride at its Sherrill, N.Y., factory for more than a century.

Liberty offers a variety of patterns designed to satisfy almost any taste. Now the only manufacturer of flatware in the U.S., Liberty creates high quality flatware at a competitive price.

Stay tuned as Jen receives a behind-the-scenes look at Liberty’s products. She also learns about the company’s commitment to our military and veterans. You don’t want to miss this special moment!

Learn more about Military Makeover here.


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