The gift they will cherish for a lifetime

By Greg Owens, Co-Founder Liberty Tabletop

Thirty years ago wedding registries were a really big deal. This was the way that young couples set up their households with quality items that would last for many years, if not a lifetime. Tabletop, flatware, dinnerware, crystal, etc… and kitchen items from cookware to cutting boards were the most popular items on the list.

Today we live in a fast paced eat out society. Many young couples don’t really think about their registry as being that important and often sign up for “utilitarian” quality items from places like Ikea and Target. This is where Mom, Dad and the Grandparents step in!

Bridal Quality 18-10 Stainless Sets Proudly Made In The USA

They don’t know it yet but in the near future they will be hosting Thanksgiving, and holiday family meals, perhaps even a dinner party with friends that they want to impress. We all remember the stress of pulling it off for the first time and realizing that – oh no, we don’t have enough dinner forks!

At Liberty Tabletop we offer a fantastic solution, quality flatware, dinnerware, cookware etc…. that is all Made in America and will literally last a lifetime.

Liberty Tabletop 45 piece wedding gift sets of flatware start at just $129. Many choose to go “all out” with
the 125 piece super set, which includes a mahogany chest, at $ 1,499.

When buying a wedding gift that is not on a registry you want to pick something that they will like, but when it is a big surprise that can be difficult. That is why we have a generous exchange policy which allows the bride and groom to switch patterns or upgrade if they would like.

Other than being the only manufactures of flatware in the United States Liberty Tabletop also prides itself on having a variety of designs. These range from very traditional favorites to new modern patterns with themes ranging from flames to a popular Celtic design. All of our 30 plus patterns and other American made tabletop items can be viewed on our online shop. We are certain that you will find something that you and the newlyweds will adore for a lifetime. Click here to shop our Flatware.

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