How Greg Owens led a manufacturer to profitability as an Internet company

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Greg Owens is co-founder and CEO of Sherrill Manufacturing and Liberty Tabletop, the only made-in-the-USA flatware company. The company is the successor to Oneida Ltd., which grew out of the utopian Oneida Community founded in the mid-1800s.

Owens’s office and the company headquarters are in a building constructed when Abraham Lincoln was president. The company preserves a long tradition of quality craftsmanship. Some of the manufacturing machines are decades old.

Instead of thinking of Liberty as a manufacturing company, you should understand that it prospers because it is an Internet company that disrupted the marketplace and sells directly to consumers. As Owens puts it: “We are a web marketing company with some pretty good manufacturing skills behind it that have been redeployed in a way that no one expected them to be employed.”

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  1. Greg Owens

    Great article but wish to point out that his was a team effort involving Matt, Jose and the rest of our manufacturing management team as well as all of the dedicated silversmiths who stamp it, grind it, buff it and box it up every day! We are working on a blog article to describe the challenges on the operations side of our business. The team has taken over a factory with equipment that was designed to produce millions of pieces per week and has figured out how to be efficient at a fraction of that volume. Having said that, hopefully our e-commerce strategy will give them a bit more volume going forward! WE are all working on it…………..

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