Last Flatware Maker in America is Alive and Growing

Thanks to Sherrill Manufacturing Inc., and their brand Liberty Tabletop, flatware (silverware) manufacturing is alive and well in the United States. Founded in 2005, the company took over the sprawling one million square-foot facility from Oneida Ltd. and is now the only flatware maker left in the USA.

Liberty Tabletop manufactures high quality, 18-10, stainless steel flatware in set configurations that range in cost from $49.95 to $1,189.95. Creating American jobs is at the top of the priority list for owners Matt Roberts and Greg Owens. Quality conscious consumers can purchase the 100 percent Made-in-USA flatware online. “Pricing is competitive with department stores and high end retailers because you are buying directly from that factory,” Owens explains. “By cutting out the middleman we can afford to give our customers quality made in America product at a price that is comparable to imported flatware made using cheap labor. The B2C, or business to customer model is working.”

Fair trade is a growing concern for the American consumer who has seen the sometimes-deplorable conditions in factories overseas.

“We are a family run business and treat our employees like family members,” said Roberts, adding, “In fact, my children and Greg’s children have all worked in various jobs in both production and the office.”

Owens and Roberts have seen firsthand the conditions in flatware factories in Asia and want to offer consumers an alternative. People are often shocked when they hear about the unsafe conditions, use of child and prison labor and subsistence wages that exist in factories throughout the world. “There is certainly none of this involved in the process of making Liberty Tabletop flatware and we are very proud of that,” said Owens.

Liberty Tabletop contributes to the Upstate New York job market by providing local jobs.

Sherrill Manufacturing currently employs 38 in Upstate New York, and is expanding production and adding personnel as online sales increase. In addition to flatware the company also offers other American-made tabletop and kitchen items such as cookware, flatware chests, baskets, cutting boards, Coffee Joulies, and silverware art. “Liberty will be adding dinnerware, drinkware, and other Made-in-USA tabletop and kitchen items to the website this summer,” Owens said. “We will soon have a complete lineup of Made-in-America goods to outfit your kitchen and table.”

92 responses on “Last Flatware Maker in America is Alive and Growing

  1. Carol

    I recently purchased another brand of flatware at Wal Mart and noticed rusty spots coming out of my dishwasher. Living in the country we have hard water so we have a water softener installed. How does your product hold up to this. Is there a certain quality I would have to purchase?

    1. Kim Raynsford

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks so much for your interest in our Made in the USA flatware!

      All of our flatware is designed to be washed in the dishwasher. If you have hard water, it may be necessary to wipe the knife blades dry rather than let the hard water evaporate on the piece. This is because the knives are made of a different type of stainless steel than the rest of the flatware, and are slightly more susceptible to corrosion from the minerals in hard water.

      Please feel free to contact me with additional questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Service
      Liberty Tabletop
      phone 1-844-386-2338

    1. Kim Raynsford

      Hi Janet,

      Thank you for your interest in our 100% made in America flatware.

      I am sorry to say we do not have a catalog to send. All of our product can be viewed at
      We have a sample of our product in several boutiques throughout the country.There is a store locator function, on our website, to assist you in finding the store closest to you.
      Samples can also be purchased (3/$8).You do not need to return samples.
      Kind Regards,
      Customer Service
      Liberty Tabletop
      phone 1-844-386-2338

  2. Merrie Varga

    I was interested to see you are the only left in America. Obviously did not know this. See the stuff in the stores all over but didn’t realize those are ALL FORIEGN? I was also surprised that with such a large square footage facility you only have 38 employees?

  3. Lynne

    Keep telling your story! Too many “American” brands have gotten taken over by foreign entities, and it is extremely difficult to trace where an “American” product is manufactured. Keep up the good fight I will be recommending and purchasing your product.

  4. Julia Rayball

    I recieved the Celtic pattern service for 8 as a Christmas gift. My daughter knew I loved the pattern and made sure I got it ! I have to say it is so much nicer in person. I absolutely loved everything from the design, the weight, the shine, and it’s American made ! Thank you for making a product I can be proud to set my table with .

  5. Glen White

    Wow very interesting and pleased to have learned about Y’all. I’m in Houston and will definitely include Y’all in some upcoming conversations. Great story and truly sounds like a great place to be an Employee as well as an Employer!! Great Job + USA!!! Thank Y’all and Merry Xmas!! Do believe Y’all will have afew orders! Great Stuff – need to get your name OUT there MORE!!!

  6. David Jones

    Congratulations to Sherrill Manufacturing for your patriotism, so glad for the jobs in the USA Let’s all buy from Sherrill Company. Show our patriotism to the USA, and keep jobs in the USA.

  7. Mary Ann

    Nice to know about this company. Also the picture shows practical styles not the overly heavy and awkward silverware currently in stores.

  8. Peter Fitzpatrick

    My family had onieda silverware 70 years ago and have always sought it. I’m happy to know you are in upstate New York and wil check out your website. Thank you for your committment to your employees and American manufacturing. Peter

  9. mailmomma

    I just bought a set. Anxiously waiting for it to be delivered. They offer lots of classic patterns, as well as some really unique ones! Had been looking for flatware for a long time, I bought from them was because they are American made.

  10. Wendy

    Thanks for keeping your company going! It’s the small companies I admire most. You provide a much needed product. Keep up the good work!

    1. Kim Raynsford

      Hi Jane,
      Thank you for your interest in our 100% made in America flatware!

      All of our product can be viewed at
      We have a sample of our product in several boutiques throughout the country. There is a store locator function, on our website, to assist you in finding the store closest to you.
      Recognizing that customers often want to see, touch and feel the products they see on the Web before making a decision, Liberty Tabletop has created a sample program. Samples are intended to give a flavor for the weight, size and basic design of the pieces before ordering larger sets. Samples can also be purchased (3/$8).

      Best Regards,

    1. Kim Raynsford

      Hi Diana,
      Thank you for your interest in our 100% made in America flatware.
      We have a sample of our product in several boutiques throughout the country. There is a store locator function, on our website, to assist you in finding the store closest to you.They do not carry stock but you would be able to see the different patterns and compare design and weight. Recognizing that customers often want to see, touch and feel the products they see on the Web before making a decision, Liberty Tabletop has created a sample program as well. Samples can be purchased (3/$8) on the following link:
      Best Regards,

  11. Evelyna Manier

    I’m so glad you are American made. In the near future I will be in the market for a new stainless set and you will be my choice. Thank you so much! And God bless!

  12. Hector Velez

    Hello – congratulations on your USA success story. Even though I’m not currently in the market for flatware, your company would be my preference going forward. It’s also great to see that you’re using American steel for your products. My question is, do your do export sales to other countries? I truly like to see our products go to other countries, not just to show our pride, but to expand your business success. Again, congratulations on your continued success!

  13. Debbie

    This is great but have two question: with the new tariffs imposed how much are you going to raise your prices? I understand why but would like to know the increase.
    Do you buy American Steele or foreign?

    1. Kim Raynsford

      Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for your interest in our made in America flatware!
      We use only American made steel so tariffs will not affect our cost or pricing at all.
      Kind Regards,

  14. Bobbi

    I love my Liberty Tabletop flatware!!!! I recommend to everyone, even if they are not in the market 🙂 Makes me proud to not only support US made products by a small business but to support a fellow Upstate New Yorker.

  15. Donald Glasgow

    Congratulations to all of you for fighting the fight of manufacturing and providing jobs in the USA. Many years ago at Sibley’s in Rochester, New York I was a china and glassware buyer. We featured all the Oneida products we could. I visited your factory facility in Oneida several times. Oneida flatware and silver was our bread and butter at that time. 60’s and 70’s before moving on to a better climate in Southern California where I still live.
    Question: What is the origin of the name Sherrill? Here in SOCAL, I ran a high-end chain of furniture stores out of Los Angles by the name of Barker Bros. Our most important line of upholstered living room furniture was made by Sherrill Manufacturing in North Carolina. Buddy Sherrill was a good friend at the time. Curious.

    1. Kim Raynsford

      Hi Donald – Sherrill is the name of our city. It is the smallest city in New York State and nicknamed “The Silver City”.

    1. Kim Raynsford

      Although we don’t make a 5 piece set for infants/children – we do make a 3 piece set – Baby Liberty. It is adorable and as you said – makes a GREAT shower gift. 100% made in America!

  16. Elizabeth Donovan

    I love your product . It’s so well made . It never bends . Mine is stainless steel with a hand pounded design that receives many compliments .

  17. Debi Jamesk

    I’m so happy to hear about you. I have 18/8 (my moms strict instructions to never buy anything else, without explaining why) stainless Oneida (now 20+ yrs old) that I love, but I later furnished boat galley with an inexpensive off brand set…was shocked at how cheap it was, and got rust spots from dishwasher!!?!!. I then educated myself on 18/8 and 18/10….most buyers (younger gen) have no clue. Educated my daughters, then noticed that most boxes of flatware don’t state metal composition on the boxes (as they used to). So glad to know you are keeping this trade alive, and in the US. More education on quality is needed for those who don’t know.

  18. Jack Adams

    fantastic. I didn’t know about the samples. I’ve already been in email contact. I’m so happy to have learned about Liberty! I want to buy American Made, period. I’ll continue reviewing patterns on line..then order a sample.

  19. Bruce Morgan

    I bought Oneida flatware exclusively until they became just another ‘Shell’ of a former great American Co, now an offshore product, simply riding the name recognition.
    I’m stoked to hear about Liberty and have several purchases planned in the near future, with the holiday cooking season approaching.

  20. Mike Dosemagen

    I purchased a set of Onieda flatware and a set of Cutlery a few months ago. While it was a vast improvement on what I had, I was very disappointed to read the “Made in China” in the instructions. Wish I had known of you then!!!

  21. Pat Turner

    Glad to hear you are doing well. I worked for Oneida for many years and it was a sad day when it closed. I hope you continue to grow, you make a fine product so I am sure you will.

  22. tom duncan

    Trump must love you guys! I can assume your flatware is in use at ALL Government dining rooms including all White Houses!

  23. Wayne H. Cook

    I have Oneida Stainless flatware from 40 years ago – recently bought Liberty Stainless flatware for a gift . . . if anything, yours beats out the quality and finish of the ‘old stuff’. Until I did the ‘homework’ for this gift I had no idea how sadly the decline in materials/workmanship had fallen over the decades – it was a joy to buy such great flatware and get Made In America as a bonus! Best Wishes for great growth and success.

  24. Peggy

    Many, many moons ago my father worked at the factory in Sherrill. Thank you so much for keeping the business here in the USA

  25. V. Fisher

    Bravo! So proud of you! Will make sure nieces and nephews know about your company when they decide to get married or move into their own apartment! Keep up the good work!

  26. Anna Gartin

    would love to see this sold in Ohio.shipping is a deterrent in cost. Keep us informed if you start selling through a distributor in Ohio. I would love to have silverware Made in the USA.

    1. Greg Owens

      Our product is made with 18-10 stanless steel. We do not make solid sterling flatware any more but we do offer several paterns in silver plate

    1. Greg Owens

      You can stop in to see us here at the factory or visit the White Begonia boutique in Sherrill where you will find all of our flatware patterns for sale.

  27. Donna M. Moser

    So happy to see that you are making silverware in Sherrill, N.Y. I wish you would open the Oneida store again that was in Sherrill also, loved shopping there for gifts!!

    1. Greg Owens

      You can stop in to see us here at the factory or visit the White Begonia boutique in Sherrill where you will find all of our flatware patterns for sale.

  28. Gerald Plante

    Great! Read my comments in Facebook on your post. I remember this bldg. all too well…my dad worked for former Oneida Ltd. for 31 years! Good luck…gotta break down and get some new! Not that the old Oneida silverware is aging…

  29. Bill Kelly

    Good to see a made in the USA flatware company.
    Hard to find will made stainless flatware now days.
    I still use some Montgomery Ward flatware I got in the early 60s, made in Japan. In later years I never could find anything that equaled the quality and weight of them. They look as good today as when they were new.

  30. Jorn Jensen

    Great to hear this. The US consumer has been duped into using this dead-soft thin crap from overseas. Go to a restaurant and the first thing you have to do is use your knife to straighten the tines on your fork. Fork tines have no points – you stab your food 10 times in order to pick it up. This has become the norm because people have dumbed-down to accept it. We still have our Oneida stainless from years ago – and I worked for the company that supplied the stainless – Allegheny Ludlum Steel.

  31. Kathy Donegan

    So proud of you guys and the effort you have made to continue producing high quality silverware. I guess we’re all spoiled, growing up with Oneida Limited products but I don believe the foreign products can hold a candle to your products. Thank you for continuing the ‘ made in the USA’ quality congratulations Sherrill Manufacturing

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